Spelling Bree

Hello lovelies,

Bree and I were watching TV. She was kind of in a mood and was teasing me about not hearing her when she mouthed off. She was right beause she would leave the room and say something. Since there was no way to hear her, she figured she got away with something. However being typical Bree she had to push it and try to get away with it within earshot.

Bam!!!! Busted.

Now, I don’t want to say exactly what she called me but, it sometimes refers to a cat, or a lady part, or a willow! I told her we would discuss before she went to bed. My was she shocked when she tried to get under the covers and ended up bb OTK.

“I thought you forgot,” she yelled.

Right, lol. After a nice red bottom warming I decided to make my point in a different way. I said, “Now spell out what you called me.” It took more spanks but she finally started.

“P. Owwwwwww. U. Owwwwww…” Well you get the idea. And of course she had to throw in a Bree remark as she rubbed her bb. “Ouch I’m glad I didn’t call you something with more letters.”  Indeed, lol.

Be good, or else…


37 thoughts on “Spelling Bree

  1. Ummmm…. excuse me SJ…. excuse me….. but I think there might be a little part of the ‘story’ that is missing. Why oh why would our sweet, innocent little Bree ever even consider calling you such a word? Are you sure she wasn’t saying that to a spider or maybe a Spyder? Just wondering. 🙂

      • Nice try love, shall I share with everyone, you repeated this again today? And after I was a super awesome dom, and took you to see beauty and the beast? and, got you a costco hot dog? Love you, and especially your nice red bottom lol

      • Hey Bree, I think you need to make UJ watch Disney’s Haunted Mansion! I do believe that Eddie Murphy teaches a lesson about having to whack your own spiders… however I don’t think he mentions anything regarding whacking BB. Just sayin’ 🙂

        • Oh yeah, the ones in the crypt! Although, I’d probably have to give the poor old guy a xanax first…. snicker. Isn’t is amazing how brave I am when I’m at work and far from the long arms of the Dom?

          • yes I noticed, the farther away, the braver.And whats the deal with the spider thing? They get in the house, I kill them.I dont make them Bree pets !

          • I LIKE spiders, especially tarantulas, and trying to kill them with a broom just doesn’t count. Although I have seen him go after a rattler with a shovel. It was very impressive…

          • Bree, I think you might be digging yourself in deeper with that shovel SJ used! All I can say is thank God I live in the Midwest and don’t have to deal with tarantulas or rattlers! (or those long arms of SJ!)

          • I haven’t had a chance! He’s now passed out in front of the TV…. sigh…. I wonder what he’d do if I poured ice water on his head….

          • Ummmm,, can you tie him to the couch first?? If not, make sure all doors and exits are clear and put your running shoes on! Do you have a hiding place? Or a tree you can climb?? 🙂 GO FOR IT!

          • Under the bed… its where I used to keep my stash until the dogs found it and ate all my gummybears, I could tie him to the lounge chair…

          • do it…. do it…. do it….. come on….. don’t chicken out! DO IT! Get that ice water. Just remember to use a plastic cup! you don’t want any glass breaking.

          • I did it!! He just chased me around the kitchen island and then I got dizzy, so he caught me. I’m pouting now.

          • YAY! GO BREE!!! but you were supposed to hide under the bed! (oh yeah, your gummies stash is gone 🙁 ) ROFL that’s funny!

          • He blocked my path to the stairs so I couldn’t get to the bedroom. I was just shocked about how fast thee old guy could run!!!

          • call guiness, Bree gave me props lol. By the way, the tarantula was in the house and I pulverized it into oblivion with a wt, not a sissy broom

        • Seems your pretty good at instigating Doo, maybe you can visit sometime and see what happens here at the Hayse house of discipline , to the misbehaving subbie, and the instigator lol

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