To Spank or Not to Spank

Hello lovelies,

I trust the New Year is bringing you good health, financial success, and red bottoms all around.

What do you all think about the following, and before you answer yes, Bree did all these things.

To spank or not to spank:

  1. stealing a Dom’s food
  2. talking during the Dom’s favorite TV show or movie
  3. squirting water on the Dom for no reason
  4. biting the Dom’s leg (this happened OTK so I guess you can say to spank with a paddle or not)
  5. blaming the Dom for losing the keys when it was the subbie
  6. cheating at board games
  7. being a potty mouth
  8. hiding the Dom’s favorite paddle

So my lovelies to spank or not?

Be good, or else…


36 thoughts on “To Spank or Not to Spank

  1. There was not one of the above items listed a spankable offense. A Dom is meant to care for his sub in all aspects. It seems the Dom needs some corner time a 250 lines on the meaning of caring for his sub. Just saying

  2. Ohhh, Marcia Marcia Marcia I’m not complaining that you get all the attention, I’m totally *WITH* you on this one! I believe that, by putting our combined innocent/little-middle/sooo innocent minds together, said Dom would have to capture one of us, while the other of us hunts for Hobbit-sized hiding places. You get caught 1st, though. Not to throw you to the wind, but we can play Tag-Team – I’ll take the 2nd offense and so forth. We’ll have Mr. Meanie so worn out trying to crawl through Hobbit holes, at the same time trying to figure out whose backside He’s got, we’ll end up having to put HIM to bed early – long long before He can catch us both and wear us out! GREAT PLAN!!! Who’s with us?!

  3. #2 good point Bree
    #3 nerf gun war instead then the Dom can’t complain about water… Using water balloon sling shots or water guns could be fun though…or all three together.
    #6 It’s a nice sunny day on the island, Sir, perfect for mischief. Thank you for asking.
    #8 I plead the fifth

  4. 1. stealing a Dom’s food – Are you sure it wasn’t sharing a Dom’s food?

    2.talking during the Dom’s favorite TV show or movie – spank, unless the show or movie was paused… Drives me crazy when people talk while I’m trying to watch something…I might spank someone if I thought I could get away with it.

    3.squirting water on the Dom for no reason – Join in the fun…I most likely would have so can’t say spank on this one.

    4.biting the Dom’s leg (this happened OTK so I guess you can say to spank with a paddle or not) – spank, unless that’s what she wanted then you should get creative and come up with a different punishment

    5.blaming the Dom for losing the keys when it was the subbie – if I’m honest spank… As a sub not spank

    6.cheating at board games – depends,

    7.being a potty mouth – depends on if bad words are allowed… If not spank

    8.hiding the Dom’s favorite paddle – innocent until proven guilty…again honest answer spank as a sub not spank.

    • How very interesting .You went to all the trouble to answer each incident so, I will do the same
      1 no not sharing stealing
      2 i found this answer amusing
      3 most subbies want to act out aa little bit, then complain or whine when they are spanked
      4 again, an amusing answer and quite true
      5 interesting you divide the onest answer and a subbies answer
      6 hows the weather on the island today? lol
      7 if bad words are allowed, of course no discipline spanking ..but in this case, they are not
      8 i think you know the true answer

      Thanks Bekah for a amusing , tho a bit biased read lol

      • Be nice to my Bekah! Now its my turn..
        1. Food. Like the bank account, its a shared item, especially french fried. Its a law to share them when they are hot.
        2. If the tv show was interesting enough to keep my attention, I wouldnt talk. Reruns of Big Bang Theory do NOT count as interesting, nor does wrestling or subtitled movies. Others, such as reality shows, REQUIRE yelling at the TV.
        3. Unless you’re related to the wicked witch of the west, and think you’re gonna melt, its just water. How many times have you squirted me from the spray thingy in the kitchen sink? Hmm, maybe the dom needs a spanking…
        4. If your leg wasnt so chewable, I wouldnt feel the need to bite it. So that’s your fault. Plus it turns you on… just sayin
        5. EVERYONE who knows you also knows that you constantly misplace your keys, wallet, glasses and other items, such as implements (see number 8). Dont you go blaming the innocent subbies.
        6. You cheat far worse than I do! FYI Peeps.. he hides monopoly money under the board and also shakes the table when losing at Jenga. Again, just sayin
        7. Bad words.. thats a matter of perspective. I use them in my writing therefore, when I used them in speech, it is practicing my skill to communicate effectively so the written dialogue sounds natural. Its for research!
        8. Please refer to number 5

        Conclusion.. no spanking required. So there! :p

        • Nah, he hasn’t caught the hint yet. He’s too busy trying to outsmart the most brilliant subbies in the world (and losing). I love that you ladies keep Mr. Meanie on his toes!!!

  5. 1. Noooo silly man, sharing is caring
    2. Give her a warning at least then, corner time, no spank
    3. Sorry Bree but yes
    4. umm yes again
    5. That was probably an accident
    6. Heck no, that’s part of playing
    7. At my house, it’s soap and lines first, goodness sakes
    8. Oh yes. I tried saying the dog ate it once, ONCE

    • well Ramona lets look at your answers
      1 i did not say sharing, i said stealing
      2 i always give a warning first then spank, then corner time
      3 ahhh a honest answer
      4 2 for 2
      5 buzzzzzzz oh sorry but thanks for playing
      6 poor little subbie, you do know even playing results in a spanking yes? tho not a hard one
      7 Im not one for soaping but, good for your husband Lines I do use after a spanking, so its sitting on a sore bottom while writing
      8 lol im sure

      Very entertaining

  6. 1) A lesson on sharing for the Dom=no spanking, 2) A lesson on patience for the Dom=no spanking, 3)A lesson on down time/play time for the Dom=no spanking 4) A lesson on forgiveness for the Dom,probably an accident=no spanking, 5)A lesson on mistaken identity for the Dom it happens=no spanking, 6)A lesson on clarification for the Dom,probably didnt understand rules=no spanking, 7)I plead the fifth on this one.8)A lesson on being a good sport for the Dom,probably just a game of hide n’ seek=no spanking

  7. I’ll answer as if I had done these with my hubby.
    1. Half of what he owns is mine, he has accepted this and knows he’ll end up sharing before he sits down to eat.
    3. Well, see if you marry a mischievous woman, expect mischievousness.
    6. Hubby and I decided long ago that when we enter the realm of board games (or anything competitive really) we leave behind hurt feelings, name calling, excessive competitiveness, and just play like it’s war. Once the game is done we kiss and agree to not hold anything personal that was done in the game. Kinda like Fight Club.

    As for the rest, well, I have no defenses for those. 🙂 Except, if the sub loses her keys maybe she misplaced the paddle, and didn’t hide it. See #3 above. 😀

      • Hey, if the Island is tropical and there are drinks with umbrellas, I’m there!!

        P.S. Bree, I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree about BBT. ALL episodes, no matter how many times they run, are interesting and hillarious!!

        • Ok, you have NO idea how many times he plays them! Ask anyone who has visited here… they are like a BBT version of Groundhog Day. Not kidding either. I tried to get him to watch The Royals (my newest addiction) and he put his headphones on and played Angry Birds.. because it WASNT BBT!

          • Well well look whos here trying to throw her awesome dom under the subbie bus . Now, Im not going to comment on the royals, every body likes what they like .My lovely wife tends to forget thatBFTR (before the royals) She was always saying to me, put on BBT I am not a fan of the royals so I put on my headphones so Bree could turn it up and yell at all the characters, pretty considerate if you ask me right lovelies?

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