SJ’s Version of the Insanity


Hello my lovelies,

How are you all? I hope at least a few of you have or had a red bottom recently. Here is my version of the latest installment of our very own Desi and Lucy D/s couple, baba oww…get it?

Oh come on, that was good…Ok I digress.

So if you remember from our last episode Bree wrote something on the blog that was improper for public consumption then challenged me by saying she was not scared of me etc.

You all know me and you know this could not be ignored. After grabbing her by the ear and taking her upstairs she was put OTK and her bottom bared for her spanking. Now, after about 25 and Bree’s imitation of an eel on a hot plate trying to wiggle away, I asked her if she was sorry for acting up on the blog. You would think in that position she would apologize and maybe cut the spanking down, right?


Not only did she not apologize, she started mouthing off. Why do subbies do this? You’re pinned down bb getting spanked and you get mouthy? I love you all but you are crazy train sometimes.

After a while she apologized, about 150 spanks later that is. Then, she said she wanted 100 more!

Wow! Really?

Well of course I spanked harder and after about 30 she was yelling she had changed her mind…a little too late that, lol.

Then she wanted 200, and finally 300!!! Each time yelling louder than the last. Finally after about 800 spanks her bottom was the color of the brightest red apple you have ever seen, which I love, as you all know.

After I asked her “Why did you mouth off and get extra? And then ask for more when you were yelling and squirming??”

Her answer…wait for it…She rubbed her bb and said “I’m insane.”

Seems this is a genetic trait in subbies, you lose your minds temporally and get much more than you wanted and do it time and time again. Like I said I love you all but…crazy train!

Be good, or else…


26 thoughts on “SJ’s Version of the Insanity

  1. OMG! Bree you and Isa are comical love the banter. Since bite me is one of my favorite sayings I don’t think it should be on a banned list just saying.

      • Really? Well, I guess we will let Mr. Meanie decide. He was very specific that the term is now on his list of ‘inappropriates’. Don’t believe me? I DARE you to post all the cuss words you and Lils love soooo much. Go on, smart butt, try it!
        I got marshmallow coffee for us! Yummm… still need Pimms.

      • Dunno what you are talking about. I never let anything freely fly– and yeah, I dare you. I double dog dare you. What are ya, chicken? (cluck cluck cluck). Go on, try it.. and don’t act like you don’t know the list!

      • It’s not an act- I am really and truly innocent of all accounts against me. and yes, I am not just good- I am the bestest. As for the list- He Who Should Not Be Named will determine your guilt! Muahahha and SNAP you back… you see, I have a plan…..
        Toast Marshmellow Coffee with Vanilla Creamer- OMG! Just needs a dash of something special…

      • I EXCEL at baiting, teasing and tormenting.. it’s what I do if I luv ya. That and feed you Cheetos through the bars of your cell. Muhahahahaaa

  2. I go away from the blogs for a few days and miss all the fun!!!!! …. Sir you MUST be nice to Bree she is Innocent ! Innocent sweet and innocent she could never do anything wrong it Has to be that evil twin acting up so you must give her a pass you just must !! You would feel terrible if you spanked the wrong one isn’t it better to err on the side of caution and give her a pass?? Oh I know it’s the full moon ya that’s it!!! Full Moon’s cause all sweet subbies to do crazy things which is told so not the subbies fault!!!!!!

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