SJ + Cane + Bree = :)



Ok. I know its been a while-quite awhile- but sometimes things come up, even for a Dom. However, I did a sub session with Bree I thought was worth writing about.

She was restrained by her request. Now in case you forgot, a sub may ask for things during a sub session. In fact, it helps the Dom, as the subs pleasure is the main goal. Bree bought a split cane not long ago. A very nice implement. If you do not know what this is, just google “Dom torture devices” lol Ok, not really. All though it can be quite painful, it can also be pleasurable. Even arousing when done in a certain way ..

So split cane and also school cane  delivered to Bree’s bb …for ……are you all sitting down?  Well if you can, lol anyway drum roll please …Over 1000 strokes!   Doms honor, no lie.

Out of these maybe three were hard and elicited the proper squirming, and  yelling  past  normal hearing loss.  Now  false  modesty is not a Dom thing, so let me just say to apply that many strokes to the proper area and with the proper speed  is not easy. In fact, it takes not only skill but alot of forearm strength. The technique is called tapping. Tapping is a technique where  the cane is applied very fast, all though not really hard.  Certainly stinging- but in a good way.  And yes Bree loved it .

So my question to you all…Have any of you ever experienced tapping in any form or during session? , If not, does this sound like something you would want to try?

Remember, Bree could have stopped this anytime. It was not a punishment.

Missed you all!I will try and post more frequently. As always, be good or else.


6 thoughts on “SJ + Cane + Bree = :)

  1. SJ, when I first read this it sounded horrible. I googled split bamboo rod and found out about fly fishing. Once i added bdsm after rod, i got a whole new description. What you and Bree did sounds more interesting. Not sure it’s something I would want to try anytime soon, but I’m glad you two enjoyed yourselves. How long does something like that take? Glad you’re back.

  2. No sir I have not. Although anything with the word cane attached to it does not sound fun….just sayin 😉

    Very nice Bree enjoyed though;-)

  3. Not with a cane, but my Master has this toy He refers to as a beater stick. I think it’s a hard rubber, kind of ruler shaped. I used to hate the thing, but doing something close to what you describe as tapping, He got me to like it

  4. While the thought of any canes scare the beegesus out of me especially after reading the loving dominant I would say if saw one on in the room is run…and if caught drop instantly to the ground to protect my bum….that being said the tapping does sound wonderful I can totally get why that is appealing. I am unfamiliar with sub session it more play. Still very new and innocent here.

    • I believe you may be New but Innocent hmmm with the name Sassy I am not buying it lol…… I have never had a cane come near me and I am very happy with that and hoping it stays that way

      • Who have you been talking to? All liars. Yes they seem awfully scary. Maybe it’s just the image and reputation they have. Happy Friday!

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