The Other Side of the M/s Coin


So lovelies,

It seems I scared a lot of you with my last post. Here’s a little advice, fear what a Dom can do not the Dom, or the Master. Now just as the punishments for bad behaviors are quite severe from a Master, the pleasure/pain sessions are equally as enjoyable.

I thought that might get your attention.

As you know, or maybe you do not, a pain/pleasure session is how subspace is achieved. In the case of an M/s scenario it can be a deep subspace indeed. The bench is used or the bed, with the submissive tied or not. A blindfold or gag is not required but can enhance the sensations. There is usually an anal plug but not necessarily ginger. There is a lot more flexibility in this type of session.

Usually a warm up spanking starts it off and even a Master, when doing this type of session, will allow your feedback…what implements, how hard etc. A lot of the session is up to you. You may make requests, although, once in subspace you will not be able to or want to talk.

Now the main difference in an M/s and a D/s subspace session, for me, is the use of the whip. A submissive that is in an M/s relationship usually loves the whip and her tolerance for pain is usually higher than a D/s submissive.

Floggers are used one or two at a time, of differing weights. If the submissive is not bound these can be used both on the front and the back. The whips are used front and back also but the long stingy whip is used mostly on her bottom, thighs and back. I also do a lot of tapping with various implements, usually canes. Even if you hate the cane a pain/pleasure tapping is very enjoyable and sensual.

The session would go on for about an hour or so. After all the spanks are given a full muscle massage over an oiled body would be applied. This can last a while but it is amazing after a long session. Sometimes the sub is just so into subspace she is asleep. When this occurs I watch her, but let her absorb the experience. If she is just on the verge of subspace then the massage usually puts her over. This is when you will be very grateful your Dom/Master has strong hands.

Still scared?

You see a Dom must have a giving, kind side as well as a strong disciplinarian side. A Master, the same but up about 5 notches or so. It’s all about intensity, and a pain/pleasure session is all about you, a gift   from your Dom or Master. So you see, not scary right? Plus if you behave you get more of these than you do the other.

Be good, or else…


16 thoughts on “The Other Side of the M/s Coin

  1. Beautifully written. I wish that there was a way for you to do a long distance teaching session for husbands who want to add this to their marriages 🙂

  2. Geez, I’m usually super fast to respond but I’ve moved to my university campus. I’m glad I can still read this blog wherever I go. I’ve been meeting people all day, drinking 7 glasses of alcohol instead of my usual 1, life is carefree now that uni hasn’t started yet, but it’s 3.30 AM and I’m so tired.

    Now onto the post. I do like the point of this post better. I’m the fluffy type of person, so cute and happy stuff cheer me up. But truth is, if you want to pursue this lifestyle 24/7, you gotta know both sides. I’m glad you wrote about the two sides, Sir John.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I’m nearly asleep and English isn’t my first language…

    • I would think your posting problems may have something to do with your excessive drinking ….You should know better , I do hope you find someone that can teach you the folly of this behavior young lady

      • That’s not fair! They all drink a lot here! 🙁

        Young lady? I’m 18… puh 🙁

        “You should know better”, does that mean I disappointed you? 🙁

  3. Ummmm yeah you could say that you scared some us. I know you startled the living daylights out of me. I have been quietly watching this blog for a long time and just started testing the waters (responding) occasionally and then that last post. Ummm! no thank you sir? However, relationships are complex, fluid and growing entities that vary depending on the people involved. If I am understanding this correctly; in the type of relationship you described I am assuming would have been agreed upon before the session and understood when the naughty behavior was occurring. Therefore, any punishment or pleasure would be inherent in the relationship. Yes? Thanks for offering the flip side though because that last post has stuck with me. I much prefer to ponder this post.

    • I think it’s also important to clarify that the MS (master/slave- consensually nonconsensual) relationship is being discussed. I have said many many many times that I SUCK as a slave. I’m not into being micromanaged, or serving someone at a whim. My thrill is the challenge, not the obedience. Also, the whip is NEVER, EVER used for punishment. I can’t speak for other DS/MS relationships- only ours; and assure you that the bottom’s limits are the most important thing that weighs on the mind of her Dom/Master. he has learned over time how far she can go- because she has been open and honest with him and he has learned to read her body and its response. Sessions of pleasure are not abut naughtiness or discipline; they are strictly for the enjoyment of the participants. I admit, there are days when the flogger is too much for me (can anyone say Wimpy Bree-day?), and others where I beg him to give it all hes got with the cane (he’s too responsible and refuses to cut me). The key is communicating it. Anyone who knows me personally also knows that I tolerate no abuse to anyone or anything, nor would I be with someone who does. I have a lot of readers who love the dark side of the lifestyle, yet others who comment that even a hand spanking of ten or more is too much. each of us, as individuals and in relationships, is different and we need to rejoice in that difference. A good rule of thumb–IF IN DOUBT, TALK IT OUT. Luvs, Bree

    • Renee , my last posts were hardly the introduction you should have had to this blog lol Try going back and reading some of my earlier things, I thought it was time to show a little darker side in my last two posts, stick around, the next one will not scare you, promise

  4. Mmmm, I’m one lucky gal… Maybe I really am an attention hog- I do love when John is focused on me in this way. He left out the most important part in an intimate DS/MS relationship- the exchange of words that share the love and joy shared together, and the embracing afterwards. The time of being held and the feel of his body pressed next to mine after an intense session is beautiful and intimately comforting. For those of you who have experienced my hugs/cuddles (and liked them)- I can tell you that his are even deeper and more intense. And not in a creepy old man weird way. they are pure protection. And the words– as a writer, we know how words can impact someone, good and bad. but the spoken word touches the heart in a manner that nothing else does. John’s words are ones that enter into the soul- whether he praises or scolds, they are truth. I love this guy. Can you tell?
    Bree (home in one more week!)

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