Severe Punishment…What exactly should you expect.



Well what to write about? Sometimes it’s hard to think of something that may be of interest but today I want to talk about levels of punishment. I knew that would get your attention my lovelies. OK  we have talked  about maintenance  reminders, brat punishments, etc. But not really about when severity is needed.

Now  in Bree’s case this is not needed very often. However, some of you certainly have earned this. So what does that mean?  Torture?  Bondage?  Having to listen to Kenny G? OK, that last one is too Desade, even for me…

A severe punishment is much different than just a hard one. For me, I like to  have the subbie bound over my spanking bench. Not only is this a humiliating position, but one she cannot even wiggle out of. So the bb is  presented perfectly and if need be the thighs, once in this position  the subbie knows this is serious  and will be very painful. I will probably use my hand some, maybe up to 70%  in some cases. My usual spankings are around 30% for a hard one. Once the sub feels the difference she knows she is in really deep. This is usually where the begging and whining starts. Which of course, I ignore.  Now  a severe punishment requires two things;  A lot of implements, and very painful strokes. Oh and time… It takes quite a long time.

Implements i would use are small wood paddle w/holes,  large school paddle, attitude adjustment paddle, all wood brush, strap, OTK thin cane, school cane, singapore thick cane, rug beater, small rug beater, large tawse – thin and thick.

Now if you did not faint, you can see this is a punishment to be avoided at all costs. And yes, I have applied this, so its not a fantasy. It’s as real as it gets.

I am  feeling a bit Desade today so i thought I would write a post from that perspective.  If you are curious of a subbie’s position over a spanking bench, just google images. I think you will get the idea.

Good to be back.  Be good or else.


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19 thoughts on “Severe Punishment…What exactly should you expect.

  1. I got a really severe one last night. I was texting and driving and went on a 6000 shopping spree. Never thought my hienie could hurt so much. Boy was i wrong. Between the ruler paddle hairbrush belt and switch. Never doing this again

  2. It´s worth to google “spanking bench”…sadly there are few construction-plans on the web. Even less have accurate measuring data. But people seem to find innovative solutions…one guy used a four-drawer dresser as a first base of operations (sawed out pieces, added levels and padded it…). Which is ingenious since he has room for storage now…I so need a carpenter… I´d like to know what´s an attitude adjustment paddle…Sir? Thanks for the pic Nikki!

  3. How long does this take over all, Sir John?
    My husband is more of a “wham bam, thank you ma’am” spanker – even for punishments.

    It probably takes no more than 15 minutes from start to finish.
    And I can’t help but think, that it might be more of a punishment if it were drawn out a little bit longer.
    So my mind can fully engage, as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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