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It’s a busy weekend full of writing and editing in the Hayse household. A brand new book has just headed to the publisher with another under way. Be sure to be on the look out for teasers and other information as it makes its way through the editing and publishing process. If you’re looking to get your more spanks in this weekend don’t forget to check out all the other wonderful authors at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Serendipity Ranch

Local architect Serendipity Nicole Mitchell has the gumption to go head to head with Wyoming rancher and millionaire, Preston Riley, who has hired her to construct his new home… based on a design provided by his ten year old niece. Serena has her opinions—about the design, the livestock, and her new employer.

Needless to say, she does not hesitate to make her opinions known. Preston’s an old hand in dealing with unruly creatures, so it does not take long for him to follow one of his infamous ‘hunches’ and corral the stubborn little filly. Preston is determined to teach Serena that he means business—especially when both business and pleasure are concerned.

Serendipity Ranch


This scene comes right after Serena calls Preston a Penisaurus Rex.

“You know I hate being spanked! It’s humiliating.”

“That’s the point,” Preston said, resting his hand against her bottom. “Maybe after a good spanking, you’ll decide to watch how you speak to me, huh? I told you to stop mouthing off,” he said, giving her a hard Pop! and sending her hands flying back to protect herself. “That’s not where your hands are supposed to be, young lady,” he scolded, popping her thigh.

“OW! I’m sorry,” Serena shrieked, hesitating to mover her hands away.



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  1. I just love the word Serendipity, it says whimsey to me but I don’t think that’s what Serena is feeling right about now.

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