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4289_happy-thanksgivingSending Thanks and Love to Some Very Special People…My Inspirations

I’ve had a lot of peeps ask me where I get my inspirations for so many books. Especially knowing how many changes I’ve endured this last year. Moreso, they ask how I can turn so many ick-upped things into wonderful, positive HEAs. I guess it boils down to this- how do I chose to live? Do I want a life of positive energy, or negative destruction? I choose positive!

The biggest change, and the best, is that John and I are living the dream. No, we aren’t rich or famous; but we are healthy, happy and in an awesome place in our lives. We have moved from an area where we were so confined that it felt like a prison, we have eliminated everything and everyone in our lives who has caused us pain or distress, and we have grown more in love with each other than ever before.

Learning to say no to abusive relationships and negative work situations was freeing on so many levels…As a writer, it unfettered me and opened the door for me to create in a way that I have never been able to. My time, and my mind, is free from the effort of trying to pacify those who would never be pacified, and snatch MY time back to use it how I desire. I found that I am now a slave to my muse, and that suites me just fine! She is a bit demanding, but she had only one desire- to share our heart with all of you. I am being touched on a daily basic by the most wonderful fans anyone can ask for, and people who genuinely desire to make their lives ones of joy and love.

These last three years, especially, have been ones of growth and learning to reach to a new level of personal improvement. Because of people like John, Isabella, and Lily, I have achieved so much more than I could have imagined. I have discovered what true, unselfish love really is. I got to know the open and honest hearts of Bethany and Jim at Blushing, and met a ton of wonderful authors who are loving, fun, and sincere people. I have been privileged to see the difference between the genuine and the fake, the selfless and the selfish; and when I have stumbled, I have had people around me, including you- my incredible fans- to pick me up and hug me to death.

I’ve discovered the depth of caring that comes from real family and friends. My newest book, Little Lady Jane, reflects these lessons. It is dedicated to all of you. Thank you.

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