I See the Light…Lights

Hey lovelies,

Not all of my posts are about D/s, ok most but this one is not, well a little.

Bree really wanted to go see these lights on display for Christmas. It was kind of a small fair type thing so I had planned on rewarding her for finishing her new book on time. See how nice I am? Anyway, off we go, oh right a sound spanking for her first, just to make sure, lol. (Hey I said most posts right?) We got to the place and started walking around. Bree loves little carnivals and international food booths so she was digging it big time. Anytime she’s smiling is a good day for me, so I was cool with it too. I bought her some food and drinks and we walked around for a while waiting for the lights to come on. She was bratting a little but taking her to the car that was parked in another zip code was not feasible.

Now it’s dark and the lights hit and…huh? really? This is the famous light show thousands of people flock to see? Not exactly Disney (can’t believe I just wrote that) but we had a really nice day together. Plus it was good for her to get out of the house as her new book is pretty dark, and it was getting to her somewhat. She’s really funny most of the time but depending on the book she is writing she can get really quiet or dark or even depressed. Not easy being a bestselling author lovelies. Trust me when I tell you when she writes she is fierce, 12 to 15 hours a day every day. Except for spank breaks, yes there are quite a few, lol. Except for those I hardly see her when she is in the zone, just wanted you guys to know she certainly suffers for her art and for her fans.

Anyway we got home and of course a good spanking because, well I can. She also bratted a bit so not a severe one. Bree loves me to spank her, to a point, so this was not hard and she was smiling. Until I told her the next day we go back to her 2:00 daily appointment for implement reminder spankings.

By the way she has not reported on time for any of them, in over a week, lol. Again, as subbies you know you will get more and harder spanks but still you disobey…crazy. Her smile went from yum to ugggggh pretty quick. I mean she only has about 90 more days to go so what’s the big deal?

I love being a Dom, have I told you all that before? It was great to hang out and she really needed the break from this new book. Be warned it’s really intense and dark but as all her books are just brilliant.

As always be good and you might get taken out to a nice carnival, or it could be or else…



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