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Happy New Year! Did anybody make any resolutions? And the million dollar question, will they survive the week? Month? So far 2015 is off to a great start and we hope your year kicks ass! Don’t forget to check out the other author’s snippets over at The Saturday Spankings Blog.


General’s Daughter: Book 4

How many times does Samantha Quimby need to be turned over a firm knee before she finally learns to behave? This question is the ongoing theme with her family and now, her boyfriend, Lt. Richard Lewis. Will she ever learn? The young USMC special ops officer manages to find trouble in every corner, including during an undercover operation. As if that type of adventure isn’t enough for her, Sam is also introduced to the intimacy of both Richard’s love-making and the severity of his discipline when he catches her in a lie. But his aftercare…. that is something that she never wants to do without. To the point that Sam gives into temptation to provoke just a little more trouble!


She had prayed that her cooperation would earn forgiveness. No such luck.

“I will be finished when I feel you have learned your lesson and not one second before. If you even think of biting, pinching or scratching me, I can assure you that I can go on all night. I’m not at all concerned about the condition of your backside, so the prospect of bruising does not bother me. And finally, I will use a cane on you if you even think of repeating these offenses even again. The switch Mike used on you was nothing compared to my canework. Understood?”



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