Saturday Spanks

Saturday Spankings

This week for Sat Spanks, we are happy to once again bring and excerpt from Whips and Canes! It is in final editing right, so hold onto your hats and get ready for something new, exciting and super hot!
After you finish reading the excerpt, please take a click over to the Sat Spanks blog so you can check out the other awesome excerpts that are offered. And have a great weekend!

“…Come spank me, Blake. I have been a bad girl, you know.”
“You certainly waste no time in making demands, do you? I have been a Master for eighteen years and I have never encountered someone quite like you,” Blake commented, his voice thick with both arousal and sadness. “Your punishments will not be for pleasure, Dahlia. And certainly not because you demand them. You would have been better off not sharing your desires so quickly. You have given me a means to truly discipline you.”
“Wait a minute! Are you saying you won’t spank me? How sadistic can you be?”
“You would be surprised, my dear,” Blake chuckled, securing the stock bar and locking her in place. He ran his hand down her back and cupped her firm bottom in his large hand. “We can work out a reward system though. Spanking for your cooperation…”
“But that would mean I actually did some real work around here!”
“Yes, and brought your grades up. Would you like me to spank you? To take your jeans down and leave them at your ankles?” His hands ran down the length of her long, slender legs, then up the inside while forcing her to spread her legs. “Does pulling your panties past your bottom and leaving these cheeks defenseless excite you?”

11 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks

  1. I giggled when she said “That would mean I actually did some real work around here.”
    I love the idea of a spanking as a reward. Definitely a different spin on things. Loved it, Breanna!

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