Saturday Spankings~Something Brand Spanking New


Saturday Spankings

This week for Sat Spanks, we decided to give you a little glimpse at what is in the works. Tentatively titled  I Witness Protection, it is a contemporary story about a young woman nearly killed by serial killer and forced into protection of a  hot investigator. Its really hot and full of mystery and suspense. I know you will love it. So enjoy the snippet and then pop on over to the Saturday Spankings blog site to check out the other great authors excerpts. Oh and have a great day!


I Witness Protection

“Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, Brooke Doyle,” Collin growled, cupping her chin and forcing her to look up into his face, “I will not put up with that kind of rudeness from anyone, in private and especially not in public. I have been more than patient with you and this horrendous disposition of yours because of your situation, but it will stop here and now. I have done nothing to provoke it and I certainly do not deserve it. Have I made myself understood?”

“How dare you yell at me! You have no right, you son of a bitch!” Brooke shrieked into his face, tears cascading down her cheeks. “You should have just let me die, you mother fucker!”

Collin’s face took on an incredible calm as he glared back at her. Without warning, his hand found her wrist again before he yanked her roughly across his lap and reached his hand under the wet dress.

16 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings~Something Brand Spanking New

  1. She’s lucky she said what she did to Collin and not Sir John. He doesn’t like his subbies to swear. A lot!
    This sound like another good one.

  2. Ooh, this looks like another winner, Breanna. I really hope you can share more with us since I’m already intrigued by Colin and Brooke. She’s a fighter, but she’s battling the wrong person. Well done.

  3. I have to agree with Abbie, it’s not fair this book isn’t out yet. Jesus, she really called him an SOB? Oh I can only imagine what her rear is going to feel like.

    “Collins face took on and incredible calm as he glared back at her.” Oh that just sets the whole scene right there. I get the feeling this man knows exactly what he’s doing to her and that she’s soon to be one very sorry girl.
    A truly delightful tease you are, Breanna.

  4. Sitting on the edge of my seat* How long until we get the rest? They should add a rule to Saturday Spankings that snippets have to be of current and available work otherwise it is abuse to the reader to make them wait!!

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