Saturday Spankings! Two by Day, Three by Night

Saturday Spankings


I’m not sure if everyone is aware but the first day of Spring is this Thursday! Can you believe it? A measly 5 days away. Depending on where you live this might barely be of note but for those having to deal with an inordinate amount of snow and cold weather I’m sure this public service announcement is a welcome reminder. So curl up with a good book and enjoy the last few days of Winter. Make sure to stop the Saturday Spankings blog and visit all the other wonderful authors that have shared a naughty snippet.


Two by Day, Three by Night

Courtney Wells expected to encounter a commanding personality when she agreed to provide specialized in-home nursing for a foreign aristocrat, but nothing could have prepared her for Baron Marcas Kalnovky. Something deep within her can’t help but need to obey this incredibly handsome mountain of a man, and if his voice alone isn’t enough to make her submit to his every command, then his firm hand applied to her bare bottom will do the job.

Courtney soon learns that she has not been hired to care for the baron himself, but for his best friend and servant of many years, an old monk by the name of Brother Sebastian. While it is the aging monk who is sick, the baron himself has a far more unusual condition. His voracious appetite for uncovering the archaeological treasures of his native Romania once led the baron to delve too deeply into the wrong tomb, and since that day he has been the victim of a most unusual curse.

By day he is the same man he always was, but by night he is physically split into two separate persons—one which contains his rational side and another which harbors his animalistic desires. When the pretty young nurse arrives to care for Sebastian, the baron finds that both sides of himself not only want her, they need her… all of her, in every way she can be taken.

As they grow closer to one another, Courtney becomes torn between the worldview she has developed over the years on the one hand and her deep need to submit to Marcas on the other. When she discovers the effects of the curse it only adds to her confusion… and her intense lust for both sides of him. When she is bound naked and helpless at the mercy of all of Marcas’ desires, she is shocked to find that she is soon begging for both of him inside her at the same time.

Will she come to terms with herself and with Marcas, and if she does, will her love be able to break the curse and heal his wounded soul?


Two By Day~Three By Night


In honor of SJ’s post about the three words he dreads hearing the most from a subbie we thought we’d share a wonderful example of a heroine doing just that. This scene takes place while Courtney and Marcas are mountain climbing, exploring caves and enjoying a little adventure in the process.


“You’re not really going to both spank me tonight for cussing, are you?” Courtney asked, the focus of concern now residing in her rump.

“Yes, we are, I cannot have you swearing like this around Holy Men.”

“Marcas,” Courtney whined, “they know what everything means. They aren’t children.”

“Now, now… did I tell you to curb that tongue in the beginning? Haven’t I been very lenient and forgiving about your profanity? Did I not warn you that I had to put a stop to it if it continued, well?”

“Yeah, but…”


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