Saturday Spankings! The Reformer


Saturday Spankings

This week, we are bringing you The Reformer. Such a hot book. And you  know you all need a little reforming….After you read the excerpt, don’t forget to check out the Saturday Spankings Blogspot to check out the other great book excerpts from your favorite old and new authors. And have a great day!


Since the day she arrived in England as a refugee from her Russian homeland, Aryanna has been caught in a system of abuse and corruption. She is eventually sent to an academy for troubled young women, where she quickly falls foul of the harsh and mean—spirited headmistress. When Aryanna hears that as a last resort she is to be sent to the home of a reformer for training, she is terrified. According to everything she has been told, they are men to be feared. Lord Ryan Remington, a second generation reformer and a modern—minded man by the standards of 1906, is deeply moved when he learns of the abuse that the sweet and kind—hearted Aryanna has suffered, and Aryanna soon discovers that reformation is not exactly what she expected.

As Lord Ryan’s nurturing strength—and occasional bare bottom spankings—bring her to a place of comfort and happiness, she begins to have much deeper feelings for her reformer. Meanwhile, Aryanna’s previous abuse by Headmistress Eliza Woods is brought to the attention of Ryan’s parents, the Lord Gerald Remington and his feisty wife Brigit. They are determined to alter the direction of the academy which is funded by their patronage, and Eliza finds herself required to submit to them for reform. Her stubborn and arrogant attitude forces Gerard to take Eliza back to the beginning so that she might be reshaped. To her horror, she is dressed in a child’s clothes, spanked, and sent to bed in a nursery! And that is just the beginning…






Is that blood?” the old woman suddenly asked. “I will get some hot water and rags. That poor child!”

Ryan nodded, pleased by the sudden turn of concern on the old woman’s face. He placed Aryanna upon the bed in the large, spacious room and slowly began to pull up her skirt to gain access to the offended areas of her anatomy. Martha stood shock-still as she entered, bowls in hand, and witnessed her Lord with his large hand resting gently on the unconscious girl’s exposed bottom parts. Her eyes then strayed to the ugly purple bruises and split skin left by the angry wielding of a thick cane.

“That is the damage of a headmaster’s cane, My Lordship. That is not intended for a female… This poor, poor child…”

Ryan took the water from her and wrung out a cloth, gently applying it over the swollen welts and dabbing carefully. “I will be Reforming this one myself, Martha. Father and Mother are already aware.”

“But propriety…”

“My dear governess, when have I cared or concerned myself over the opinions of others? Even King Edward knows that I stand strong on what is right and wrong and don’t give a dog’s ballocks for social games.


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9 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings! The Reformer

  1. I agree with Maren, I want to see Eliza get what’s coming to her too. I’m curious what she did to receive such harsh punishment too.
    I can tell that Ryan is going to be a hero to love.
    Great excerpt Breanna!

  2. Oh, I want to read this one. I have to say though, it will take a very skilled author to make me care anything at all for Eliza after reading this snippet! I’ll be reading this story just to watch her get what’s coming to her!

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