Saturday Spankings-Role Play

Saturday Spankings


It is hard to believe another week has gone by and its Saturday again. Time sure does fly…This week for Sat Spanks we are bringing you something brand new that hasn’t quite made its way back from the publisher yet. So for now, we are calling it Role Play. That could possibly change all though I doubt it. In any case it is a contemporary AP book and a very sweet story with a really hot guy and a girl who has always viewed herself as an ugly duckling but finds that she is actually a beautiful swan in her princes eyes.

Don’t forget to check out the Saturday Spankings web site after you read the excerpt. Tons of great authors and excerpts to choose from over there. You wont want to miss out. And have a spankingly good weekend!

Role Play (coming soon)

Camille simply stared at Erik. With a loud sigh, he grabbed her wrist and sent her flying across his long thighs, deftly pinning her legs under his right knee. She yelled at him to release her, lifting her hands to protect her protruding bottom.

“Thank you,” he said with amusement as he held both her wrists firmly agains the small of her back. Resting his hand on her jean-clad bottom, he asked, “How many, Cam?”

“You cant do this! I’m an adult!!!”

“Do adults soak people in snow?”

“Some do! Please, let me go.”

“No way, little girl. Not until we are done here. Last time. How many?”

“Oh my God! Erik!”

“Very well. I think ten would be appropriate.  Just so you know,” he adjusted her wriggling body, “This will hurt much, much more on a bare bottom.”

7 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings-Role Play

  1. up to Erik asking how many (because my Master would certainly never ask that :D), I can picture my Master and I in this. I love the snow mention heheh… and oo her wriggling body. I love the snippet

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