Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings


Hi! This week for Saturday Spankings blog hop, We are bringing you The Reformer. Another older book that is sizzling hot. Cause you know with all the cold weather most of the country has had the past week, you need all the sizzling hot you can get. Then hop on over to The Saturday Spanking Blog and visit all of the other great author blogs to get  sneak peaks into their WIP or newly released books. Happy Saturday!


The Reformer

A little background info

The Reformers of 1906 England were men to be feared… their job was to take the incorrigable woman and turned them into ladies of substance.  Aryanna, a young Russian immigrant, gets caught in a system of abuse and corruption, and is farmed out to Lord Ryan Remington, a second generation reformer. She soon discovers Reformation is not exactly what she expected as his nurturing strength, and some occasional bare bottom spankings, brings her to a place of comfort and happiness.  Her abuse by Headmistress Eliza Woods is brought to the attention of The Lord and Lady Remington, Ryan’s parents, who are determined to alter the direction of the school. Eliza finds herself forced into the care of Reformer Gerard and Mrs. Stiller, the governess and her stubborn and arrogrant manners force the earl of Yarlshire to take her back to the beginning so she might be reshaped.  To her horror, she is dressed in a child’s clothes, spanked and sent to bed in a nursery!  And that is just the beginning…..
This is a story of how three women found second chances, all starting with a good, old fashioned spanking and men who truly loved them.


The earl pointed to a straight backed chair. “Headmaster, bring that to me, please. This temper tantrum is no longer acceptable,” Gerard ordered. Henry complied, his hands shaking with excitement as he witnessed Eliza being grabbed by the earlobe and forcefully pushed across Lord Remington’s solid thighs. She screamed profanities as Gerard positioned himself so that Eliza was facing the back on the platform and then bared her bottom before the hushed audience.


He lifted his powerful arm high over his head and WHACK! The sound of his palm against naked flesh echoed through the rafters. Eliza screamed a profanity and a second WHACK was heard. The room grew tense as the earl generously unloaded his full attention to the correction of the unruly woman. She kicked, screamed, twisted and struggled to escape his punishing blows, all decorum gone as her pale bottom quickly colored to the same red shade as that upon her face. Smack after heavy smack echoed through the rafters, the sound only disturbed by the woman’s angry tears.


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24 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings

  1. Interesting that the very woman who abused Aryanna is now being subject to discipline herself. I’ll have to go check this book out, Breanna. The girl on the cover looks so young. I’m guessing the young woman is meant to be Aryanna. Thanks for posting.

  2. Sizzling hot you say? I would have to agree after reading the snippet and the background of this story. Gerald sounds like he can really… deliver. ~winks~
    Eliza sounds like she’s full of spunk, just the way I like my heroins. It will be fun to read how these bratty girls are reformed by the men who care enough about them to adjust their attitudes and thus, turn them into fine, respectable young ladies.

  3. Mmm!!! This story cranks my motor. I’m dipping into the grocery money to buy the book. Hubby will just have to make do with less fried beef jerky. It’ll be good for his cholesterol levels and the spanking he gives me for not preparing him sufficient “comfort food” will be good for me.

    “1950s Wife” aka claire

  4. LOL! Glad you guys like it! Thanks so much… it was a fun book to put out, a lot of research and becoming intimately involved with all the characters…. don’t feel sorry for Eliza though, she got exactly was she deserved… and MORE! Just started on my next one.. Blindfolded…… Luvs to You All! Breebree

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