Saturday Spankings! Get ready for some major heat!


Yea, hard to believe it’s that time of the week again. Time for Saturday Spanks. This week we decided to bring to you the latest book that is just now at the publisher but not edited yet. In fact, not even sure if the name will stick. But that’s ok…The excerpt will still be hot and give you an idea of what you can expect in about three weeks.

Skylar’s Abduction is an Out of This World alien spanking/sex story that will send your senses reeling. Skylar finds herself being rescued by two huge, gorgeous Nordic-looking guys from a planet where sex is for pleasure only. Hence, they are equipped with, uh, special accoutrements designed for ultimate satisfaction. They find her erotica books and believe them to be instruction manuals in caring for the human female. Needless to say, Skylar soon discovers that her favorite authors have not done her any favors as she is sprawled over these two laps in an effort to teach her how to ‘mind’ her new guardians who make her call them daddy and papa!

After you finished reading this excerpt, be sure to head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blogspot for more great authors.


“Yes. Troy, take her out of the cubicle and hold her in place over your lap. I will need access to her expulsion port.”
“Leave my ass alone. I mean it! No!!” Skylar began to kick and slap as Troy picked her up.
“Your lack of cooperation is going to earn you a spanking. Are you really trying to bite me?” Troy asked as Skylar sunk her teeth into his arm. She blinked dumbly as he failed to even react, releasing him quickly. It was like biting into a solid brick! He tsked, pulling her garment up past her hips and exposing her pale, round bottom. He plopped her solidly over his knees.
Skylar cried out as his large palm landed with a loud splat across the entire span of her backend. She arched her back, yelling out again as he landed a flurry of swats in rapid fire, each landing in the same place because of the size of his hand.
“OW! Holy fuck! Stop!!”
“I am not going to stop until I know you will behave yourself,” Troy scolded, the spanking causing her bottom to turn bright crimson. “And there will be extra for using foul language.”
Hope you enjoyed that little snippet! I know I did.
Love Nikki


7 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings! Get ready for some major heat!

  1. OK—just runnung through catching up with some of my favorite blogs.
    WHEN does this book come out??? Oh, my…I want this one!!!

  2. Oh, boy. They’ve read her spanking fiction and think the books are instruction manuals for the care of human females? This girl is in some serious trouble, and I can’t wait to read her story. Great snippet, Breanna.

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