Saturday Spankings brings you NORTHERN LIGHTS: LENA!

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COUNTDOWN  for  APRIL 15, 2019!

The long awaited story about Lena’s rescue and introduction to her future husbands is almost here!

From the #1 US/International Best-Selling Author who launched the Age-Play Phenomenon- the debut of:


What does a little prima ballerina do when she falls in love with three gorgeous Daddy Doms while in the brand-new, isolated, age-play community of Northern Lights, Alaska?

Russian raised and trained to be prima for the Bolshoi, Lena wasn’t prepared for the new life waiting for her—a life filled with candy apples, a castle fit for a princess, and three handsome men to love on her and make all her dreams come true. Most of all, she’s allowed to discover, and enjoy, the little girl hidden inside of her heart.

After being kidnapped and held hostage by the Russia Mafia to convince her selfish, greedy father to sell them a synthesized drug, Lena’s brutal nightmare ends when four mysterious strangers rescue her. She’s taken to heal in a tiny Alaskan town called Northern lights where she discovers that the physical wounds she suffered were only the beginning of drastic, but amazing, changes to her life.

While in the hospital, she calls upon ‘Daddy’ to help her. Athabaskan-born Stefan Markford, one of the town’s founders, is smitten! He refused to leave her side for a moment and begins to share a way of life so unlike anything she encountered back in Moscow.

Stefan’s joined by his twin brother Sean, and older brother, Tony. The three strong Daddy Doms are devoted to making their little ballerina smile again, with music, dollhouses, and of course- candy apples. They also discover that their new Little girl has a defiant streak—one that requires old-fashioned discipline. As their love grows, the door opens for another new world for the young woman to explore—a world of wonder, sensation, and the freedom and joy of sexuality.

Be prepared to laugh, cry, rejoice, and get hot and bothered as you join Lena’s adventure in this first installment of Northern Lights.

Want more? Check out Billion Dollar Daddies: Jennie—and see Lena and Jennie come together five years later—and the endless trouble these two best friends seem to find!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings brings you NORTHERN LIGHTS: LENA!

  1. Wow, Ms. Prolific! You already have a new book out, or will have on Monday. I’m so jealous of your ability to turn out one great story after another. Keep up the good work, Breanna!

    • LOL, thanks- I write full time- it’s my passion and there are so many stories in my brain that want to be told. I truly appreciate Saturday Spanks and the other bloggers who graciously help getting the word out- so thank you! If you ever need anything from me, please let me know, k?

    • Thanks PK- that means a lot to me. Please give it a try- Unfortunately, the term age-play has come to mean everything but what the lifestyle actually is 🙁 I live it and write it true to form- as a nurturing, loving, and uplifting experience for the participants. Email me and I’ll send you a copy :).

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