Saturday Spanking

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The Maze

This weeks excerpt is from The Maze.

One man. Three beautiful women. In a world where the human population has exceeded its resources, only a select few are permitted to breed and continue the species. They earn this honor by competing in the Maze, a massive structure of multiple levels with only one way out.

To win requires use of their strength, daring, and intelligence. The prize is enormous: a winning male receives the woman he captures and conquers. However, if he loses, he faces a life sentence of slavery in the mines located deep beneath the planet’s surface. For the women, bred for their beauty, cunning, and intelligence, to win means freedom. To lose means being enslaved in the Elders’ harem, given to the miners for relief, or, even worse, becoming the brood mare to the winning male.

The male wears the locked belt of a captive. He will be released into the maze to compete for the chance to become one of the few humans allowed to reproduce. He must capture and conquer one of his opponents before she escapes the massive structure. If he does, he wins the key that will unlock the uncomfortable leather binding that prevents him from experiencing pleasure

There’s a catch, though… No harm must befall the Trained Ones, the women he must seek to conquer. Only they know the verbal code to unlock the tethers that bind him. For him to win, he must make a Trained One mutter three secret words to declare his win to the world, and declare herself as his prize. Since he cannot harm her, he must find other ways to convince her to obey.

No one knows what waits for them inside of the maze, but everyone is watching.


I would advise you to be more appreciative right now. If you want to survive in that Maze, there are things you need to learn.” He set the crop aside and stroked her face gently with his hand.

Why would you help me win?” Keeria sneered, jerking her face away from his hand. He kissed her shoulder, walking behind her.

Your win is my win. The elders are very generous to the Trainer when one of our mares shows well,” he whispered into her neck, his hand making its way down to her naked bottom. His fingers slid between her cheeks and stroked the tiny, tight rosebud. Keeria gasped; she had never been touched like that before! The Head Trainer chuckled, massaging the pucker gently.

The cruelty of Elien is beyond your understanding, you poor, naïve child,” he said, wetting his finger with spittle then returning it to her bottom hole as she stood there stiffly, hands on her head and holding her breath. “Things can be done to a woman without the use of a cock. Things like this,” he said, suddenly thrusting his finger deep inside of her bottom. Keeria cried out in pain. Trainers never practiced any type of penetration, so she was not expecting the assault upon her rear entry.

Or things like this,” the man said, starting to slowly slide his thick digit in and out of her as he reached his other hand around to the front and began to finger her clit. Keeria’s eyes widened as waves of pleasure flowed through her body. The Head Trainer suddenly stopped, leaving her panting with desire. He chuckled, stepping away to wash his hands.

That was just a little taste of what can be done to you in the Maze. Strong Men are trained from birth to be both fierce and seductive. One of them can conquer you as much with gentleness as he can with force. Remember that and you’ll win your freedom.”

Thank you, Sir,” Keeria whispered, sweat still covering her body as her knees shook.  


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