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Can you believe it’s August already?! Where did summer go? This week we’re sharing a small snippet from the latest work in progress. It’s still in the works but we’re hopeful this will breeze through the editing process and your wait for a spanking cowboy is short. We’re hoping you’ll love this Western as much as us. Stop by the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what all the other author’s have in the works.

Tentatively named: Over the Barrel

Meet Sloan and Blair…

Abandoned were the years of education in etiquette, poise and grace. In one fell swoop, she relinquished all propriety as she slapped Sloan across the face with all her strength.

“Do not ever touch me again!” Blair screamed.

Sloan’s eyes darkened and he slowly inhaled. “That was uncalled for, girl, you have now earned yourself a well-deserved spanking. It is time for you to learn yourself a lesson that won’t soon be forgotten”

His voice was low, gravely and tinged with a smoldering anger. Blair’s breath caught in her throat as, instead of reaching to stroke the red handprint on his cheek, he began to roll up his sleeves.


Stay tuned for updates and more snippets.

13 thoughts on “Howdy Sloan #SatSpanks

  1. Blair’s a brave girl to slap a cowboy. I’m sure she will wish she had made a better choice, or maybe not. Seems as though she many be one of those ladies who is hard to tame:)-

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