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Saturday Spankings

It’s that time again, Saturday! Time for some reading and relaxing (hopefully). It seems like any ordinary Saturday but in fact today is Stick Your Tongue Out Day. I don’t know about you but I plan to use this little known holiday for all it’s worth. Get to celebrating, at your own risk of course. Don’t forget to check out what else is happening over at the Saturday Spankings Blog. :p

Caught in the Net: General’s Daughter Book 3

She is at it again! USMC lieutenant, Samantha Quimby, is beautiful, brilliant and ‘an independent thinker’ whose biggest delight is challenging the strict rules and regulations set by her commanding general father and uncle. Even more enjoyable is when she can slip past her big brother Michael’s watchful eye and follow her own path. As intelligent as she is, Sam’s need to pursue her own interests without considering the consequences subjects her frustrated family to trying every avenue of discipline they can think of. They conclude that nothing grabs the girl’s attention like sporting a bright red bottom. But keeping her attention is another issue….

Her unique abilities have also led her to ‘translate’ the cetacean code, which the image of being ‘caught in a net’ simply means… Trouble! After she and Michael complete a particularly dangerous Special Ops mission, Sam is exposed to a unique challenge. Lt.Richard Lewis, a handsome engineer who seems to display the best characteristics of the men in her beloved family… And the worse! It does not take long for Sam to discover that the serious minded young man is determined to keep her safe, and that he will not hesitate to impart his firm beliefs directly to her rebellious bare bottom!

Instead of coming to her rescue, Michael approves highly of his new friend and his methods to ensure good behavior from his little sister. Finally, having some ‘assistance’ in the Sam-sitting department, Michael is now free to pursue his own love interest, Jennifer. Jen discovers not only does she now have a man of her dreams, that Michael’s self-discipline extends to her bottom as well.

The two couples, under the stern guidance of the Generals, come together as a family to share in the excitement and fear as Sam and Michael risk their lives for their country and the ocean that they protect.


This scene takes place during the family outing with Michael, Jennifer, Sam and Rich discussing those challenges that will most likely end up in spankings for the girls.

“Oh, I’ll give it one time. Then she’ll come crying to her big brother,” Rich teased.

Jen stuck her tongue out at him, “Like hell I will.”

“Michael, Jen’s swearing,” Sam giggled, trapped in Rich’s arms.

Michael shook his finger at Jen, “That’s one.”

“Do all physicists know how to count in whole numbers? I thought you guys were limited to integrals.”

“That’s two.”



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