Spring Preview #SatSpanks

Saturday SpankingsIt’s that time again. Hopefully everyone survived Spring Break. Those lucky ones that got a break and those not so lucky. Either way hopefully this weekend is full of family, friends and fun for all! Before you start prepping for your guests or activities head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what the other authors have to share with you this weekend.

Tentatively named: Naked and Defiant

Naked and Defiant follows Griffon Badger, CEO of Badger-Clark Industries, and Jade Brockton, daughter of a powerful businessman, as they each discover themselves and their happiness. Griffon, recovering from his divorce, and Jade, caught in a dangerous situation, meet near the Tonga Islands. Their unfortunate circumstances force them to work together, sometimes with a little extra motivation applied to Jade’s backside.


“I just wanted a hot bath. It felt sooooo good and…”

“I am telling you this, little girl. There is one part of your body that won’t know what the word comfort means for the next couple of days. As for hot, expect your backside to feel nice and toasty by time I am done warming it.”

“Griffon, please…”

“Save your begging for when your bottom starts to smart. You are going to need it.”

Stay tuned for more snippets and updates!

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