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Wow, how is it Saturday already? I mean seriously. Time sure fly’s when your having a good time. Or dodging spankings. I wont go into that part of Saturday spankings right now but things are a bit scary around here today. Anyhoe…This week for Saturday Spankings we are bringing you Cowboys Know Best



Cowboys Know Best



As the only daughter of a powerful mafia Don, Perlita Moretti is accustomed to a life of pampered luxury, but on the evening of her nineteenth birthday the family home is brutally attacked by another mob boss, her father is killed, and her entire life is forever changed.

Saved from the carnage by her beloved uncle, she flees for her life. She quickly discovers that the world outside her Long Island mansion is quite different and much larger than she had expected. She soon finds herself lost, and very much alone, somewhere in western Pennsylvania.

At a small diner, a desperate, terrified Perl runs into Henry ‘Hank’ Billings, a cowboy from a small Texas town who is finishing up some personal business in the region. After a rocky introduction, Hank comes to her rescue when mob goons show up.

Hank reluctantly allows Perl to accompany him back to his ranch to hide her until the mob gives up their hunt. It does not take long for the serious-minded Texan to place the willful, spoiled young lady across his knee for a bare-bottom spanking and some basic lessons in good manners. As time passes, Perl allows herself to submit to the old-fashioned hard work and discipline of Texas ranch life.

Having been hurt by a woman before, Hank resists his growing desire for Perl, convincing himself that the almost twenty year age difference between them would make any advances on his part ungentlemanly. Perl, however, has fallen for him with all her heart, and she does not intend to let him keep her at arm’s length. With the mob still hunting her, can she convince Hank that she needs him as much more than just her firm, caring protector?


“I am not getting out of this truck until we reach our destination.”

Hank snarled and walked around to the passenger’s side, opening her door and grabbing her arm.  With one easy yank, he pulled her out of the seat and dragged her around to the open back of the vehicle. Without blinking, the tall man planted himself on the edge of the truck bed and easily dragged Perlita’s enraged body across his long legs, locking her firmly in place with his left arm around her waist.  She screamed more curses at him, fighting to escape his iron hold as he tilted her head down towards the ground.  She found herself, for the first time in her life, in the much undignified position of being upended over a man’s lap.  Her shapely, round bottom pointed high in the air, making a generous target for the attention of Hank’s work-hardened hand.  A shriek escaped her as the first, well-aimed blow centered itself on her right cheek.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt from Cowboys Know Best. There are lots more hot scenes so check it out. And when your done, take click on over to the Saturday Spankings website because there are a bunch of other great authors with some super excerpts for you to check out.

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13 thoughts on “Sat Spanks!

  1. Loved this hot little snippet. Sounds like a great premise too. I love when the spoiled girl has to do some hard work. (as long as it’s not me – Lol)

  2. Certainly sounds like she is about to find, “first hand”, what this “Cowboy Know Best” here. Just love Perlita (Perl)’s spunk-iness in this snippet. And as you can see I love your character’s name Perlita too.

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