Sam’s Under Cover! Generals’ Daughter© Series Book 5

Saturday Spankings

What Happens On the Dock–

Stays On the Dock!




Sam nodded and allowed him to wrap her wrists together in the belt loop which he anchored securely to the docking post. With her arms restrained firmly over her head, he returned to worshipping her breasts with his mouth and hands. Her tension quickly dissipated as he introduced her to the wondrous sensation of his skilled lips and the awareness of being completely vulnerable and seduced. Her reaction was amazing.

He continued to trace the curves of her body, pausing briefly to blow warm, moist air to the hollow between her thighs before traveling down the length of her legs. He returned to her lower abdomen and bikini line and teased her with his tongue and teeth.

“This is torture,” she groaned, twisting her hips in an effort to find some relief.

Richard smiled, acknowledging her discomfort. “Now you know how I feel when you convergence with me. Tell me—how does this make you feel?” He gently parted her knees and nibbled along her inner thighs and the backs of her legs. To his delight, her juices flowed and begged to be tasted.

“Oh, my God,” she whimpered. “I need you.”

“Tell me. What do you need?”

“Richard, please.”

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll stop.” He called her bluff. He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to!


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3 thoughts on “Sam’s Under Cover! Generals’ Daughter© Series Book 5

  1. Erotic torture is both devious and all-consuming. I’m not sure if Richard is trying to teach Sam a lesson or simply play with her a bit before he claims her, but right now I’d bet she’d be willing to do most anything he asked. Great way to get secrets out of someone.

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