Charlie Jasso, the Alpha Prime of the Oregon Mountain Lion Prides, has loved Violet Martin since they were children. After four years of painful silence, he never thought he’d see the feisty, independent, and reckless Lioness Shifter again. But when she suddenly presents herself at his doorstep after running away from her feral mate, he realizes that their unexplainable bond exceeds the confines of Earthly love.

 Battered and terrified, she begs for protection for herself and her unborn children. Her cry for help awakens more than Charlie’s desire to claim her. Something mysterious about her pregnancy brings forth a primal need to protect, defend, and claim her litter as his own. 

But things aren’t always what they seem to be in the dense forests of Westfir, Oregon, and the untimely death of Violet’s father leaves many unanswered questions. It doesn’t take long for the mysteries to unravel as Charlie and Violet expose a plot to destroy rare Mega Sabertooth Shifters like themselves. The enemy is within the camp, but who is it and what is their motive?

As if all that isn’t difficult enough, Charlie finds his hands full dealing with a beautiful, stubborn woman who refuses to follow his orders for her safety. Unfortunately (or not) for him, lionesses like things a little rough, so the threats to put her across his knee only brings a smile to her face! 

The race to protect Violet and her babies lead the couple to seek help from the Bear Clan, but the cost for that protection is painfully high. The Clan demands that Violet and Charlie are not only Bonded, but they’re to mate while Violet’s still in season. This command sends both Violet and Charlie cascading into a spiral of fear- and not just because of the risk to the mother and present litter. Their child, one born of a Super and Pure Mega, is destined to change the lives of every shifter who walks the Earth and would end life as everyone currently knows it. 

Would the Mega Supreme serve good or evil? Only the Ancients know.

The enemy will stop at nothing to prevent this birth, and a deadly power play threatens others both in, and out, of the Shifter world. As the future Alpha Supreme, Charlie claims ownership of Violet, the litter, and the future and prepares for a fight to the death to protect all three.

Now, if only his stubborn lioness will listen to reason and let him be the Lion that he was born to be!


Proceeds to Benefit the Coastal Humane Society in appreciation for the love and care given following the July 2020 abuse and abandonment of my beloved girls.

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  1. So excited about all your new books!

    Just wondering if you will ever continue May and Baylor’s stories? I really love the menage ageplay + uncles dynamic

    Have a nice day!

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