Hello lovelies,

You’re probably wondering what SHB means…spank her bottom? Spank hot Bree? Well no. In fact this post is not about D/s at all. It’s about humanity.

The letters mean Saint Healer Bree, and no truer words have been spoken. I’ve seen Bree heal and nurse animals and same with people. It always amazes and humbles me. She has such a big heart.

Right now, we have a very sick baby bird. Bree not only is taking care of it 24/7, but she figured out a way to help her by rigging up an ingenious apparatus to drain the fluid stuck in the little guy’s throat. We don’t know if he or she is going to make it but I’ll tell you this, Bree is giving he/she the best chance at surviving.

I’d like to think we all would strive to be like Bree. What a different world we’d have if that were even a little true.

Please say a prayer…it’s a baby bird so it doesn’t have to be a big one. I hope if given the opportunity, you can all pay it forward. As Bree does, she’s pretty awesome.

Be good or else,


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