Round Table Discussion – A Spanking Christmas!


Who’s up for a little Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Spanko style? This month’s round table is all about Christmas. And spankings of course! All participants are going to take their favorite Christmas song or poem, and spankify it. Sound fun? All you have to do is visit all participant’s blogs and then comment on the Spanking Romance Review’s main page post.

SJ’s Christmas Song…

You’re gonna cry

if you pout

Doms don’t lie

there is no doubt

Sir meanie John is coming to town


No mercy for your bottom

no rubbing, no ice

so you better start behaving

be obedient and nice

Sir meanie John is coming to town


Lots of wood and leather

more than enough to go round

so you better start acting better

or you will find it hard to sit down


Better not pout

or you will cry

there is no doubt

Doms don’t lie

Sir meanie John is coming to town


Happy Holidays lovelies,

Be good, or else…



7 thoughts on “Round Table Discussion – A Spanking Christmas!

  1. Your a mean one, Mr. Dom.
    You really are a pain.
    Your as sadistic as a Master,
    Wielding paddles so insane,
    Mr. Dom
    Your a scary Dom that carries a big bad cane!

    Your a monster, Mr. Dom.
    You show no mercy here.
    Your house is full of awful paddles,
    Do you really have a soul.
    Mr Dom.
    I wouldn’t come near you with a 39 and half foot pole!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. You Better watch out Your really gonna shout the Doms around the corner He’s making a list and spanking you Twice weather your naughty or nice!!! your Dom is coming to Town
    he spanks before your sleeping and paddles when your a wake He gives when Good and Paddles when you are Bad so be Good for your Bottom’s Sake……

    I tired

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