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Hello lovelies,

The title of today’s post is a pun (imagine that) lol. Here’s my question for you all. Do you like true discipline for real behaviors or do you prefer to have the discipline in the form of role play.

Get it? Role with it? Oh come on that’s good!

For any subbies or wannabe subbies that don’t know the difference, here’s the deal…

True discipline is just that, a real transgression with a real punishment as decided by the Dom. The sub has zero say about how, with what, how severe, etc.

Role play is a whole other animal. The situation and characters are discussed before-hand.

Lol get it? Before. Hand. Man, tough crowd.

Anyway, your Dom could be anything you fantasize about between the two of you; cop, school head master, daddy, principal, office boss. The sub could be any number of characters maid, secretary, errant wife, nurse etc. The big difference is the sub has the power here, as there are usually safe words. A lot of couples starting out, use this method to kind of get a feel of a spanking/paddling that has limits. Subbies love to grab any control they can, however, if you have truly misbehaved this type of scenario will not translate into any kind of true atonement.

So which is it? The real or the fantasy?

Be good, or else…


15 thoughts on “Role with it

  1. I don’t know. I day-dream a lot, so I get punished for not focusing. Roleplaying might sound like kinky fun, but it could also take my happy self-centered day-dreaming and turn it into something not about my pleasure at all. Which is the worst. If Sir took that from me, I’d probably cry and feel terribly sorry, whatever my transgression. Which is why I won’t be sharing this idea with him.

  2. I need the real thing, I don’t think I need help finding trouble. I find it or it finds me quite well. Also where there is guilt only true discipline would work for me.

  3. I agree with Bree! Doctor play sounds like a lot of fun!!!!
    I want real discipline for transgressions that are agreed upon. I need to feel that the slate is wiped clean and we are good. I’m very bratty so my mouth gets me in more trouble than what it should.

    • Seems to be a common thread here. I think you mentioned an important component Dinah. Transgressions. AGREED on, If the dom does not tell you whats acceptable, and what isn’t how would you know.

      • Exactly! Let’s for example say that you are allowed two drinks and you have those two drinks You would think that you would not be punished for that! No matter that the establishment only allows the consumer a drink maximum because of the alcohol in the 2 drinks. You technically only had two drinks. Just saying

  4. Hmmm I would say both, have the discipline accountability for the reg punishments when breaking the rules.
    When role playing, still have the accountability on being punished.

    Thanks Carol “Sammi'”

        • I have had this discussion with subbies and, a few doms. If roleplay, I agree, safewords are fine. However, If you have a true DS or DD relationship, and its agreed upon, for you to atone for any rule breaking then a safeword serves no purpose. Why change a behavior if you can control your punishment? Not to mention any guilt you feel will not be absolved.

  5. Real… I always feel lost or stupid with fantasy. Plus I don’t think I really need help with getting into trouble and the Dom having a reason to spank/punish me.

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