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Hello lovelies. As you all know, I am married to the famous Breanna Hayse. I am going to let you all peek into the window of our world for a very special moment …No, stop giggling. Not that kind of moment… Now settle down, this should be interesting to you all, and hopefully educational.

Bree is of course, one of the best authors on the planet. She is also smart. I mean Mensa, Big Bang smart.  Beautiful, funny, with a heart that is the biggest I have ever encountered.  And last but certainly not least, very, very spankable.  However, there  are times a Dom must reenforce his position as alpha in the D/s dynamic, even if, as in Brees case, she is well behaved 99% of the time.  It’s not a punishment, just a reminder to the sub, or in this case Bree. She may be famous and have tons of fans, etc. but she is still first and foremost my submissive. So I decided to have a session with Bree to illustrate this. Did she want to? No, but thats the point, is it not? Total submission.

So I started by telling her to assume the sub position on the bed and wait. She did so right away, bb up, as I lectured her on who owned her bb and who it is she is submissive to.  I had also decided this would be an evaluation of sorts. Bree has been training with me many, many years. Therefore I was sure her behavior would demonstrate what all subbies should aspire to.  She did not disappoint. I informed her to come otk, bb up. I instructed her to place her palms flat on the floor. She was to receive 50 hand spanks.  Not punishment velocity, but sound. If she moved out of position even on number 49, all would start over.  She did very well holding her position and getting a cherry red bottom. I really only used maybe 15% of spanking force, but it still had her teary eyed. Now hold on before I get the Mr. Meanie chant,  and you light torches and storm the castle…Listen, I never said I did not have a sadistic streak, and I love seeing Brees bb cherry red. especially if I just painted it with my hand. Tears are moot. This is total submission ..Ok, back in position. I then informed her she would get 15 in the same position with the wood paddle. Same rules.  The tears were flowing a little more but, she held her position. I was so proud of her.  But the biggest test was yet to come.  Drum roll please………….6 of the best- school cane- in sub position.   Not very hard but a cane does not have to be hard to impart a good sting. I must say, she was very good. However, she did cry. I then asked again who owns your bottom?  She answered tearfully “you do Sir.” Who is your Dom? “you are sir” etc.

Her bottom was now a beautiful crimson red, with a few cane stripes. She was as perfect a compliant subbie as any Dom could want. An example all of you should aspire to. There were then hugs, kisses, and after care, and praise.  I am so proud to call her my submissive, and honored to be her Dom

Still think I am Mr. Meanie? Put out those torches and get to bed!

Be good or else.


34 thoughts on “Reminder Spankings…

  1. Sir,
    You made me cry. While I truly want to say poor Bree. I honestly can’t. I totally love her, really I do and I do feel for her poor bottom. I suspect that she does not really want sympathy. What transpired last night was a act of love , trust and honor on both your parts. I have a much better understanding of what total submission is and what that can and should mean to my Dom. Sir, as you well know, I aspire to be the best submissive I can be and to be all my Dom needs me to be. I have a ways to go and much to learn. I am a work in progress. I can only hope to be as good a submissive as Bree one day and to please my Dom as much as she pleases you.
    Sir, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story of submission. ~stephanie

  2. I think the thing that comes through more than anything else in this post to me as I read it was LOVE. So much love. Bree if a very lucky lady and well I guess that makes you pretty lucky to have her too.

  3. Once a month is only because my Sir only comes to my home that often. It has nothing to do with how well behaved I am – or not! lol. He complains that I am so naughty between meetings that we have to condense my Punishment Book or he’d be here for a whole month. So like a typical Dom, he obviously exaggerates cos I am nowhere near that naughty!!! I don’t have the luxury of being in a DD relationship, but I am happy with what I have got. Bree is a lucky girl – or unlucky, when you decide to play Mr Meanie for no reason other than you can, yet another trait my grumpy old Sir shares with you x

  4. 75 ? thats pretty good i see you understood at least part of the reason for this , and again let me reiterate, this was not a punishment even tho bree said it felt like one lol

  5. Sir, have you tried just giving her the dom look and being very stern? I’m sure that would work for me.
    Are reminder spankings a “just in the mood to do it” or is there a trigger that makes you think you would both be happier if it happened? Is it just for your satisfaction or are you hoping Bree gets some satisfaction from it, too? Does it bring you two closer together like re-affirming vows?

  6. We all need reminder spankings, I get them myself once a month, at the same time as I receive playful spankings and any real punishments. Sadly I do not have a DD relationship and I am not in the fortunate position that you and Bree are, but I’m happy with what I do have. Actually I am very content with what I do have, but the problem comes when I could really do with a reminder spanking, or even a real punishment, and I might have to wait a week or 2, or sometimes longer.

    Bree is very lucky and I felt a little jealous when I read your post – though of course you’re still Mr Meanie! Even if my Sir is very kind after a hard punishment that has brought me to tears, I still tell him later – by email, when my bottom is quite safe, lol – that he is a big, fat, grumpy, old meanie, which normally earns me my first entry for the following month’s Punishment Book.

    Thank you for sharing.

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