Red and Red

Hello lovelies,

I was thinking about this today…Why is the color red so appealing on a female bb? Why do subbies like it so much?

I love a white bottom, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about it changing color that’s so pleasing.

Could be the control during a spanking or the power to change it to any shade of red I choose?

Not sure. I do know the visual is always a joy to behold.

And how about you my submissive ones? Why do you like to see your bottom’s in this state?

Is it to show your submission or that your Dom put his mark on you? Is it a sign you took what your Dom felt you needed? If it’s a punishment does it show you paid your penance?

In any respect I do love seeing it and causing it lol.

Be good, or else…


18 thoughts on “Red and Red

  1. Didn’t have time to comment on this until now because life kept me busy.

    I haven’t been spanked since my parents decided I was too old for that and started grounding me instead. That by the way did no good and only made things worse. Instead of feeling like I had been corrected and then forgiven it just dragged on for days if not weeks. At points I’d repeat the bad behavior or do something else just as bad in order to get attention (not that I viewed it as such at the time). It’s something I’m still working on to be honest. It’s also taken me years to realize that and I’m still trying to not only forgive my parents for some of the things that happened but myself as well.

    It’s why I want to be in a D/s relationship with someone who understands that spankings and then hugs are a great way to correct bad behavior and show that I’m loved and cared for. Not that I’m not going to try and avoid it, lol.

    If it’s not for punishment I figure it must be like being sore after a good workout. Being sore or having a red bottom is a sign that it was good and of the hard work or that I trusted my Dom to give me marks without truly hurting me.

      • I wouldn’t know Sir (I’ve never been spanked, only hit on the head, not by a Dom though), and I think I’ll never know. But what I do know, is that the thought of pain scares me and that a raised hand brings back bad memories. But cuddles, I’d do anything for cuddles from someone I love.

  2. I normally enjoy a red bottom but when the primary Dom decides to add a special caning for the secondary Dom then I don’t like it anymore

  3. I love it because it reminds me who I belong to and I feel so loved and cherished when my bottom is red and tender. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sir, I have made no secret how I feel about having my Dom’s marks. If it was a punishment, then they are a sign that I survived and that all is forgiven. If not, then they are a sign that I submitted to what was asked of me. That is something I feel pride in and though nobody sees the marks but me, I know that they are there, and I know why. It also makes me feel connected which gives me a sense of peace.

    • very good I am very pleased how you lovelies feel about your red bottoms Probably not as pleased as your dom is making it happen lol

  5. I’m not in the lifestyle, but my hubby has spanked me upon request. I love the look of it, HIS handprint on me. He spent the time to give me that. It makes me feel owned and worthy. Is that cheesy? I also like to bite him when he lets me. I love seeing my mark on him. I’m rather territorial and seeing either of us with marks feeds that cave woman side of me.

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