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Game of Thrones fans- here is a treat for you!

From this best selling multi-genre number 1 author comes a unique and original adventure from the medieval ages that no one in the year 1350 saw coming! Of course, we wouldn’t recommend the reading of this book if you don’t like spanking (some severe), anal play, explicit sex scenes, m/f, f/f, violence, and an ending that will leave you both in love AND in hate!

Unbeknownst to the tiny village in Ireland, Shannon McCleary has a special gift – one that most people do not want to see. She is a Banshee, a caller of death.

At the age of eight, she finds herself in a convent run by the Sisterhood of Truth – druids who specialize in the magical arts. The sisters have been commissioned by her surrogate father, King Malkai, to train her to control her gifts and raise her to be the future Queen of Moldavia – by wedding his son, Domitri.

After the king tragically passes, his son sets out on a journey with his devoted men-at-arms to retrieve his betrothed. Unbeknownst to Shannon, Dom also has a gift: persuasion – through both magic, and the palm of his hand. Shannon’s Irish temper and independent nature, coupled with the rebellious and uncontrolled banshee spirit, are no match for her future husband and king, and she finds herself over his knee and bared for several sessions of his own version of royal disciplinary action.

Persuasion also works in Shannon’s favor as her body is introduced to pleasure – and some very unusual surprises; including an evening with Mistress Aida; a seductress with a gift of her own.
(Please note that this book was previously released under the title of King Dom Comes)

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Author’s Note:
Game of Thrones fans- BEWARE! If Khaleesi and her dragons got you hot and bothered, then this book will demand that you plunge into an ice bath just to cool down. Dare to Defy includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, poetic justice, and elements of BDSM.

Prince Daynel of the Northern Kingdom has never been the type to meekly submit to anyone—not her father, her brothers or any spoiled, pasty-faced Southern Kingdom prince who proclaims his right to her hand in marriage. The arranged marriage to the man is the least of her worries after the high priestess of the Dragon Gods warned her of her betrothed evil intent for her and her beloved kingdom.

Daring to defy her father’s command to marry, she flees into the dense woods where she is faced with her future—to save her people. During her flight, she comes face to face with the enormous warrior-priest named Draiken. He introduces her to the powerful magic that she holds within her will and also teaches her that defying the commands of the gods result in painful and humiliating consequence. A severe bare bottom spanking fails to change the attitude of the feisty little princess, forcing Draiken to take matters a little deeper and her body is awakened to a sexual journey that leaves her soaring.

With the growing power of darkness multiplying with each passing day, the dragon priest is pressed to do whatever is necessary to teach Daynel how to properly wield her powers—even if it means being unable to sit. She also becomes the driving force behind his heart as he finds love in the midst of the battle between good and evil.

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Author’s Note: This hot ménage fantasy combines consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes and BDSM and very possibly might raise your blood pressure as well and the room temperature!

Traveling hospice nurse, Courtney Wells mentally prepared to meet her new client, the visiting Romanian Aristocrat—Baron Marcas Kalnovky. The minute they locked eyes the night that she arrived to care for the baron’s old friend, Brother Sebastian. Little does Courtney know, but the monk’s illness is not the only issue in the house.

Marcus was a voracious collector of BDSM archaeological art depicting whose arrogance often made him careless when indulging in the inspection of the artifacts. A slip of the plug releasing an ancient drug makes Marcus falls victim to the curse of mirrors where, by day, he remains as he is. But at sundown, the Baron physically divides into two separate individuals that reflect his rational and his carnal desires.

Courtney’s bold entrance into his life left both the baron’s personas wanting to take her in every way possible. Both sides hunger for her, and as their relationship grows from day to night, the opinionated young nurse begins to question her self-imposed belief system and gives in to the unexplainable need to submit to the mysterious foreigner.

The discovery of Marcus’ curse not only adds to her disbelief in such a possibility and raises the question of her belief system, but intensifies the lust that she has unknowingly developed for both his sides. Curiosity forces her to accept his challenge to permit herself to be at the mercy of all his desires. So at nightfall, she is bound—naked and defenseless—in his dungeon. Surrounded by artifacts of sensual and sexual art, she is joined by not one Marcus, but two—and experiences the ultimate pleasure as her body overtakes her mind and gives itself to the ravaging.

The curse, however, comes with a price. Brother Sebastian’s last wishes is to return to the Carpathian mountains before he passes and shares that Marcus’ curse can be broken but that the cost would be the ultimate price. Courtney is faced with the decision… will she sacrifice their love for his life? And would he be able to accept that the love she offered, even if lost, was the one that healed his wounded soul?

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