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Happy to announce on this fine Sunday morning, that Protect & Correct is now available on Amazon and coming soon everywhere else. This is a great book. Mystery, intrigue, spanking, bad guys, good guys, spanking…Oh and sex. Yup, lots and lots of hot sex. So take a break from your holiday shopping and decorating and cuddle up with a good book.


Publishers Blurb


Forensic investigator Terrese Fanguard wakes up in a hospital after an attempt on her life leaves her severely injured. Thanks to a brilliant plastic surgeon, Terrese’s body and face have been rebuilt, rendering her younger, thinner, and more attractive than ever before.

At her bedside, FBI agent Collin Golde tells Terrese that she now has a fake identity. Her new name is Brooke, she will be playing the role of his wife, and he will personally see to it that she is kept safe… whether she likes it or not. Brooke soon learns that while Collin can be tender and comforting, he can also be stern and strict. If a bright red, stinging bottom and blushing cheeks are necessary to keep her safe, then he is fully prepared to bare her bottom and spank her soundly.

Brooke’s complicated emotions threaten to be her undoing as she experiences intimacy, passion, and unwavering discipline for the first time in her life. Will she allow herself to grow to love Collin, even though she fears he will leave her once he catches the killer?


You can read the first chapter for free on Amazon. Once you start you wont want to stop.

Available at the following retailers:


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7 thoughts on “Protect and Correct…Just Released!

  1. Started the book on the plane & finished before landing. I found the book different from all the others I’ve read of yours (almost all) same theme (of course ☺️) and as always learned & few things. And gave me pause to think about things. You keep reinventing yourself in your stories.

  2. Just now finished the book. Sir finally went to bed. I wished I had had some of Brooke’s sleeping pills to slip into his Squirt. It is almost 2:30am here in the midwest but I wanted to let you know I loved the book. Thanks for a GREAT read, Bree.

  3. Half way through the new book but life keeps getting in the way. Darn, can’t it leave me alone long enough to finish the book? Sir insisted I finish putting all the laundry away. I had suggested that HE put it away Himself over the week end since He had a 4 day week end and I had to work. THAT only earned me that “You don’t really want to go there, do you?” look. Hopefully He will go to bed early and I can finish. Loving what I have read so far!

  4. Hi Bree, I just bought your new book. I am in the middle of another book but I will start it, hopefully, in the morning. I have enjoyed every one of your other books. I’ll leave my amazon review as soon as I am finished.

  5. Just bought excited. I was suppose to be taken off email list as not best time personally a bit confused but still trying to figure out what trouble I got myself into.

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