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Hello lovelies,

Thought I would point out some things which as subbies you should know. Let me state this is how I teach and is not the only way by any means, it’s just one way.


Though saying you’re sorry may work in the vanilla word in D/s it’s not enough. For proper protocol you should kneel, head to the floor with arms straight out and bb high. The appropriate apology goes something like, “I’m sorry for my behavior Sir. Please punish me.” No I’m not kidding this is the proper procedure as far as I am concerned.

Asking for a favor:

This could be anything from a subspace session to wanting a pleasure spanking but begins with the position same as above. In this instance bending over works, as does laying bb up over my lap before asking. You also have the option of presenting the implement you want. Of course your behavior has to be such you deserve a reward.

Response to questions:

This is one thing subbies struggle with as most of you lovelies are total control freaks and love to have the last word. The proper response is always “yes Sir” or “no Sir” if appropriate. If you disagree with an order do not argue or whine about it. Learn to say yes Sir with the knowledge that your Dom knows what’s best for you and cares about you enough to keep you in line.

Response to learning you are due for a session:

A simple “yes Sir” is your go to response. There should be no hesitation and if it has been established where the punishment will take place go there and wait preferably bb in corner. It will show willingness to submit and respect for your teachings.

Now, I get you are all rolling your eyes and chanting no way Mr. meanie crazy person  right? I am just telling you the proper way a submissive should act. I am not saying I think you all will do it, although for those of you that do, it will get you major points with your Dom. See I am always thinking of you all and how I can help you. So just a little heads up so you don’t end up bottoms up lol.

Be good, or else…


23 thoughts on “Proper Protocol

    • Anything you guy ever want to ask, please don’t hesitate for a moment. we will answer as best as we possibly can. Thank you soooo much for reading! Kisses!

  1. I’d probably struggle with a lot of these. It’s not that I would forget ‘Sir’ or anything (I don’t see how that’s hard to remember), but I’m quite shy and quiet, so I prefer to nod in silence, and I look at the floor whenever I can… 🙁

    • I’ll be honest (and my peeps can support this), I RARELY say ‘sir’ unless I’m in trouble. The most difficult thing for a sub (or those with submissive tendencies) to realize that we are empowered by our submission. WHAT?! Power? Yeppers- submission in the ‘true’ sense give us confidence in ourselves as both a partner and a woman (not to dismiss the male submissives- just am responding to a female post). The ONLY time I look away from John’s eyes is if either I am too ashamed or embarrassed (that’s only happened once or twice) OR I am trying not to laugh. When he scolds, he has me keep eye contact so he can read my expression (and make sure I’m not tuning him out).
      You, my darling, are not shy and quiet- YOU are a princess reigning over a kingdom of faithful followers. Hold your head up and see the incredible world that is out there to worship you. Here’s a little trick (do it alone because if anyone sees you, well…)
      Go for a walk and acknowledge your subjects- the living things bow before you (plants, animals), the fences and stones are your guards, the houses are under your rule. A strong, confident submissive attracts and strong, confident Dom and strong confident friends. The floor is boring- reach towards the sun!

      • as usual the eloquent take comes from Bree and I agree, its empowering to accept your submissive, its not becoming a step ford subbie lol What I meant by my post was when appropriate does this mean going out to dinner with a sub and having her yes sir no sir in public? no thats very rare that happens. As Bree said usually if she’s in trouble or is bering scolded trust me Bree is not saying yes sir no sir 24/7 only if orders to or in a spanking position ..come to think of it thats a lot of the time lol

          • Laura- words are merely tools to share our feelings, wants, desires, hopes, needs and dreams. Your strength comes from inside- and that strength grows when fear is dispelled. It took me a long, long time to look at people in the eye- especially when things were not the greatest in a personal situation. John taught me how to do that. I practice it every day- with every person I come in contact with. Once you can do that, the words will follow. I promise!
            Now go take a walk through your kingdom- meet the eye of strangers who walk by and smile. You will FEEL the difference immediately, my sweet princess!

      • Hi Miss Bree,

        Your reply nearly made me cry. Maybe you’re right. You probably am. I’ll try my best to follow your advice, and I hope it helps me. You should have been there much earlier in my life. I’d probably have grown up to be a lot stronger. You should be a teacher, or a motivational speaker, or a life coach…

        I cannot keep eye contact long. It makes me nervous, awkward, emotional (wanting to cry or blush and just hide). I’m only confident after a few drinks (I know, I know, it’s bad…).

        Maybe one day I can be like you. Thanks again for your wonderful reply. You are an amazing person.



  2. Thank you for your post Sir John. How do you know when/where to include a “sir” if it’s not simply a yes or no statement? (the statement in the apologizing segment for example)

  3. Like ALWAYS, I need to pipe in something. This ‘protocol’ and the beliefs of how a subby ‘should’ behave is very specific to us and our dynamic. Every D/S and M/S relationship is different so- if you are with a new Dom of your own- ask him/her what their protocol or preferences are. By doing so, you show respect and the integrity to acknowledge their desires. Also communicate if you have medical/physical issues. I’ve had back surgery so certain positions are painful (not in a good way) to maintain. A responsible Dom will work around that.
    As for being a control freak- it’s hard not to be when you know you’re right- so learning to DISAGREE AGREEABLY is a valuable tool.
    As strange as it sounds, if you have landed yourself a respectable dominant, these little things will help you grow in your personal relationship- not just the BDSM one.

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