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Hello lovelies, everybody been behaving? Yes, it is a rhetorical question… A lot of times, subbies I am training earn a punishment session. I know, hard to believe, but it does happen. Anyway, every subbie at one time or another always has the same question; Sir, how long will the session be? What will you use? How many strokes? You see, all of you are a very curious lot, and most of you total control freaks. Not putting you down, just stating a fact. And because of this, you want to know everything that’s going to happen, in detail. As a Dom, I do not divulge this, as it would give you too much control. But, I thought I could give you an idea of what I would apply in a session, for the following offenses. Now all of this is subject to change but it will give you at least an idea of what to expect if you are told to report for punishment.

Bratting…Now this is not serious, and all subbies do it. Usually a sound otk spanking by hand- say 100 or so- is enough, along with some corner time. Sometimes you lovelies will be jonsing for a spanking, oh come on it’s me, you know I am right. So you will intentionally brat. The problem with this is usually you go too far, and the spanking is far more painful than you wanted. In fact, most of the time, lol. Now if the bratting persists, a brush or paddle would be added until you behave, but for general bratting my hand is quite enough.

Disrespect, Smart mouth…Now we are getting into definite ow territory. I take disrespect from a sub very seriously, so probably otk dana paddle- 50, wood brush- 50, a sound paddling with wood school paddle bent over- 25. If the behavior does not change, a strap or cane would be needed, depending on how serious the disrespect was.

Speeding, Smoking, Texting while driving…These are all very serious and require severe discipline. Any behavior that endangers yourself or others, is very bad. So welcome to the dungeon! OTK dana paddle- 75, wood brush -75, prison strap- 35, over bench school wood paddle- 35, bent over school cane -15. Trust me, you would remember this one.

Well that’s an idea,  see I’m not so bad! lol To avoid the extremely sore bottom that would result form the things I listed is simple. Just behave. So easy and yet so difficult for you all. Just remember, there are always consequences. Always.

Be good or… Well, see above!


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8 thoughts on “Positions, Implements, & Strokes…

  1. That doesn’t sound fun ….I should have read this like 6 hours ago maybe it would have helped I have no idea what I was thinking but I was told to do something I was even told “If you don’t have it done I will take my belt off and wear out your behind Do you understand” What was I thinking why didn’t I just do it aughhh I am to have a answer to why I didn’t do it I don’t have a answer so I am sitting waiting (which is almost as bad) Then he takes it up a few notches and says enjoy sitting while you can!!! Oh and sweetie if you don’t have a answer for me it will be worse then it already is and believe me You don’t want any more then you are already going to get I don’t have a reason so how can I give him one Not like I can say cause I didn’t feel like doing it I am sure that will get me in a LOT more trouble any ideas on what I should say aughhh sometimes I think my brain is on vacation or asleep I wish he would just do it already this waiting is killing me Oh what was I thinking I so no better

    • Isn’t it bad if we give you advice on what to say? You’d be lying if you use our suggestions, right? I guess you have to be honest, and, well… brace yourself! Good luck!

      • no no I don’t want anyone to help me lie I was just hoping someone had a nice sweet respectful way to explain why I just didn’t do it ” or someone could tell me why I would do this I am not new I no better I can not figure out what I was thinking or why I just out right disobeyed

  2. Ugh, corner time. The idea of it terrifies me (spanking too, haha). Corner time seems so cruel. I hate to feel like I’m being ignored, so I’d probably cry, and cry, and cry, and cry… Just over corner time. Just… no. Ugh, Lord I’d cry!

  3. I can understand smoking cause that makes me sick and texting while driving because that is more dangerous than drinking and driving but speeding I don’t understand. Is this like excessive speeding because everyone drives a little over the speed limit. That seems very harsh for speeding

    • you are aware its what the dom feels is necessary correct? 5 mi over is understandable any more than that and you put your self or others in danger ..remember the dom makes the rules and sets the boundaries, you won’t always agree Shelly

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