Plugging Away!

Hi Ya’ll!

I wanted to update you on the going’s on here. The perps remain in hiding- both are wanted for Animal Cruelty and Identity Theft and, in addition- John for tax evasion. His ex wives/GF are also coming out of the woodwork with more shocking news. Besides being a criminal, liar and animal abuser, I’ve discovered that he’s been deceiving all of us in more personal levels– starting with being submission/switch. I honestly wouldn’t have cared- but to lie and pretend for all these years? Brittany repeatedly claimed he was gay as well- and, after a history of using women for his financial security, nothing surprises me. It’s just so hurtful that he’d lie to all of us- you and me- for all these years. Did he think we’d never find out the truth? I pity whoever is stuck with him now- it’s only a matter of time before he destroys their things and they discover the truth about him. I was so fooled- so many of us were. But that’s the mark of a conman, right? At least the next woman will be spared- he has absolutely nothing left to offer.

Pathetic and sad. So sad. He chose this path.

The things stolen by Brittany- including my diplomas, USMC commendations, escrow papers, my checks, and ALL my banking/personal information- are just some of the damage she tried to cause. She also took every one of my coloring books and diamond paintings! I wonder if she’d be allowed to take those to jail?

Yes, I am pursuing this and the DA is involved.

Am I still stunned by the betrayal and lies? Absolutely. But, as you know, I’m a survivor. Every day the house is healing from their abuse, neglect and vandalism- and is giving the animals and me strength to push through. There is also a peace here that hasn’t been- the evil’s been purged and light has entered in.

Kodiak has taken to his job a Guardian Dog in the most unbelievable way. No one enters without his permission- even people he’s known have to be approved by me. He doesn’t leave my side for a second and, at 105 pounds, this 8 month old puppy has become my safety net. He watches over the others like a hawk as well. He’s especially adorable with Diamond.

She went blind during the ten-day abandonment, dehydration and starvation. They had left glass shards everywhere that severely cut up her little feet, and trash everywhere, so her fear of moving was high. She had been on the bottom of the stairs with an injured leg when I found her and trembling with BG level of over 700.

Kodi came to the rescue. He’s her seeing-eye dog and escorts her in and out of the house, taking her leash during walks, and keeps her from bumping into things. She now barks for him to take her outside! The work he’s done with this traumatized pup is beyond amazing- she actually ‘sung’ to her movie the other night– something I thought I’d never hear again. I cried- it made me so happy.

Obviously, I’m going to have to edit my books to remove the fraud- but I’m not going to be stopped. I have a shifter piece I’m working on and plan to keep writing. I’m not going to kill myself anymore- but take the time to enjoy the perfect weather, the beaches, and my fuzzy family. With the ugly out of my home, I can live as I want to- have friends over, hell- I can walk around naked!

I think I’m going to enjoy this new life. Thank all of you again and again for all your love and support. While I still miss many of my old friends (those Brittany chased away years ago), I’ve made new ones who are real and sincere. I can’t ask for much more than that!


With Luv,



5 thoughts on “Plugging Away!

  1. I love you and your books my favorite are the Generals daughter. I love that you are not going to let those things better you and that you are going after them all of the way

  2. I am so glad to hear that you have turned them and this unconscionable deeds over to the authorities. I pray you get your Usmc rewards back. A nd hopefully your Friends Brittany chased away. I am glad to find out that the dogs have survived this ordeal. God bless you Bree.

  3. Hi! I have been thinking about you. I’m not overly worried, I know you will be ok. You are my military sister, and therefore super-strong.

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