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We’re so happy to be apart of the WIP It Up Blog Hop again this week. Over at the WIP It Up Wednesday Blog, myself and the other authors get to share with you bits and pieces of their works in progress. Small but yummy glimpses into the future of your kindle and and all right on time before the cooking commences! We can’t wait to see what everyone has been writing as I know I’ve been busy writing, writing and writing.

Little Lady Jane

Little Lady Jane is a unique tale of love, pain, discipline, and trust that extends across the globe. From the hard, gray lines of Victorian England to the colorful magic and mystery of India, this story unfolds with the opening of the ancient Indian book of sex – the Kama Sutra

Jane Foster, the ward and fiancee of Marquis Philip de Courtier, never knew how the forbidden book stolen from Philip’s library would change both of their lives. For hours, she would sit on the garden swing and secretly study the pictures illustrating the ancient text. She longed to be like the beautiful, sensual women who twisted their bodies into works of art; anything other than Philip’s Little girl who needed guidance, rules, and discipline demanded by high society.

It was easy for Jane to call him ‘Papa’. She had teasingly done so for years; but as an adult, she discovered that the term came with a price- bare bottom spankings for breaking his rules. And Jane made certain to break plenty! Her rebellion grew every time he left her alone in the cold, dark manor. Rebellion that turned to resentment.

But, neither knew that the words in the Kama Sutra had taken root in their hearts- Philip through the teachings of his friend, the Raja; and Jane, through the stolen moments with her book. When he returned from latest trip to India, Jane found the confidence to express her needs. The cries of her heart were heard and, on that fateful night, Philip’s Little Janie was (temporarily) transformed into his Lady Jane.

But Jane had a secret. One she was afraid would repel Philip and make him change his mind about making her his wife. She found new friends within the Palace walls of the Raja and his family, and they helped her accept her secret with pride. She learned quickly that as much as Little Janie was loved by ‘Papa’, Lady Jane was the center of his heart and the desire of his body. She also discovered that as painful as his loving discipline was, the sexual satisfaction was even greater. Like the positions on the Kama Sutra, nothing was left for the imagination.


“Philip, I am eighteen years old, remember? I am not a child.”

Philip placed both hands on either side of her face. “To part of me, you will always be a child. I dearly loved that time in our lives. I have missed what we shared back then.”

“I do too,” Jane lowered her eyes.

Philip pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “I want to try something. For us. Do you trust me?”

“Foolishly, I do.”

“Thank you. I will be bold because I know no other way of saying this. I wish you to continue to call me ‘Papa’ when we are in private. Would that be difficult for you?”

“No. I have been calling you ‘Papa’ since I was twelve,” Jane shrugged.

“Good. I also do not want to see any more of this unless a social situation demands it.” He gestured to her gown. “I would like you to dress so that you can run and ride horses as you did years ago. I don’t just want to teach you,” he said, resting his hands on her shoulders and gently rubbing her jawline with his thumbs. “I want to nurture your innocence and perhaps give you back some time that my fear and pride stole from your life. I want to return some of your childhood to you, if I can. I also want to rediscover the man apart from the marquis.”


Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I am totally intrigued. From little girl to Lady with a naughty little secret about the book she’s been admiring. I can only imagine the naught scenes in this story. ☺
    Happy Thanksgiving Breanna, great excerpt. More please!

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