Playing A Little-Number 27!

Playing a Little is doing great! It is number 27 on hot new releases on Amazon and climbing! Thanks to everyone for your support! It is very much appreciated and we are so happy that the comments we are getting are so favorable. Please go on Amazon and leave a review. It really does help.

If you have not yet read it, you can download the first chapter for free to give it a spin.

Playing A Little

Bree is also number 67 on Amazons Most Populara Authors list. Way to go Bree!

Playing A Little…..Now Available!!



Formerly known as Role Play, the actual finished book with confirmed title is Playing A Little, and you can get it now on Amazon. It will also soon be available on Blushing Books as well as Barnes & Noble.

If you missed any of the posts about this book, here is the synopsis….


Camille LeCroix spent most of her young life playing a feisty child in one movie after another, yet she never really had a childhood of her own… until at the age of nineteen a world-renowned director offered her a unique role.

His film would give her another chance to work alongside her childhood crush, the incredibly handsome, well-respected actor Erik Renault, but can she really bring herself to sign up for a part in which she is expected to accept being treated like a little girl? Can she submit to being stripped naked, bathed, and spanked on her bare bottom by a loving but firm daddy?

It doesn’t take Erik long to realize how badly Camille is in need of the love and nurturing he can provide, but he also knows he will have to break through her defiant exterior to bring out the sweet little girl inside. When Camille refuses to mind him, he is more than happy to show her what happens to bad girls, and she soon learns that a spanking is far from the most embarrassing punishment she will face when she is really naughty.

As time passes, though, both Camille and Erik realize that their growing feelings for one another are no act. Their bond grows deeper every day, but will it turn into something real and lasting or will it be just another Hollywood romance?

Publisher’s Note: Playing a Little is an erotic novel which includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, age play, elements of medical play and BDSM, and much more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Hope you check the first chapter for free out on Amazon. Its a fun book.


Saturday Spankings: Captured and Conquered

Saturday Spankings


This week we are happy to share that The Maze is set to be re-released as Captured and Conquered.  Captured and Conquered still has the same wonderful characters, clever plot, and don’t forget the steamy sex and spankings. Keep your eyes peeled for the re-release and if you haven’t already, give it a try.

Check out all the other yummy excerpts at Saturday Spankings Blog. Tons of great authors and snippets to choose from to fill your long holiday weekend!

The Maze

One man. Three beautiful women. In a world where the human population has exceeded its resources, only a select few are permitted to breed and continue the species. They earn this honor by competing in the Maze.

The prize is enormous: a winning male receives the woman he captures and conquers. For the Trained Ones, women bred for their beauty and intelligence, to win means freedom.

For the man to win, he must make a Trained One mutter three secret words to declare his win to the world, declare herself as his prize, and unlock the uncomfortable leather binding that prevents him from experiencing pleasure. To conquer his prize, he’ll need to make use of his strength, his cunning, and his firm hand applied to her bare bottom.

No one knows what waits for them inside of the maze, but everyone is watching.


Captured and Conquered

“I would advise you to be more appreciative right now. If you want to survive in that Maze, there are things you need to learn.” He set the crop aside and stroked her face gently with his hand.

“Why would you help me win?” Keeria sneered, jerking her face away from his hand. He kissed her shoulder, walking behind her.

“Your win is my win. The elders are very generous to the Trainer when one of our mares shows well,” he whispered into her neck, his hand making its way down to her naked bottom. His fingers slid between her cheeks and stroked the tiny, tight rosebud.

Saturday Spankings with Dare To Defy


Saturday Spankings

This week we are featuring Dare To Defy for Sat Spanks since it’s such a great book. Very hot and featured in USA Today. So check it out and get your very own copy at the usual places. Amazon, Blushing Books, Barnes & Noble, etc. Try the first chapter, guarantee you will be hooked!


After you read the excerpt, go to the Saturday Spankings Blog and check out the other great authors featured. So many hot stories to sample, you will need a cold shower!



“Your skin glows like a warm ember in this light, my love. You are beautiful to behold.”

Invisible gags made her ability to respond impossible. Daynel watched him approach her, his palms held inches from her skin. Without touching her body, she could almost feel the warmth of his hands upon her.  Was heat emanating from him or was that her imagination? Her nipples hardened and tingled under his gaze as he swept his palms slowly along the length of her body, still not touching. As he did this, the invisible hands made themselves busy with stroking beneath her, focusing on her buttocks and the delicate crease that protected her most private entryway. Daynel gasped as the sensation of a finger slid into her bottom hole.


Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble

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