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Saturday Spankings

Can you believe it’s August already?! Where did summer go? This week we’re sharing a small snippet from the latest work in progress. It’s still in the works but we’re hopeful this will breeze through the editing process and your wait for a spanking cowboy is short. We’re hoping you’ll love this Western as much as us. Stop by the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what all the other author’s have in the works.

Tentatively named: Over the Barrel

Meet Sloan and Blair…

Abandoned were the years of education in etiquette, poise and grace. In one fell swoop, she relinquished all propriety as she slapped Sloan across the face with all her strength.

“Do not ever touch me again!” Blair screamed.

Sloan’s eyes darkened and he slowly inhaled. “That was uncalled for, girl, you have now earned yourself a well-deserved spanking. It is time for you to learn yourself a lesson that won’t soon be forgotten”

His voice was low, gravely and tinged with a smoldering anger. Blair’s breath caught in her throat as, instead of reaching to stroke the red handprint on his cheek, he began to roll up his sleeves.


Stay tuned for updates and more snippets.

What’s your Spanko Number?


We were reminiscing about our past and current spanking experiences, especially after John’s latest posts on his first experiences. I found this fun little quiz that has a bunch of spanking related questions. You get one point for each thing you’ve done/participated in. Our numbers are:

Bree: 100

John: 96

What have you done?

1. Posted to a spanking newsgroup/bulletin board/mailing list?
2. Bought/downloaded spanking pictures?
3. Bought/downloaded spanking magazines or literature?
4. Been in a spanking chat room?
5. Bought spanking-related books in a real bookstore?
6. Written a spanking story?   Duh! spanking story? try40+!!
7. Looked up the word “spank” in the dictionary?
8. Bought/watched a spanking video?
9. Cyber-spanked someone or been cyber-spanked?
10. Watched someone else get spanked in real life?
11. Been to a fetish shop such as Kinematics or Stormy Leather?
12. Purchased toys specifically for spanking?
13. Made your own spanking toys?
14. Spent more than $100 on a single spanking toy?
15. Owned 10 or more spanking toys?
16. Had a spanking fantasy while masturbating?
17. Had a spanking fantasy about a real life spanking you’d seen/read about?
18. Had a spanking fantasy while having sex?
19. Spanked/been spanked while touching intimately?
20. Spanked/been spanked during sex?
21. Given/had an orgasm while spanking/being spanked?
22. Spanked/been spanked with no specifically sexual overtones whatsoever?
23. Spanked/been spanked on the bare bottom?
24. Spanked/been spanked for more than 10 minutes?
25. Spanked/been spanked for more than an hour?
26. Been involved in a situation where if something went wrong, the only means to stop the scene was a safe word?
27. Used your safe word/ had someone use their safe word?
28. Spanked/been spanked where there was no safe word?

Spanked/been spanked with:

29. A hand?
30. Paddle?
31. Hairbrush?
32. Ruler?
33. Spoon?
34. Cane?
35. Switch/birch?
36. Crop?
37. Belt/strap?
38. Flogger/whip?
39. Implement with holes?
40. Ordinary object not intended for spanking, such as a remote control or shoe?

Have you ever:

41. Broken a toy (over someone’s bottom) during spanking play?
42. Switched? (been spanked if you are primarily a top, or spanked someone if you are primarily a bottom)
43. Spanked/been spanked on the back of the thighs?
44. Spanked/been spanked on the front of/inside of the thighs?
45. Spanked/been spanked on the breasts/genitals?
46. Wet your/your partner’s bottom to make it sting more?
47. Spanked/been spanked outside?
48. Spanked/been spanked in a hotel?
49. Spanked/been spanked in a car?
50. Spanked/been spanked in a bath, shower or hot tub?
51. Made someone do something/been made to do something they/you did not want to do?
52. Punished someone/been punished for not doing something correctly or refusing to do something in a scene?
53. Punished someone/been punished for a real life issue?
54. Used spanking “talk”? (ie “You’ve been very naughty,” “I’ll be good.” etc.)
55. Been involved in the acting out of a roleplay fantasy?
56. Been involved in the acting out of an ageplay fantasy?
57. Asked for/been asked for a spanking?
58. Made someone/been made to count the spanks?
59. Made someone stand/stood in the corner?
60. Made someone stand/stood in the corner for more than 5 minutes?
61. Been provoked/provoked someone into spanking you by acting like a brat?
62. Deliberately disobeyed/had someone deliberately disobey, in order to get spanked?
63. Kept a list of “infractions” to spank/be spanked for later?
64. Spanked yourself?
65. Spanked yourself at the instruction of someone else/instructed someone to spank him/herself?
66. Required someone to/been required to call someone Sir/Ma’am, Master/Mistress, Mommy/Daddy, some-other-variation during spanking play?
67. Met someone specifically for spanking play?
68. Traveled more than 100 miles to spank/be spanked?
69. Placed/answered a spanking personal?
70. Gone to a play party or club?
71. Participated in play with someone at a play party or club?
72. Spanked/been spanked by someone whose name you didn’t know?
73. Paid or been paid to spank someone?
74. Been involved in a spanking scene with more than one person at a time?
75. Spanked/been spanked by both men and women? (not necessarily at the same time)
76. Spanked/been spanked on a spanking horse or some other piece of furniture specifically designed for spanking?
77. Made videotapes of your spanking play?
78. Taken pictures of/had your partner take pictures of you during or after spanking play?
79. Admired your/your partner’s bottom in the mirror after a spanking?
80. Spanked someone/been spanked nude?
81. Bought new underwear specifically for spanking play?
82. Worn fetish clothing (schoolgirl outfit, leather, etc?)
83. Worn fetish clothing in public?
84. Spanked/been spanked so that the spankee had trouble sitting afterward?
85. Spanked/been spanked so that the spankee had trouble sitting the next day?
86. Spanked/been spanked so there were marks/bruises showing?
87. Spanked/been spanked so there were marks/bruises showing for more than a day?
88. Had to explain your marks to a vanilla person?

Been involved with any of the following in connection with spanking play?

89. Restraint (ie. holding someone down, trapping their legs, etc.)
90. Restraint with ropes, cuffs, scarves or other bondage toys?
91. Blindfolds?
92. Gags?
93. Nipple clamps/clothespins?
94. Icy hot or some other heat-enhancing cream?
95. Ginger root or some other burning/stinging substance inserted anally?
96. A butt plug, dildo or vibrator?
97. Mouthsoaping?
98. Enemas?
99. Temperature taking?
100. Cried/made someone cry from a spanking?

Now we’re curious…what’s your number?

Spanks Speak Louder than Words


Hello lovelies, miss me?

Do spanks really speak louder than words? Let’s examine.

A lot of subs never feel truly punished unless they are scolded before or during a session. I don’t do this a lot, unless the miscreant has done something really bad, ex. smoking, speeding, texting while driving etc.

I have found that being scolded bb in the corner can have a very strong impact (yes pun intended). Although that comes later, I have had subs cry just from a scolding. A lot of subs are obedient for two reasons: the obvious, to avoid a painful spanking but also because they do not want to disappoint their Dom. I know if I tell a sub she disappointed me, it can be just as effective, or maybe more so, than a hard spanking.

Now for the one two spank (I never punch, lol) scolding and a spanking. This works well both while the sub is bb in the corner and/or between spanks. Some subs get the message just from scolding, some from a spanking, but all subs get the message from both. I am sure some of you have experienced this. I, myself, am working on the scolding thing more. I tend to get down to the task at hand (I know, pun master on deck, lol). I do realize different subs need this in D/s. S/m not so much, as that’s a whole other dynamic.

So what do you all think? Do you have a preference? Have you experienced both ways? Was it good/ bad/just ok? Do you feel you need both to feel truly punished?

Subs must feel truly punished for misbehaving or they tend to carry the guilt around and that is not good. And let’s face it, if you have to endure the embarrassment of a bb spanking/scolding but it does not go far enough your frustration level will be through the roof. We Doms do not want that, we want you to feel the punishment was just and effective. And also done well enough to let go of the guilt after whether you need just a spanking, or just a scolding (although that’s not going to work most times by itself, lol) or a combo of the two. Remember, Doms love subbies.

Be good, or else…


If Fifty Shades Were Written By A Man…



Okay, do any of you remember Serena in Serendipity Ranch commenting that men had the IQ of Lint? Okay, that was a little far-fetched, but us gals know that they don’t quite communicate the same way we do.  I love men, but let’s face it- no matter how smart they might be, they tend to take things WAY too literally.  So here goes!  Guys? You gotta laugh because this IS pretty darn funny.


If Fifty Shades Of Grey Was Written By A Man

  1. At the touch of her lips, it grew long and swollen. I sighed as she squeezed and pulled expertly. It was the best balloon giraffe I’d seen,
  2. Staring at her naked body, I asked what she wanted. She told me to go for something between a smack and a stroke. So I went for a smoke.
  3. ‘How do you feel about using toys in the bedroom?’ she asked. ‘Fine,’ I said, ‘But I can’t see how we’re going to fit a Scalextric in here.’
  4. Her body tensed and quivered as she felt wave after wave flow through it. I probably should’ve told her about the new electric fence.
  5. As I lay there on the floor, my naked body covered in treacle and whipped cream, I heard those inevitable words . . . ‘Clean up on aisle 3.
  6. ‘Are you ready to be tortured in a way only a woman can torture a man?’ she asked. I nodded nervously. ‘OK’ she said and ate half my chips.
  7. Frantically I tore off her dress, bra and knickers. My heart was racing but I just managed to close the wardrobe door before she got home.
  8. She leaned over the kitchen table. ‘Smack that bottom,’ she squealed, ‘Smack it hard!’ ‘I am,’ I said, ‘But the ketchup just won’t come out.’
  9. She wanted to try phone sex so I pretended to be an IT support guy. It turned her on. Then it turned her off. Then it turned her on again.
  10. They asked me to smear their naked bodies with the produce from my herb garden but I just couldn’t do it. Too many women, not enough thyme.
  11. ‘I’m your slave,’ she said breathlessly, ‘Make me feel completely helpless and worthless.’ So I locked her in the shed and went to the pub.
  12. Her body trembled and shook.’I can’t wait any longer, do it now!’ she cried. ‘OK,’ I said and got the winter duvet from the airing cupboard.
  13. ‘Harder!’ she cried, gripping the workbench even tighter, ‘Harder!’ ‘Alright,’ I said, ‘What’s the gross national product of Nicaragua?’
  14. ‘Hurt me!’ she cried, pressing her body up against the shed wall. ‘Alright,’ I said. ‘You’re a terrible cook and I fancy your sister.’
  15. ‘Stick it right up there,’ she said, ‘I want to remember this!’ I did, then I patted it firmly. You can’t be too careful with Post-it notes.
  16. My tongue flicked in and out, in and out, faster and faster until she was completely helpless. No woman can resist a good lizard impression
  17. ‘I’m a bad girl,’ she whispered, ‘Punish me in a way only a real man can!’ ‘Alright,’ I said and left my wet towels on the bathroom floor
  18. ‘I want it now against this wall!’ she ordered, ‘And keep it up as long as possible.’ ‘Don’t worry,’ I said, ‘I know how to put up a shelf.’
  19. As we sat in the dark restaurant, she stroked my thigh and said ‘I want to see your hardness.’ ‘Alright,’ I replied, and punched the waiter.
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