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Saturday Spankings

As everyone enjoys the last weekend in June we thought we’d bring you a brand new book that’s recently been sent to the editor and sure to be on it’s way to your Kindle in the next month. Since it’s still a work in progress we do not have an official blurb or cover but we think you’ll enjoy this little snippet nonetheless. Be sure to stop by the other amazing authors sharing on the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what they’re up to.

A Journey to Submission

A Journey to Submission follows Piper as she sets out to make a life for herself in a new city. There she meets Jeoff and a whole new world is opened. Follow her as she learns just what submission is and where she fits into Jeoff’s world and the world of D/s.

cn_image_3.size.WA-OR-columbia-gorge-Lost-Lake-CR PeterMarbach

This scene comes during the beginning of Jeoff’s discussion of Piper’s unsafe driving habits.

“No, I won’t stop it.  You know me well enough to have expected this reaction. How fast were you going?”

Piper looked out the window to avoid his answer. She chomped on her donut as she tried to ignore him.

“Piper Rose Hilliard,” Jeoff growled, “unless you want to find your bottom sprawled across my knee right here and now, in the middle of this parking lot where anyone can walk by and see you, you will answer me. You should know that I am not concerned about being caught paddling you, either. I repeat, how fast were you going?”


Stay tuned for snippets and updates

The More You Know…

OK lovelies, this is a bit of a different post than I usually do, but its cool because I get to brag. No not about myself, that’s for all of you to do! lol But I digress.

As you all know, I am married to the famous Breanna Hayse. And you all know how awesome she is. However, I bet you did not know this, Bree had her first flogging lesson the other day. Now she is not a novice, and has quite a bit of experience as a Domme. She had training as a Domme way before I met her, and made her my submissive. Since she is a switch, no, not with me so stop the wheels turning,  she has dommed men and women in the past.

Recently, she has decided to up her game, so to speak. She has started taking lessons from a Dom named Papa Tony. He is very well know in the D/s & BDSM community. He has a ton of skill, and has taken her on as his pupil. He told me after her lesson she was really gifted and really impressed him. Not an easy thing to do to a Dom. I am so proud of her. I knew she would excel, but still its really cool to hear that from an unbiased person. Especially someone of Papa Tony’s reputation.

Now this is not just a post for me to brag about my significant other, but it’s also about something else. As subs, you all must work on your behaviors all the time. Some more than others, and you all know who you are. But, and I hope you are all sitting down, or leaning! lol But, Doms need to work on things also.

You see, I can draw an analogy between Domming and music and its simple. The more you know the more you find you don’t know. There are always new techniques, and always someone better or more knowledgeable. A Dom must grow just as a submissive grows. Different goals, but growth just the same.

Now Doms have a lot of pride. Yes I know, spoiler alert!!!! I would like to think I have all the skills to teach Bree anything she wants to know about D/s or S&M, etc. But I do not. I do not have the skills Papa Tony has, so that’s why he is teaching her. She wants to grow, and he has the skills to take her where she wants to go. I also am not ashamed to say I will be asking Bree to show me some stuff, as her skill set is better than mine with certain flogging techniques. So I need to grow as well.

There are some new things I want to learn.  Just because I am a Dom, and just because I have a lot of experience, does not mean I know everything. Far from it. And just because Bree is my submissive, does not mean she cannot show me something she has more skill at. So do not think Doms just sit back and do nothing but torture poor little subbies. OK, that’s true sometimes, OK a lot of the time! But that’s beside the point. The point is Doms have to work on stuff too. Not just for our own skill level, but because it can increase our submissive’s enjoyment, yes I said enjoyment.

It is not always about punishment, little subbies, there is a sensual world of D/s and  S&M, which is kinda what flogging falls under. So just remember, Doms have to work at stuff too. We  just have no consequences if we fail to practice! Good to be the Dom!

Be good or else…


Serendipity Ranch #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings


It’s a busy weekend full of writing and editing in the Hayse household. A brand new book has just headed to the publisher with another under way. Be sure to be on the look out for teasers and other information as it makes its way through the editing and publishing process. If you’re looking to get your more spanks in this weekend don’t forget to check out all the other wonderful authors at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Serendipity Ranch

Local architect Serendipity Nicole Mitchell has the gumption to go head to head with Wyoming rancher and millionaire, Preston Riley, who has hired her to construct his new home… based on a design provided by his ten year old niece. Serena has her opinions—about the design, the livestock, and her new employer.

Needless to say, she does not hesitate to make her opinions known. Preston’s an old hand in dealing with unruly creatures, so it does not take long for him to follow one of his infamous ‘hunches’ and corral the stubborn little filly. Preston is determined to teach Serena that he means business—especially when both business and pleasure are concerned.

Serendipity Ranch


This scene comes right after Serena calls Preston a Penisaurus Rex.

“You know I hate being spanked! It’s humiliating.”

“That’s the point,” Preston said, resting his hand against her bottom. “Maybe after a good spanking, you’ll decide to watch how you speak to me, huh? I told you to stop mouthing off,” he said, giving her a hard Pop! and sending her hands flying back to protect herself. “That’s not where your hands are supposed to be, young lady,” he scolded, popping her thigh.

“OW! I’m sorry,” Serena shrieked, hesitating to mover her hands away.



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Yes, No, Green, Red…


Hello lovelies, lets talk about something that is sure to come up if you ever do a session, safe words. Now as you all know, I advise you to have one, but there is a catch here. A lot of you have the fantasy of misbehaving and being forced to submit to a bb spanking right? Of course that’s right, you are subbies after all. The problem with having a safe word is, you do not get the true Dom experience, because you can stop things, or slow them down when it gets too painful. There is a fine line for me on the subject.

Personally, I only did sessions with women that needed behavior modification or had a lot of guilt for real offences and needed to atone. I made it clear to them I did not allow safe words in real punishment sessions. Most understood and agreed. Some said they felt it was too big of a chance to take with a stranger and declined. I totally understood that. You need to gauge this carefully. You want to be dommed and pushed past your limits, but you want a safety net too, that’s tough. I would still advise you to insist on a safe word for a first meeting,  because I would not want to tell you otherwise and then something happen to you that was unpleasant, especially the first time. Just know what you will probably get out of such a session is probably not what you are fantasizing about. After all, a lot of your fantasies involve someone taking control, and with a safe word this does not happen.

So what I am saying is if you do a session with a safe word, do not be disappointed if it does not satisfy you as you had hoped it would. Until you are truly disciplined and your tears and cries for mercy ignored, you will not know what the real deal is. Of course after care should be practiced, safe words or not. I am just saying in the real world of D/s, the Dom decides the punishment, the severity, what’s used, how long it lasts, etc. You have no say what so ever when you are going to be punished.

A safe word is sounding pretty good now huh? Well, like I said, you may save your bottom some pain, but deny your fantasy and still have guilt from your misbehavior. I just want you to know what you all are getting into if you decide to session with safe words. It is safer, I agree, but it also deprives you of the real deal so be smart. Make your choice wisely. You should communicate with a potential Dom for weeks, maybe months before any meeting is set up.  Hopefully by doing this,he will show you he can be trusted. I want you all to enjoy a D/s session experience, if that is your desire, just understand there is a lot more to it than just a simple spanking. Just make sure you know him very well, and he knows you.

Be careful and be good or else!


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