13e4e36dd13b62c4757a0826b7d6a65dHello lovelies,

I was thinking I need to make something clear to you all. For those of you who are in a D/s relationship, this will not be news, but for those of you thinking about entering into a D/s relationship it can be a valuable post. As I have told you, a relationship with D/s as its foundation is the best dynamic you can have.

Is a Dom supportive? Yes

Faithful? Yes

Fair? Yes, although many subs would disagree.

Loving? Yes

Caring? Yes

Sounds pretty good right? What a D/s relationship is not, is a democracy. Now you are thinking, wait a minute this was sounding great but what does this mean?

Speaking for myself, a submissive that I train must be strong willed and have her own opinions, in vanilla things that is. It’s ok if she disagrees with me even, and sometimes the outer fringes of D/s she can but, when it comes to being accountable, or what type of punishment is needed, how hard, which implements etc. there is no vote. There is one voice and one decision maker, the Dom.

You see, when you enter into a D/s dynamic one of the things you are asking the Dom to help you with is altering bad habits. To do this he must hold you accountable to his standards and rules, not yours. The Dom’s way of looking at your behaviors is all that matters, as I said, not a democracy. One alpha, one decision maker. Now before you start yelling about how no man is going to control me etc. stop and think.

You want a strong Dom right?

One you cannot manipulate right?

One that is fair but strict right?

One that will hold you accountable for bad behaviors right?

One that can control you right?

Ta da!! I rest my case. The Dom sets the boundaries in the beginning. When you, as a sub, accept this you are trusting that he knows what’s best for you and, will not be deterred in applying the proper motivation, if needed, to get you to behave. This is the reality of the dynamic. This is why you must trust your Dom totally. After all, you did tell him you needed help, or he surmised it and you agreed. Either way, once you are in, you are in for the whole deal.

Another, lighter, aspect of this not being a democracy is that when you agree to enter into this dynamic your Dom owns your bottom. Relax, you are not in a dungeon or locked in a cage waiting for your Dom’s entrance, although some of you may like that, lol. What I mean is, I think I speak for most Dom’s when I tell you all, the sexiest sight ever is a female red bb. Bree is spanked a lot, not for punishment but she knows the deal. I own her spankable bottom, so whenever I want to see it red she has to comply. It’s always best when she does, as arguing or hesitating can make what was going to be a pleasant warm bottom, a very uncomfortable hot one.

Reality, for some of you might sound pretty good after all. Just thought I would write a bit about this for you all. It is indeed a two sided coin and all subbies live with that love/hate thing, just the way it is. Love it or hate it, or both right?

Be good, or else…


On the Way Home

Bree is on her way home! After almost 2 weeks away she’s en route to me. I’m glad she had a great time at the conference and with friends but I’m definitely excited that she’ll be home. I’m sure there will be more to come later in the week but I’m a little preoccupied at the moment.

I can kind of picture the reunion going a little something like this…


Jade skirted around the table. “I am avoiding you. I changed my mind about being spanked.”

“That is not for you to decide, little girl. Come here,” Griffon said, as he stepped back and pointed to the floor.


“You can mind me, get your spanking and then have me make love to you—or,” he crossed his arms. “You can disobey me, get a paddling, and spend time in the corner. Which is it?”

“That’s not fair!” Jade stomped her foot.

Griffon suppressed a smile. “I’m the Dom; it’s not going to be fair.”

“Can’t you just make love to me?” Jade blinked at him with sparkling emerald green eyes.

“I certainly could, but I won’t. Now, bring that bottom to me and put it across my knees, where it belongs.”

“I don’t wanna,” Jade pouted, slowly circling the table to stand in front of him.

“You have forgotten so much of what I taught you about obedience, haven’t you, little girl?”

“No, I just don’t want to feel pain right now. I want you to make nice,” she said, her lower lip sticking out prettily.

He kissed it. “I will make nice. After we finish our business. He pulled her easily over his lap and raised his right knee slightly, to lift her bottom high in the air. In the future, there will be consequences for hesitating.”

“You’re mean,” Jade grumbled.

Griffon stroked the material over her deliciously-rounded rump. “I suspect that will be one of your mantras. No matter. This is mine, and I intend to enjoy it as frequently as possible.”

Jade yelped as his hand splatted firmly against her cloth-covered mounds. He resumed rubbing the area as he lectured.

“I have waited an awfully long time to touch this bottom again. I am glad to see that you have not returned to your old habits. Maybe the spankings I gave you taught you something.”

“Ow! Not so hard! OWWW!” Jade wriggled. “That hurts, Griff. It’s not fun.”

“I am not spanking you for fun, baby. I am spanking you to ensure you remember who is the boss and why.”

“Yeow!!” she shrieked, raising her right leg as his hand fell solidly again. “Since when are you the boss? Just because you are bigger than me … OWIE!”

“Must you always talk back? Tsk, tsk, I think this dress needs to come off.”

“Noooo,” Jade whined, as Griffon pulled the flimsy sundress over her head and let it puddle to the floor

Naked and Defiant


Barnes & Noble

Blushing Books

Aftercare #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

Happy Saturday everybody! We have good news for all the fans of the General’s Daughter series. Book four will be released within the next couple of weeks. The timeline for it’s release is always a little up in the air because it can be read over on Bethany’s Woodshed prior to its release but we thank you for your patience and of course your interest. You’ll be the first (maybe second, lol) to know when it’s published and up for grabs. In the mean time be sure to visit the Saturday Spankings Blog for your spanking fix.

General’s Daughter Book 4: Aftercare

Catch up with the Quimby family in the fourth installment of the General’s Daughter series.


“Open this door this minute, Samantha Anne!” Dr. Quimby ordered, pounding on the locked door. She slowly obeyed, returning to the edge of her bed as he slammed the door behind him. “You know better than that,” he said quietly.
“I was trying to make it real,” she whispered, biting her lip.
He sat down, “Yes, but now you forced me to have to make it real as well. Over my lap, right now. I don’t care what’s going on, you will not swear at us like that, for any reason..”
“I’m sorry, Daddy. OOOWWWW!” she yelped as his hand quickly found its way across her bottom.

Far From the Long Arm of the Dom!





Hi, Y’all!

Ahhh, peace at last. I’ll be home in another five days, so I intend to enjoy this time– WRITING!

Got a bunch of things to share with you! The Blushing Author Workshop was incredible! Not only did we learn a whole lot of new, nifty things, but the people who attended were AMAZING!  I will honestly say that I walked away with a boat-load of new friends, fresh ideas, and a greater love of the people I work for, and with! As before, Bethany’s love and generosity blew me away.  This is truly my family- and a home away from home. Get the tissues out because when I leave this time, Sob City!

And no, I did not get into any more trouble than I usually am in. Jim Burke has a forest filled with birch trees… and permission from John.  This girl ain’t no dummy!

I particularly want to publically thank three very special people in my life whose love and care have allowed me to focus on my work:

First, of course, is my wonderful husband.  John writes more blog posts that I ever could; he spends hours each day answering emails from people and mentoring, and provides so much emotional and physical support to me that I can’t even begin to describe. Not having him here to bring me my morning coffee is truly missed!  I am so proud of him- he just finished his first book, too.  So John, thank you, my love.  For being you. I miss you soooo badly!

These next two ladies are my best friends and my greatest allies: Isabella and Lily. They are my bookends- keeping me from falling over when the earthquakes of life rattle my world.  When you hear me say “I have people for that”, well, these gals are my people. Lily runs my life- no joking. Without her expertise in social media and organization skillz, I would be lost.  She also provides comic relief when I start going cray cray, and brings me back to reality.  Isa, my princess, is my rudder. She know the perfect thing to say to keep me grounded in the present world.  She, too, makes me laugh when I need to, and has been ‘my precious’.  What blesses me even more is the relationship those two share with each other- with NO drama!  I am sure each of you can relate about how exhausting that is, and I never get it from either of them!  I am one lucky woman to have them in my life and can’t express enough my love for them.

My AMP girls are amazing! We are coming close to ending the first program and they have been working so hard to grow in their art! I am so proud of them. They will tell you that what we do, as writers, is tough. I have pulled them through the ringer to give them a head’s up about this world, and hopefully prepared them for when they are ready to take the step and give it a go.  There is only one thing I cannot prepare them for- that is the, um, unstable people that we sometimes encounter in this genre.

I do my best to answer every legitimate email personally that comes my way (given that I am provided with a legit return email address). Recently, John and I have been pursued by an individual who is on a seek and destroy mission.  She contacted us initially with the intent to meet up as a swinger (we do not do that) and we politely refused her invitation but offered assistance in  helping her find couples who were interested in that type of lifestyle. Although every one of her emails have been answered (except for the one making a twitter like statement), and a response to her comment about us not returning her email was posted on the blog, she has now upped her crazy with threats and nasty comments about us and our readers.  Hence, we have had to enforce moderation of this blog. I am so sorry- but all of you know that all it takes is one unstable person to sour things for others.  You, my readers, deserve the best that I can give you and I am doing my best to deliver that, in both my books and in my personal interaction with each of you.

I want to thank you all for your love and support, and am so very grateful that I have been blessed with an audience of intelligent, loving, and down to earth fans who love my fantasies (and realities) as much as I do.  To each of you- I am sending a Bree-Hug.  God Bless You!

With all My Love,




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