Memorial Day Weekend #SatSpanks

Before we dive into the spankings here and on all the other author sites over at Saturday Spankings Blog, everyone in the Hayse house would like to express a heartfelt thank you to every veteran, active duty soldier and individual in military uniform. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. 

Naked and Defiant

Naked and Defiant follows Griffon Badger, CEO of Badger-Clark Industries, and Jade Brockton, daughter of a powerful businessman, as they each discover themselves and their happiness. Griffon, recovering from his divorce, and Jade, caught in a dangerous situation, meet near the Tonga Islands. Their unfortunate circumstances force them to work together, sometimes with a little extra motivation applied to Jade’s backside.

Naked and Defiant

This scene is a continuation of the one featured on last week’s Saturday Spanks.

“You also need pain…physical pain…to make you feel alive.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she stuttered, backing away.

“When this mess is over, promise me that you will find a man who can fulfill these needs.  A true dominant who can take you to the very edge of reality and bring out the best in you.  You have something to offer the world.  Please promise me that you will find someone who can help you reach your potential.”

“I thought I found that someone, Griffon. The problem was,”she turned towards the path, “he was too caught up in the past to see what he could have in the present. I’ll be back.”


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Rebuttal-Safety Warnings…


Hi Ya’ll,

John and I are getting quite a bit of flack regarding sending out the warning about this guy, who knowingly violated the personal space of two women. They don’t like us calling him a predator, although his actions are repetitive and known to occur because ‘that’s how he is’. They don’t like us calling him a molester- even though he touches/kisses personal areas without asking. They don’t like us giving a name, description or setting forth a warning.  My question, what if it was you who is the next victim of his ‘admiration’?

I wanted to share my response regarding the request to remove the information we have given…I have altered  names to protect the victims, but otherwise, it is unchanged.  Here goes…

I stand by my choice that the fact these people KNOW how he is (quoting the victim) and to still allow this behavior to continue indicates an ongoing practice of ‘poor judgment’ that is either ignored, unaddressed, or viewed as nonessential.  I cannot wait, in good conscience, for someone to be injured before a warning goes out about this. As you know, the fight or flight mechanism does not strike everyone at the time of an event, and these leaves the victims assuming the responsibility for something the top should have respected and honored- or at least asked.  He did not do so. He assumed and took advantage of VICTIM in a vulnerable position. Morally and ethically, what he did was wrong and he does it to others.

I know he pays for play. If the concern that he will be shut down, thus loosing revenue for women he hires, takes precedence in determining the allowance of him continuing with such as activity at open parties, then there is a conflict of interest that clearly favors those who are concerned about income rather than the safety of others.

Why must someone get hurt before something is done to stop it, especially in the case where he is known to repeat these activities?  I have a duty to my readers to protect them from anyone who might cause them harm. All it takes is one– the wrong one– and all this fun everyone is having can be shut down. I don’t wish that anymore than you, so I need to do what I can to protect those girls who don’t know any better or think it will never happen to them. I don’t care about his reputation (it is already questionable from what I am told), nor do I care about his paid play partners and their incomes. He needs to stay in that mode. I care about the little girl who he touches and it sends her into a panic.  I care about the ones out there who don’t know what to expect, thinking that because he is old, he is going to be respectful and not take advantage of them. I care about the victims of molestation who blame themselves for something another person did to them and who were too scared and confused to do anything about it.

I’ve worked raped and molestation cases. Cases were the victim was found to be at FAULT because she dressed in a way that invited the criminal to hurt her.  I have personally witnessed men being let loose because the victim was too scared to say no- date rape cases are notorious for that.. The person who is hurt is the victim and it is something she has to live with, shamefully and with regret, for the rest of her life.

I was one of these, fyi. I was gang banged by my ex-husband and his buddies, and there was NOTHING I could do about it because I did not say no. Fear silences you. I will NOT turn a blind eye to anyone, especially MY GIRL, who are victims of even a dirty old man who invades their personal space.

Final word, the fact that THE VICTIMS had to bring this to the attention of the party organizer; the fact that this guy has a reputation of violating personal space and is still allowed to participate in these parties; and the fact that my GIRL is being left to feel she is at fault for something he chose to do, indicates that this is a significant issue that cannot go ignored. I have done what I can do to protect the people who look to me for advice, my readers.  Maybe one girl can be saved and that will be fine by me.

Some of you might not agree with the stand I am taking. I just pray that you aren’t the next one across his lap who would be hurt by unwanted attention.  Please, my darlings, take care of yourselves and be careful. Mama Bear loves you and God help anyone who hurts one of my babies.


CAUTION…Safety at Play Parties


Ok lovelies I have something very important I need to talk to you about…safety at play parties. What happens when you find yourself in an uncomfortable and unsafe situation at a play party? What do you do and how do you handle it?

It goes without saying that I never want this to happen to any of you, but just in case this is good information to have. First off let’s get something straight; no matter what you wear, how you act, what you say or anything of the sort; this does not give anybody Dom/Top, Male or Female any right to force themselves on you. Personally, I question the way a lot of females dress, it just shows poor judgment in my opinion but, it’s not an invite for any scumbag that thinks “you are asking for it.” When a male invades your space it is wrong, end of story. There are no grey areas (major points to me for not saying shades of grey, too easy).

So what do you do? First off, you get your limits settled before anything. What you are okay with happening and what you are not. You also establish a safe word. For me, this is the absolute best way of telling someone to STOP immediately.

Ok so let’s say you want to keep your panties up during a spanking, that’s your right. Let’s say this jerk yanks them down. You say your safe word immediately. When he stops you go straight to whoever is in charge and report it. If this guy is not ejected immediately then you are in an unsafe environment and you need to leave. Make sure you have the name of who was in charge and the jerk that broke the rules. I suggest later posting them for as many subbies as you can think of.

So what if he does not stop when you yell a safe word? Any Dom within earshot should intervene. Once the incident is over you should then report it. If you stay at the party, tell as many subbies as you can and point this guy out so he does not try that again. If this or any of your limits are breached, it unfortunately does happen, BUT it’s not your fault. No matter what, you are never to feel obligated to do anything that does not feel right to you…Ever.

My girl was sexually molested, that’s a fact. Though the Dom in charge did not know about it at the time, when he was made aware he did nothing. A warning was issued and nothing more. In my opinion that situation is and remains unsafe when a wanna-be-Dom, that does not care about protecting subbies, remains at the party.

With all that being said, here is some important information for any of you that attend play parties. The predator calls himself Ben, but he could go by others. He is around 70 years old and has short grey hair. He is short in stature, around 5’5” or 5’6”. He is known to frequent large spanking parties throughout the US and also small private ones. If he sounds familiar to any of you please pass this on to your sister subbies. It’s our responsibility to protect each other.

Be Safe!


Naked and Defiant on the Way #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-spring rose paddles-pink

We’ve had a very exciting week after the great kick off to the Darkness Series. The only thing that could make us more excited is announcing that another Breanna Hayse book is mere weeks away. We’re happy to share that Naked and Defiant is nearing the end of the editing stage and should be ready for purchase within the next two weeks!  There are going to be a lot of great snippets this week so head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog and get your spank on.

Naked and Defiant

Naked and Defiant follows Griffon Badger, CEO of Badger-Clark Industries, and Jade Brockton, daughter of a powerful businessman, as they each discover themselves and their happiness. Griffon, recovering from his divorce, and Jade, caught in a dangerous situation, meet near the Tonga Islands. Their unfortunate circumstances force them to work together, sometimes with a little extra motivation applied to Jade’s backside.

Naked and Defiant

This particular scene comes after Griffon and Jade had a disagreement of sorts.

“Why are you laughing at me?”

“I just love to see you get bent out of shape so easily. You’re beautiful when you’re angry.”

“Then I am going to win Miss Universe because I am really getting annoyed with you. How could you even think I would allow you to spank me again after all you said?”

“Because Jade,” he leaned into her, “it is part of you now.  You will never go back to the vanilla way of thinking. You need discipline to make you feel whole.”


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