Brat Pack Shenanigans Part 1: Don’t hide your Doms implements…



So Mama has asked us to write about some of our “brat pack” shenanigans as I am sometimes….I will stress…SOMETIMES….the instigator for them (hehe sorry Papa) I thought I would share some stories 🙂 I will preface this that I DO call Bree Mama and SJ Papa….that is who they are to me; and Nik and Isabella are my sisters….Nik, Isa and I tend to umm get into unforseen situations…so here goes:

On our most recent trip to celebrate the Hayse family Christmas, we found out new implements had been bought (see Papa’s recent post with pictures of said monstrosities)…the one we shall address is the “dana paddle” as we call it or, if you prefer, holyhellmotherofallevil paddle….both work 🙂

To say the dana paddle is a furniture climbing implement is an understatement….What is a furniture climbing implement you ask?…Well, it’s one that is SO evil, it WILL make you climb and leap furniture to get away…Unfortunately Papa WILL catch you, and considering he can pick us up with one hand…eh…climbing doesn’t always work.

So that night, after we’d had our introduction to the evil dana…Nik, Isa and I had a slumber party in the family room….Giggling and talking away like we always do…when all of a sudden Nik says:

Nik: *whispers…loudly* did Daddy leave the dana on the couch?!
Me and Isa: *sit straight up…whisper even louder* where??!
Nik: *pointing fearfully at the end of the couch* um…there
Isa: No way!
Me: think he’d notice burnt rubber in the fireplace?
*all 3 of us giggle loudly*
Me: *after the laughing fit* no…seriously…
Isa: Piper no.
Nik: Piper NO!!
Me: ohhh I’m doing it….ok maybe I won’t burn…but I’m hiding it…
Isa: Piper, hell no!
Nik: Piper.. think for a second…
Me: Too late to go back now!! *as im holding the dreaded dana…looking around for a hiding spot*
Me: Ok if we kinda push it off where papa left it anyway, AND he happens to look for it…he’ll think it fell and jeeze. ..HE’S the one that left it out…he KNOWS we hate this thing. …it’s like required by law we hide it!!! (Nik here, that was totally my idea, Piper was gonna just throw it behind the sofa).
Nik: wha wha?
Isa: wurrdd
Me: *proceed to push it…hard….behind the couch*…serves it right!
All three of us start giggling/laughing/snorting maniacally when all of a sudden we hear their bedroom door open and footsteps….all three of us freeze like deer in the headlights then scramble to get back in bed, while grabbing our phones to pretend we’re doing something. ..and here comes Papa….and all we could think?  …we’re dead…he knows we hid it…I’m blaming Isabella…lol So as we all pretend…badly…since I think I had my phone upside down… to be doing something…we hear Papa say:

Papa: Since you girls are so wide awake and laughing this loud…It made me realize I forgot bedtime spankings.

Instead of the usual groan…he got…ok! By all three of us because of the relief of NOT getting caught. So…how does this story end? When Isabella and I left after the vacation, and went home…she sent a message from the airport where we hid it….next trip she’s getting paybacks 🙂

Nik here, yea Isa  folded and told Daddy we hid the paddle. Of course he asked me about it and if I was aware that it was hidden (because even though Isa told Daddy, she didn’t rat Piper and I out, she said SHE hid it. BUT, he knew better. I had to confess at that point and get the paddle and give it to him. Which was the beginning of 7 nights of the dana. Which was totally not worth it. Well, actually maybe it was cause we all three had punishment spankings coming and with the dana out of the picture, we were saved from its evilness… But the week of the dana after was no walk in the park.

**Stay tuned for our next story which involves…sneaking out of the house at 2am…climbing trees and tire swings…and maybe a ghost 🙂

Love, Piper,Nik & Isa!

But…Fine! Whatever!!!!

Hello, my little subbies!
Have you missed me?

Okay, lets get right to it..What is up with the heading? I am so glad you asked!
There are three words Doms never want to hear a sub say-

Word #1: But (not to be confused with butt)
Dom: “Nik! Go to the corner,”
Nik: “But…”
Ding, ding, ding! Wrong and thanks for playing! Your reward is the Dana (for those of you who are not aware of the Wallop, Curse of Dana paddle, check this out.. It is a great self spanker, too. Just ask the girls!


The WALLOP is made with 1/2″ thick High Grade Heavy 3 ply Conveyor Belt with rubber on both sides. The total length including the handle is approximately 14″ long and the spanking surface is 4″ x 3″ with slightly beveled edges. Two 1/4″ Delrin rods connect the spanking surface to the handle. This gives the piece incredible flexibility and whipping action. With little effort you can really apply the sting and pain.
To respond using the word ‘but‘ is the attempt to engage in some sort of subbie weaseling or make excuses, and will only get you in deeper trouble.

Word #2: FINE!
Dom: “Because you had to talk back, you will also be grounded.”
Nik: “Fine!”
Uh oh… Ding, Ding, Ding! Wrong again!
So, for this little smart attitude, your darling bottom gets to meet Miss Dana and Mr. Cane!
To use this word to to end the conversation is just another way of telling your Dom to zip it. NOT a wise move, my dears.

Word#3: Whatever…
This word is bad news for a subbie bottom. Not only is it dismissive and rude, but very disrespectful. Someone I know (Nik) likes to combine the last two words. My, my….
So Miss Dana and Mr. Cane are joined, in love, by the heart paddle…

imageThe Heart Attack Paddle has an overall length of almost 14″. The red heart is approximately 4″ with two flexible Delrin rods holding it to the handle. The heart is made with High Density Polyethylene and features a textured matte surface with beveled edges.  OW!!!
Need I say what this word is equivalent to in the vanilla world? Oh, please feel free to use your imaginations… Because, yes… It is telling your Dom to essentially take a flying leap off a high cliff. And using “Fine, whatever” together… Tsk tsk. You obviously never valued your ability to sit.

So, my poor delusional darlings, I know that, in subbie land, you believe these are perfectly valid responses. They are not …not now.. Not ever.

Now, why would I take the time to tell you these things? It is simple. I truly do care about all of you and am trying to save you some painful consequences here ..
Ask yourself ..okay, so if we can’t talk back, what are we supposed to say?
WITHOUT rolling your eyes, say ‘yes sir’ or, if appropriate, ‘no sir.’
It boggles my mind that subbies fail to grasp this simple rule- no whining …no excuses and no dismissive comments. Bite your tongues! Trust me, quiet is your friend…
Bree always says she won’t have anything but a little stump left in her mouth (and she can be mouthy, trust me), but at least she is able to sit for dinner.

Ahh, I hear it now in subbie harmony
“But, it’s not fair! Okay, Fine! Whatever!!!!!

Try and be good,




Now that I got your attention….

OY! Sometimes a single word says it all, right? I am soooo sorry I have been absent for a bit.. Things have been majorly crazeeee in the Hayse House…

Before I migrate elsewhere, I wanted to give a warm and grateful thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and believed in my work.  Because of you, Skylar’s Guardians (released 1/21/14)  is STILL rated in the top twenties on Amazon! It has provoked a lot of attention from both lovers, and haters, of the genre.  Gotta love the haters reviews.. Especially the ones that start out with comments like.. I don’t like age play and BH isn’t my favorite author anyway, so I am gonna hate this book before I read it, lol!

FIRST… It is finally happening.  As of April 1, I am devoting myself to full time writing! Not a joke… So be on the lookout for some new, exciting pieces coming out real soon. The contemporaries and AP books, as  always, will be well researched and based on real life experiences by real people living the real lifestyle. You wanted the real deal, well, my loves, I strive to give it to you.

SECOND… The first, hopefully of several, book of the Darkness series will be released soon by Blushing.  Carolyn Faulkner and I banged our heads together to bring you something daring and taboo…. it should be something the haters will love to hate! Heck, even I would shudder at the content. But anyone who knows me accepts that it is impossible for me to turn down a challenge. Lol!

THIRD …. I have asked the Brat Pack to start sharing their experiences with training under John and me. It has been an interesting adventure for all of us.. So much so that my newest book… yet unnamed but called A Little Lost for now… uses them as my inspiration. Its a Submissive Primer  which leads to…

FORTH… Yes, Mistress! Yup, the training of a Domme.  I am going to share my personal experience training in the art of dominance from my time prior to meeting SJ.  Ask my girls, Mistress Bree (aka Queen Bree AKA Mean Bree), has some chops they were not aware of.

And finally,

FIFTH… Our very own John Hayse is wrapping up his first book for publication! I am soooo proud of him.  Send the love and cheer him on!

So, my dear friends, hang on because this year is gonna be a doozy… and there are more surprises to come!






Sat Spanks! Something Different….


Saturday Spankings

This weeks for Sat Spanks, we are bringing you a preview of a soon to be released book. This book was co-written By Carolyn Faulkner and Breanna Hayse.  When Bree was asked to take on the challenge, she was a little unsure if she wanted to attempt it. The book is, well, dark. Picture a sort of modern day Jane Eyre.. But, when challenged with something, she can’t say no so…Strictland Academy was born. Here is Bree’s forward to the book. Maybe give you a bit of information about what to expect if you read this one. After you are finished the excerpt, please hop on over to the Sat Spanks blog to check out the other fantastic authors excerpts.

Foreword from Breanna Hayse:

Every day, authors of erotica receive emails asking for something different… Forbidden fruit, taboo, stories made up from hellish nightmares.  Readers begging for characters like Vlad the Impaler, Pinhead, and Hannibal Lechter are flooding us with the challenge to step outside the box filled with teddy bears and bubble gum, and dive into something beyond the imagination.

We are reminded that darkness lurks inside the minds of all of us, and that many people, even the most gentle of souls, are fascinated with things of horror, are drawn to the forbidden, and delight in fear… When Carolyn approached me with the challenge to meet her in this place, I balked. Did I have the courage to sail down this river with her? If I did not, how would I ever see what lay hidden in the recesses of my own imagination?  So I met her challenge…

This book is not for the feint of heart, or for anyone looking for a warm fuzzy to cuddle up to next to a crackling fire.  True to the title, The Darkness Series, this is the first installment that will allow thousands of reader fantasies to be put to pen and paper. It is not a tale of romance, rather that of survival. Does good always overcome evil?  Only time will tell…..


Strictland Academy

Hours had passed since each of the girls had been uprooted from their homes and taken away by a two-man team garbed in black.  They each were placed in an unmarked, windowless van, and no answers responded to the myriad of questions as they began the long drive into the night.  The rocking of the vehicle, coupled with the drone of the engine, had each nodding off on their seats, unaware of what awaited them.  They were jolted awake as the vehicles were parked, and then were held by one man as the other escort forcefully stripped the girl bare of all clothing except for her socks.  They were threatened with gags if they refused to remain silent, and then blindfolded and trussed up like a Christmas goose before being escorted to the frigid room. One by one, each girl was carefully deposited on the hard floor, the blindfolds were removed, and final warning orders were issued to remain as they were and not speak.

Terror and embarrassment blanched the faces of all three as they struggled to avoid eye contact with one another.  Their nudity, coupled with an unpredictable future, forced them to hunker down and cow away.

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