Book 5 of the Beloved Game Plan Series

Saturday Spankings


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“She thinks she’s so slick, doesn’t she? I don’t think we brought a Middle back from our trip to Graye Manor. I think we brought back a brat,” Bryon clucked, smacking the other cheek.
“At least it’s not the same type of brat we had when this all started. Now, if you please, do your magic so I can do mine.”
“Your wish is my command, big brother.”
“Okay! That’s enough! Ow.” Cassie’s yelp echoed over the little private lake behind Rob’s house.
“Enough? I spanked you a total of four times. That’s all. One. Two. Three. Four.” Bryon stated, smacking her with each count.
Get re-acquainted with the team….. ENJOY!

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Unnecessary Roughness!! Ooo, Baby!

Saturday Spankings


Book 5 of the Beloved Game Plan Series

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From the author who launched the contemporary Age-Play Phenomena with the Game Plan, we give you Unnecessary Roughness!
Krissy’s mind is spinning happily with all the changes in her life. Her family is growing, she’s engaged to Bryon, and everyone is content… until a visit to The Playground threatens to shatter the hearts of the family’ Littles and enrage the Bigs.
In comes Dorian Gray to the rescue!
He and the guys set out to make some permanent changes using the ‘Graye Way’ while his wife remains back at the house loving on the girls and teaching them every bad habit she can think of!
Well, we know what the boys will think of that, don’t we?
Amidst all the confusion and chaos, the Grayes discovers that Krissy and Bryon have not had any ‘alone’ time and, within an hour, the couple is in the company ‘copter with some very explicit orders of how to spend their mini vacation.
Meanwhile, back at the house, things are chaotic as always.  Little do any of them know, but there’s something stirring in the pot that’s going to knock all of them to the sidelines!
The Game Plan (Book 1) with NEW additions
Time Out (Book 2)
The End Zone (Book 3)
Touch Down (Book 4)

Breanna’s Game Plan Series Books 1-4!!


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She’s Baaaack…. and pulling more pranks!

Saturday Spankings

The General’s Daughter is back, and she’s at it again! True to her nature, Samantha Quimby finds a way to wreak havoc on the California coastline clear up to Alaska where she defies nature itself. This time, her entire family decides to bring things “Up A Notch” to try to get her to understand that she is not only loved and cared for, but that she is her own worst enemy.

Does this stop her from pulling endless pranks on her brother, or risking her own safety in the ‘name of science?’ But she certainly has fun trying… UNTIL she’s busted!

Author’s Note: The rerelease of the Generals’ Daughter series contains new elements and the growth and maturing of the characters not seen in the original version. This larger volume of the ‘story’ line is the same, but the characters and their lives have whole new meaning and much more interaction. Even Ton is more opinionated than before! If you liked the original version, you will LOVE this one!

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And… just in case you missed the first book… get it here!

The start of Sam’s story!!!

(¨*•.✯🐋Available NOW 🐋✯.•*¨)
¸.•*´¨)✯¸.•*¨)The Siren (Generals’ Daughter, 1)
✮(¸.•´✶by Breanna Hayse

Lt. Samantha Quimby, USMC is a beautiful, brilliant and very unique young woman. Not only does she have the privilege of being the youngest known Special Ops officer in the Corps, but an unfortunate accident during a dive in the Marinas Trench leaves her permanently amphibious! Her new found ocean freedom, combined with her unique ability with ocean mammals and an overtly defiant and somewhat reckless nature, wreaks havoc on her very loving, but very strict family. Her father and uncle, both USMC Generals, and her older brother, Michael, are in constant pursuit of trying to keep her safe from herself and her own curiosity and often thoughtless actions. In desperation, the three resort to old-fashioned military discipline- bare bottom spankings.

The 18 year old is appalled, but it does not take long for her to discover that love can be expressed in a firm and consistent manner upon her little bottom.

Love, laughter, duty and obedience frames Sam’s life and, despite a constant sore backside, she couldn’t be happier.

💙´*•✮Publisher’s Note: This is the first of a six book progressive series from coming of age in a DD household to discovering romance and advancing into maturity and exploring BDSM.


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Wave to the Queen

Hello Lovelies,

No, this is not about Bree. She believes she’s the queen around here, but it’s about the real undisputed queen of the universe. Drum roll please…..Pricess!!!

Why do I call her the mega queen? Ok dig this, we have an above ground pool, not huge, but big enough. Bree gets in, then Diamond. Princess, however, looks at me as if to say, “Well, pick me up and put me in. I don’t jump.” Excuse me, your highness. Ok she’s  in, Bree’s floating, Diamond is swimming and Princess??? Oh she’s waiting, for what you may ask, I’ll let her tell you.

Hello humans, it’s me, Princess, the one and only. So get this, finally SJ remembers I don’t jump and puts me in the pool, took long enough. What’s with you humans anyway? But I digress, now I’m in and Bree is staring at me. I’m thinking, come on you’re the Mensa head, you can figure this out. Finally, she does and pulls my float, or throne, over to me. Now I can float and wave to my subjects swimming around…..and it’s hot, no drinks? It’s not easy owning humans. See what I mean?

Be  good or else

SJ and Princess

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