Yep!  Got a new one coming out in the next week or two.  By popular demand, Cowboys Know Best is finished. I will admit, it is more romantic and ‘tame’ than I’m used to writing, which allowed me to share my softer side with my awesome readers.

I’m also very excited to let you guys know that I’m publishing through a new company (Stormy Night) with my favorite editor, James.  I am very excited because I know that he will make certain that I continue to produce the best literature for my audience that I can, as well as continue to push me towards professional growth as an author.  I must confess that the poor man had to deal with my kicking and screaming when he tried to teach me about quotations, but he succeeded and may claim triumph in being the only person I know who could make my use of semi-colons cease and desist. Sorry, James!  (I’m giving you my sweet, innocent, blink)
As always, my books will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, of course, Blushing!!  Keep the reviews coming and thank you all again for all your encouragement, love and support!!!
Always yours-


I really should listen better…

Daddy keeps telling me to watch out for Bree. He says, “she will spin a web and you will be caught up in it. Be careful or you will end up OTK without even realizing you were set up”.

Damn if he wasn’t right. She does do that! I am not sure if it is just her general bratty nature or if she thinks things up to trap me-but whatever it is, she manages to get me every. single. time.  This latest incident occurred last night. I wont go into what she did, but she basically manipulated me into tattling on HER and guess who got in trouble? That’s right, yours truly.  But on a positive note, she got in trouble as well, so it did sort of BACKFIRE on her. Oh and her back end WAS on fire. So I guess in the END, all is forgiven. 🙂 Gotta go do homework. Bleh!


A Personal Note

Hi Y’all-
I wanted to share something that happened last night at work..  As you know, I am a critical care hospice nurse and specialize in psychiatric associated cases.  Sometimes, the issues are right there, easily seen— other times, they are below the surface.  One thing, though, seems to stand strong…. we all die the way we live.
I’m not trying to entice anyone into feeling sad- but encouraging you to be reflective on how we live our life- at home, in public, at work… and in whatever role we chose to partake. Please let me share…
I had this gal- 99 years old with severe dementia and respiratory and cardiac problems.  Her mind was gone and the moment I arrived, she launched into every version of the children’s prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep.”  As the night progressed, so did the lability of her prayer.  as she started to pass, I began to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ to her- she joined me and passed within minutes.  Peacefully and with a smile.
It touched me.  Even with the pain, the fear, being with a stranger on her deathbed, she reverted back to a place of innocence and trust.
When I got home, my family lavished me with love.  They know how difficult this type of work is.  John went into Daddy mode and I was able to release my ‘adult’ and feel the wonder of her passing in the eyes of a child. Nikki held me and gave all kinds of love (I love my little sister) and cried with me- not as a nurse, but as another human being who as given the privilege to share the final moments with a wonderful woman in such a sweet and beautiful way. Nik and I then spent quite a bit of time looking at our own lives, bonding us even closer.
I think that perhaps is the most valuable aspect of age-play… when we adults are permitted to put aside the expectations of society and responsibility, and are free to simply feel, react and enjoy.  Think of this– how do you live your life?  What will be your reflection in those final moments of life?
I love all of you—- Bree

Catching up!

Hello, My Friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post and I apologize… work just keeps getting in the way of my having fun.  I’ll be getting a new laptop soon and be able to take it with me so I can keep in touch- even during the weeeeeee hours of my night shift.

I have a new book done!  I was calling it Perl of Great Price, Tx- but James has wisely convinced me to change the name (although I’m not sure yet since my brain has been so frazzeled lately).  It’s been fun writing it- very different than my others in the respect that it takes place in a part of history that forced me to research well (1947) and is relatively MILD for me (sex wise).  It’s pure romance and, as always, about self discovery.  I’ve been feeling very girly lately- sooooo I figured I would share the softer side of my nature with my incredible readers.

I wanted to thank all of you for your feedback and positive encouragement. As writers, we invest our hearts and take risks with our stories.  Personally, every one I write has a piece of my real life in it- to allow for greater truth and vulnerability for my characters and myself.  My fellow writers and personal friends (Renee Rose and Patty Devlin) will attest that it takes a lot to develop fun and interesting story lines and characters, and to find ways to meld truth and fantasy into one, cohesive piece.  Your support, loving reviews and private emails have made this whole experience one that I intend to continue for a very very long time.

It’s about you— what do you want to see?  What new world would you like to explore with me?  I also want to thank those of you who got their hackles raised with my ‘haters’.  These people don’t have to like our books… or even me as a writer.  Just think of it this way- they still buy them, right?  So there has to be something they are searching for that, hopefully, I might one day touch. This is my desire with everything I write- to touch something in the soul that allows for healing, happiness or hope. See? It’s good all the way around.

Please keep emailing, commenting and reviewing… I love all of you (having a Hallmark moment here)
Yours Forever-
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