The Whip Master #WIPitUp Wednesday

We’re finally back on the Wip It Up bandwagon and perfect timing too. This week I am finishing edits and hopefully handing in The Whip Master which will be the first book in the Fifty Maids of Graye series.
The Whip Master
The time of the annual Festival had arrived and Graye Manor bustled with a frenzy of activity.  Its rolling, manicured grounds echoed with the sharp sounds of a whip striking human flesh and a shrill cry filled with both pain and pleasure followed, bringing excited smiles and eager anticipation to the faces and hearts of the listeners. The theme this year was Cirque de Sade and, with it, the magnificent display of skills, beauty, and selfless service that would end at the auction block.  Guests would be arriving from all over the globe to be served, and entertained, by the staff of this unique establishment.
The outside world knew nothing about its purpose, or the real history behind the cold stone walls, and Dorian Graye intended it to remain that way.  Things happened in the Manor- things that the real world would never embrace.
Pride, Integrity, Loyalty and Love, the acronym of PILL, was a hard one for many to swallow in the eyes in today’s society. In honor of his mentor’s vision for a rich alternative to the old world ideas of domestic service, Graye Manor was founded. Select applicants, known as Graye’s Maids, were trained in the classic skills of a domestic- with one major difference. Each was drawn to the darker side of service and flourished under the command of a hard palm upon a bare backside or even, in more hardcore cases, the slash of a whip.
Dorian Graye was a master of the Florentine long tail whip, and had made an art form of throwing the braided snakes to paint a human canvas. Like his namesake, he played hard, but he loved even harder. Under the slightly sadistic exterior was a man whose greatest desire was for each of his beloved maids to find happiness. He allowed nothing to stand in the way and was willing to sacrifice anything to grant them their hearts desire. Even if the journey to that desire meant suffering as the door to previously unspoken taboos were opened and explored.
The Whip Master is a story about power, surrender, difficult choices and sacrifice during the decadent Cirque de Sade where anything is possible, and everything is probable.

Yes, Graye Manor was an entity of fulfillment unto itself and had expanded to proportions that Dorian offered training and placement to forty-nine qualified women whom he affectionately referred to as ‘his little maids’.

Cup of mint tea in hand, Dorian ventured from his private wing and into the quarters to silently observe the excited preparations of the graduates. It had been a difficult journey for most of them, even under the supervision of a kind, but strict and demanding master. Each greeted him with a loving smile and a hug, for he did not demand protocol be practiced when he entered their world. Many dipped before him out of both habit and respect, and several eyes misted at the realization that their time with their beloved Grand Master was coming to a close.

“Fifty?” He beckoned to a short, curvy brunette. “How is your foot feeling?”

“Much better, Mr. Dorian. See? No more swelling.” She happily displayed her ankle to him. He chuckled at the title that only Fifty dared apply to him. He had allowed it because of her special circumstance.

“And your bottom?”

That question always demanded action, no matter where it was asked. The young woman blushed and turned her back to him. She lowered herself to her knees, lifted her dress to her waist to reveal her bare hindquarters, and placed her forehead on the ground. Several faded welts remained from the strapping she had received several days prior after she had taken too many sips of the rarely permitted wine.

He patted the tender flesh and affectionately ran his hand over the smooth mounds. With a sharp smack, he dismissed her and continued down the hall.


Us and the Media

Hello Lovelies,

With 50 Shades coming out (I will reserve my opinion but I do not expect much) I got to thinking about how mainstream media always miss the mark, so to speak, on how they portray D/s in movies.

9 1/2 Weeks

Mickey Rourke threatens to spank Kim Basinger and then backs down. Thank for playing…Sub 1, Dom 0

Grade: D

Exit to Eden  

This was so bad it’s tragic. The book had its moments but instead of actually staying true to it the media thought it would make a comedy, a comedy of errors.

Grade: F



By far the closest yet but still no bb spankings. The bending over the desk surely should have been and no real true take of the dynamic. At least there was an attempt.

Grade: C

De Sade    

Not as bad as you might think, but still very tame considering de Sade’s reputation and inventiveness for torturing female flesh.

Grade: C-

Love Crimes  

Actually very close except the studio backed off of the spanking being bb but, the vibe was there. 

Grade: B

Killer Inside Me

Very good movie but the actual beating was brutal and for me very hard to watch. The spanking, not the belting, was close to a DD reality.    

Grade: C



Two spankings here and both pretty good. Just fun. If Maureen O’hara would have been bb this would have been an A.

Grade: C  

Also, why is it that all Doms have to be presented as having more money than Bill Gates and look like the guys in GQ?  Hardly reality for most of us. I am sure you all have movies on your list that you watched just for that great spanking or for a true D/s storyline only to get ripped off. Maybe next post I will talk about movies that should have had true bb spanking scenes in them. If only Hollywood would strap on a pair…no not skates, lol.

Be good, or else…



Screaming is Unacceptable #SatSpanks


Happy Saturday everybody! Are your snacks and TV for the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl commercials on Sunday? We’re still working on the snack planning but it should be a lot of fun. Before your living room gets taken over be sure to visit all the other spanking authors that shared on the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Emma’s Corner: The Darkness Series, Book 2

Tick tock… tick tock… the droning of the ticking clock that sat on the top of the bookshelf echoed through the room. Emma swallowed, watching as the hands moved to a straight line like a soldier standing at attention. It was six o’clock and time for Penance. Her stomach turned as the sound of heavy footsteps approached. He was, if anything, unfailingly and depressingly punctual.

If only she had known the course of her journey six months earlier…

Captive in a world without a future, women like Emma Thompson do whatever is necessary to survive. The laws are harsh, and the only means of survival is either conforming to an impossible system or rebelling against it.

Emma has been given a choice- homelessness (and eventual incarceration) or move to the Appalachian forests to be a domestic worker for an acquaintance of her vindictive aunt. She chooses the latter: after all, nothing could be worse than being on the streets and losing what little freedom you have to begin with, right?

Wrong. After Emma arrives to the isolated cabin home of Professor Jack Robbins, she discovers the truth. Never knowing what waits for her with each passing day, she struggles to maintain what little power she has- the power of her mind.

She becomes his plaything, subjected to any whim that crosses his thoughts. She tries to hate the feelings he stirs within her, yet is powerless to stop them. He is creative in his discipline, almost as much as his love-making, and suspends her in a world of confusion, desire, fear, and overwhelming need.

The discovery that Jack is the creator of the C-spill, the biochemical weapon responsible for ending the war, introduces Emma to a window of opportunity. She bravely asks for him to teach her all that he knows, appealing to his arrogant pride, even while knowing that to be anything other than the perfect student would result in discipline like she had never known…

It is a risk she is willing to take if it means her escape. But then, he throws a wrench into her plans and makes it impossible for her to return to a society that judges based on personal appearance. She faces two choices: continue to live in the nightmare or take the chance that people are more accepting than she believed.

Warning: this book is a continuation of the Darkness Series. It is NOT a romance. It is extremely dark, involves harsh BDSM elements, dubious consent, body modification fantasy, and graphic sexual content. It contains elements of the erotic horror genre. DO NOT PURCHASE if this type of material disturbs you.


“One more thing, Emma,” his voice was menacingly patient, “My intent is to avoid gagging you if possible. I do love to hear the whimpers of a repentant girl during discipline and plan to provide you plenty of opportunities to learn how to make the noises I enjoy. I will clarify that screaming like you just did is unacceptable and is not to occur again. If it does, I promise to give you something to scream about. Have I gotten my point across to you?”

Emma nodded, the tears leaking out of from the sides of her blindfold and into the hair at her temples. The spanking stopped and she heard the creaking of a chair as the large man leaned back to admire his handiwork.

“Isn’t that a pretty picture?” he asked rhetorically.



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Blushing Books


Communication is Everything


qbs1AvPDo you fight or fly when online discussions become heated?

How about face to face?

How is this response/reaction relevant in this dynamic?

Communication is everything- and if we can’t effectively communicate with one another, listen and be heard, how can we learn to trust our partners when we are face to face? How can we trust ‘leaders’ when they talk about things like safety when there is no show of compassion or genuine caring towards those who ask questions or try to discuss their fears?

My friend showed me an article that presented an interesting explanation regarding some of the reasons WHY the discussions turn the way they do. It isn’t just the content- it seems to also be the result of the types of people involved, and how they listen, and how they communicate their thoughts and ideas. I included the article below for easy reference.

In this regard, my questions are-

  1. Individually, where do you believe you stand in this assessment? Do you think others would agree with your conclusion? (btw- taking the test means nothing if our actions/words are not congruent with the results)
  2. How do you communicate your thoughts and ideas, and make your words be heard. What do you see as a sign of success?
  3. How can better online communication skills help you grow in this dynamic both individually and in your relationships/playtime?

Frankly, (and perhaps I am alone in this opinion) I don’t care how much anyone claims to know, or how many years of experience they claim to have- if they can’t communicate in a manner that is respectful, intelligent (that does not mean using big words to bully people into silence, or to play games to cause confusion) and with courtesy, their words have absolutely no impact.

As an adult, I find it disturbing to see how often a simple question or a differing opinion deteriorates into either a personal affront or the opportunity for one person to lord over another. Equally disturbing is seeing the frequency of people who reach out for help, advice and support and are struck down by insensitive, albeit well meaning, comments or, even more insulting- pat answers by people who just like to see their words in print.

Bottom line- neither side can see or hear the tone or facial expressions and respond accordingly. This is having a huge effect on the people who want to learn and grow- but are afraid to say anything. This is not a place to say- tough luck, get out if you don’t like it- this is supposed to be a place of community, right? A good debate can be a lot of fun, but one that is out of control loses people who are interested in answers, not drama. Yeah, yeah, I know- I’m pissing in someone’s Cheerios again, lol! Sorry!




People Who Are Great at Reading Social Cues Are Also Great With the Internet

Some people are better at navigating cocktail parties, family gatherings, and office meetings. And, as it turns out, they are better at the Internet, too.

That’s the word from Anita Woolley, a professor of organizational behavior and theory at Carnegie Mellon University. She’s been studying what it takes for groups to make smart decisions online, and her latest research unearthed a surprising discovery: People who were good at reading emotional cues face-to-face also happened to be pretty good at reading these cues in online discussions.

Even without seeing the other person’s face, they were able to read other’s mental states online, where misunderstanding can easily occur. And if you include these people in your online groups, your group will be smarter, too.

Scientists refer to this ability as “theory of mind.” There’s even a test for the thing. It’s called the “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” test, and it’s hard. You look at close-up photos of dozens of sets of eyes and try to determine whether the person is angry, despondent, jealous, panicked, or in some other state. “People who have this are able to represent what others are thinking or feeling based on subtle cues,” says Woolley. “What this enables somebody to do is to really fill in the blanks for somebody.”

According to researchers, if a group is filled with people who are good at this, it’s collectively smarter than groups who are not. And Woolley’s study shows this is true in the chat room as well as the board room.

This suggests that the way we figure out what other people are thinking may be deeper than we previously thought. And for managers and online group moderators, there’s a lesson here: It’s better to pad the group with good listeners rather than brainiacs.

In a sense, that’s one of the operating principles governing the online question-and-answer website, Quora, which is merciless toward trolls and even people who simply have to get the last word in during any discussion. “If you let jerks run the show, then they drive out everyone who is reasonable,” says Marc Bodnick, Quora’s community team manager.

In the online context, people who are strong at theory of mind are better at interpreting emoticon-free text, and even silence. “One of the toughest things to interpret in online communities is silence,” Woolley says. “When you don’t hear from somebody, [you wonder] ‘Are they offended by what I said, are they mad at me, do they not know the answer, or are they on vacation?’ ”

And beware blowhards. People who make your online groups smarter are the ones who will tend to draw colleagues out in discussions, too. As the research shows, “how damaging it is if all you’re hearing from are one or two people and there are a bunch of people you’re not hearing from at all,” Woolley says.

Oh, and there’s one more important contributing factor when it comes to collective intelligence. Groups that have more women, she says, also tend to be smarter. Women, on average, score higher on the theory of mind test, Woolley says, “so when you have more women in the group, you raise the average.”

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