Hey folks! Nikki and I have been talking a lot lately about the delicate nature of trust- especially for a submissive.  This theme is a constant in my books and, for those of you who have read The Game Plan, you’ll remember that this was Cassie’s greatest struggle. Her lack of trust (caused by betrayal) paralyzed her from accepting love because she felt unworthy to receive it.  Rob had the wisdom to understand that it took time and consistency to gain, and keep, that sacred treasure of the heart, mind, spirit, body, and soul. Obtaining her trust, and subsequently her heart, became his personal goal because of his love for her. He also learned that certain words and actions, no matter how minute, could have an impact on obtaining, or losing, that trust.
Nothing is more important to a submissive than trust.  If you can’t trust your Dom/Domme, there is no D/S relationship.  It is the most precious gift you can give your partner and, in it’s offering, also leaves you at your most vulnerable state of being.  Your partners, in turn, must truly search their hearts and ask- are they worthy of that trust?  If not, how can they become so?
So what type of trust do you have to offer?

Body: We must be able to trust that our physical needs be met and that our bodies be protected from harm during ‘play’ or discipline.  In order to be able to give ourselves freely, we must know that we will never be subjected to bodily harm or any rejection. The slightest derogatory or negative comment- even in jest- can easily send an insecure sub into a knot of shame.  Since D/S is so focused on the body, this trust in essential to guard and nurture.

Emotional: The dearest, and most precious type of trusts we give.  This is the heart of who we are- the base from which we, as human beings, are separated from other animals.  When we trust our partners with our hearts, they must understand that, unlike a cut or broken bone, emotional trust takes years to build and only moments to destroy. Words are the greatest asset, and also the ultimate destruction, of emotional trust.  Use the power of words for good, Grasshopper!

Financial: Is your partner responsible with finances? Are your needs met, including bills being paid, food on the table, medical expenses?  Believe it or not, most couples break up due to financial issues more than any other. Is your partner an equal one in your relationship and do you share chores and responsibilities?. If one works, does the other pick up the slack around the house?  Being a submissive does not mean to be a doormat.

Mind: Can you trust your partner with your most hidden secrets and desires, knowing they will never laugh at you, or poke fun.  Even a casual, but negative, reference to something you’ve mention will cause most people to clam up and stop sharing.  Guarding the tongue and picking the right words can spare you years of heart ache!

Spiritual:  Everyone has a different belief system.  A healthy D/S relationship will respect the partners belief system without ridicule.

These are but a few.  What trust issues do you struggle with and how do you think it can be overcome?  Would you like to see any being addressed in a future book? Please share!

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know—-

My dear friend, Renee Rose (who is an incredible and talented author- check out her newest book on Blushing!) finally caught me and asked me all the personal questions she wanted.. There is NO squirming away from that gal! LOL!  LOVE her!!! Anyway- she just posted my interview for the peeps to read.
Go on- ask more questions…. I have nothing to hide anymore now my my bare bottom is exposed (figuratively) to the whole world.
Luvs and Kisses-  Bree Bree

Chicken Tenders

Ok- so for those of you who are getting to know me, you’ll see I used the term Chicken Tenders for fun, playful spankings and ‘attention’.  Unfortunately, when I get smart mouthed or defy Daddy, the chicken tenders are converted to Rump Roast.  Yes…. Nikki got what she wanted— ME in trouble.  Ok, I kindof brought it on myself (chalk it up to a moment of insanity), but I made a rather insincere and half-heartedly apology to my sister following Daddy’s order.  Dumb dumb dumb- I didn’t think he would immediately check on the response.  I dot my little butt hauled to the spanking chair, went OTK bare bottomed and received a rather heated lecture via my back end to be nice and not so rebellious.  I swear, the man has a hand like  wooden board- I HATE it.  So yes, my friends, I now sit here on well roasted, unhappy chicken tenders that need some SERIOUS marinade (rubs). But I’m not allowed…..

I’m sorry, Nikki.  I won’t try to get you in trouble anymore. (For a while anyway).  Luvs- Bree-Bree

Motivational Spankings

What do you think about motivational spankings? Daddy seems to think they are important. Personally, I am not so sure. I think I could live without them. Especially the day after being paddled and still wearing bruises from said paddling. What do you think? Do you get motivational spankings? I am thinking we should take a poll on here and maybe that could decide the verdict about whether I get them or not. What do you think? After the verdict is in, Bre can tell Daddy!

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