Surprise Release: His Little Courtesan


Jane’s unique tale of love, pain, lust, discipline and trust continues in ‘His Little Courtesan’, part two of the ‘Adventures of Lady Jane’ series by best-selling author Breanna Hayse.

The vibrant colours, exotic lifestyle and tantalizing sexuality of India have combined to make the Marquis Philip de Courtier and his Lady Jane decide to stay there; with the Raja and his wives, until their own cottage has been completed.

This gives Philip the perfect opportunity to expand his exporting business, while his Little Lady Jane continues to learn the ways of the Kama Sutra-being educated by Usha, the first and strictest of the Raj’s rampantly sexual wives, and then going on to practice all she’s learned on her handsome fiance.

Jane blossoms in her discovery of sexual and sensual freedom, but she still struggles to curb her recalcitrant streak-one which frequently lands her in hot water with Philip, Usha and even the Raja, who does not hesitate to show her how strictly (and unusually) he deals with disobedience with his own ladies.

Follow Jane as her relationship with Philip continues to grow in this, a tale of exotic beauty, Victorian ageplay, scorching, explicit lovemaking and, of course, creative and rigorous discipline.

His Little Courtesan contains ageplay, spanking, explicit sexual descriptions and more. If any of this material offends you, please do not read this book.


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50 Maids #WIPitUp Wednesday

Boy do we have news for you. His Little Courtesan, the sequel to Little Lady Jane is finishing up in the production process and is getting a cover as we speak. Hopefully we’ll have some juicy scenes to share with you on Saturday and next week.  This week we’re sharing The Whip Master which will be the first book in the Fifty Maids of Graye series again. It was handed in to Blushing Books this week, yay! One more completed book down, many more to go. Make sure you head on over to the Wip It Up blog to see what everyone else has been up to in their not so spare time.
The Whip Master
The time of the annual Festival had arrived and Graye Manor bustled with a frenzy of activity.  Its rolling, manicured grounds echoed with the sharp sounds of a whip striking human flesh and a shrill cry filled with both pain and pleasure followed, bringing excited smiles and eager anticipation to the faces and hearts of the listeners. The theme this year was Cirque de Sade and, with it, the magnificent display of skills, beauty, and selfless service that would end at the auction block.  Guests would be arriving from all over the globe to be served, and entertained, by the staff of this unique establishment.
The outside world knew nothing about its purpose, or the real history behind the cold stone walls, and Dorian Graye intended it to remain that way.  Things happened in the Manor- things that the real world would never embrace.
Pride, Integrity, Loyalty and Love, the acronym of PILL, was a hard one for many to swallow in the eyes in today’s society. In honor of his mentor’s vision for a rich alternative to the old world ideas of domestic service, Graye Manor was founded. Select applicants, known as Graye’s Maids, were trained in the classic skills of a domestic- with one major difference. Each was drawn to the darker side of service and flourished under the command of a hard palm upon a bare backside or even, in more hardcore cases, the slash of a whip.
Dorian Graye was a master of the Florentine long tail whip, and had made an art form of throwing the braided snakes to paint a human canvas. Like his namesake, he played hard, but he loved even harder. Under the slightly sadistic exterior was a man whose greatest desire was for each of his beloved maids to find happiness. He allowed nothing to stand in the way and was willing to sacrifice anything to grant them their hearts desire. Even if the journey to that desire meant suffering as the door to previously unspoken taboos were opened and explored.
The Whip Master is a story about power, surrender, difficult choices and sacrifice during the decadent Cirque de Sade where anything is possible, and everything is probable.

She trembled again and he reached his hand to stroke her flesh, the calluses of his fingers and palms reminding her that his hand was whip-hardened. One inhaled sharply, relaxing under his touch, yet also excited by the same. She reminded him of an instrument as he tuned her nerves under his fingertips until they were tight and ready to sing. One hot palm rested firmly on the small of her back, keeping her connected with him, as he reached under the long, black waist coat and removed the 16-plait black and red signal whip. It unfurled to the floor like a living snake, writhing and twisting until it was free of the coil that had kept it confined.

He shook it gently and brought it to his nose to inhale the delicious warmth of quality leather. The whip had been a wedding gift from his wife. One had approached the master leather crafter who Dorian used to design and craft all his leather work, and requested that he teach her how to plait and knot a whip made to his specifications. She picked the hides, dyed and cut them, weighted the base, and learned the intricacies of a Turkish knot and tensioned plaiting of the weave. It had taken her nearly four months before her teacher gave the stamp of approval.

He ran his hand along the length of the tail, the supple braid sliding through his hands with familiar ease. He did not reveal his intent, other than that this time would be a reward. Those words, to One, could mean only one thing: pain. The glorious pain that would bring her to the cusp of pleasure and take her over the edge to soar on featherless wings. She quivered again and he knew that it was not the pain she feared. No, her fear was caused in the knowledge that he could stop the pain in a sadistic moment and leave her dangling on a precipice of unsatisfied release.


A Humble 2000


Hello lovelies,

When you think of me what thoughts come to mind?


Fair and just?

Greatest spanker in the universe?

Ok if you are not going to take this seriously we are going to have a problem…stop laughing…ok now I can continue.

Though all of those may apply you forgot a biggie, humble.

I think I just felt the earth tilt from all of you eye rolling at the same time. 

Hear me out, as you know I spank Bree a lot and at times we have had some really long sessions with just my hand. The last one was a challenge from Bree and I won by doing 1500 spanks in one session.

Now come on, I humbly point it out to you, pretty impressive right? If you don’t think so try it sometime.

The other night Bree was feeling, lets say really good, I mean really really good and wanted a session. These are not punishments, not full on subspace session but just a session involving hand and her choice of implements. However, on this night she just wanted my hand and I was more than happy to oblige as I love spanking her bb.

After about 500 or so she said “Do you think you could break the record?” This, to me, was a challenge so…more spanks!!

After I hit (yes pun intended) 1000 Bree had to be a smart mouth and say “Oh did you start yet,” thinking I’m sure after 1000 my hand and arm would be too tired to really do a punishment spanking. Boy did she find out that was a mistake. After about 20 she was yelling and apologizing and we began again.

I will not lie, this was not easy after I got to 1200 or so but I had to get past 1500 so onward. Once I hit 1600  Bree asked “Could you do 2000?” Another challenge though this time said very respectfully. Her bb was a bright bright cherry red and beginning to bruise a bit which is rare as Bree does not bruise but can stay red for hours. Its a tough job but someone has to do it lol.

Droll please…and cue the banner…2000!   

Yes its true, 2000 hand spanks. I think it deserves some applause at the least, maybe a standing ovation or a Dom parade. I mean come on lovelies that’s pretty impressive I say in my most humble Dom way.

Bree had a great time, as did I, and no it did not inhibit me from spanking her the next day, concentrating on her bruised cheek lol.

Just for the record, there is a nasty rumor going around, no names but I’m sure you can figure out who she is, saying my arm gave out before Bree’s bottom did. That is incorrect, in fact I humbly state (see I told you I was humble) that I could have gone on but Bree was starting to feel not so good as the hour before so the spanks started to feel much different. I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Let me ask you all, have you ever gotten this many hand spanks at one time? If so, for what and when? Just curious as this does not happen that often. You never know just how many spanks await you.

Be good, or else…
(Comment from Me!) For anyone who has felt John’s hand, you know there are few that can beat him (no pun intended).  Some have even called ‘red’ after just a couple of smacks- so applause for ME!!!
Now, what he didn’t tell you was that I was playing  Farmville during the majority of the session and that he stopped the fun because he heard a MOO and lost it. I mean, on the floor, holding his stomach laughing, lost it.  Yeah, that’s my big bad Dom! LOL! I’m begging for DOUBLE the record on Valentine’s Day. Ya think he can hold up? Anyone wanna challenge him with me?

Where are the Tears #SatSpanks


We’re so excited that the reviews and feedback for Emma’s Corner have been positive. Just wanted to take one more second to remind everybody that this is definitely not the typical Breanna Hayse HEA or romance. As part of the Darkness series the envelope is pushed a little and its unlike anything outside of the series. As always don’t forget to check out all the authors over at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Emma’s Corner: The Darkness Series, Book 2

Tick tock… tick tock… the droning of the ticking clock that sat on the top of the bookshelf echoed through the room. Emma swallowed, watching as the hands moved to a straight line like a soldier standing at attention. It was six o’clock and time for Penance. Her stomach turned as the sound of heavy footsteps approached. He was, if anything, unfailingly and depressingly punctual.

If only she had known the course of her journey six months earlier…

Captive in a world without a future, women like Emma Thompson do whatever is necessary to survive. The laws are harsh, and the only means of survival is either conforming to an impossible system or rebelling against it.

Emma has been given a choice- homelessness (and eventual incarceration) or move to the Appalachian forests to be a domestic worker for an acquaintance of her vindictive aunt. She chooses the latter: after all, nothing could be worse than being on the streets and losing what little freedom you have to begin with, right?

Wrong. After Emma arrives to the isolated cabin home of Professor Jack Robbins, she discovers the truth. Never knowing what waits for her with each passing day, she struggles to maintain what little power she has- the power of her mind.

She becomes his plaything, subjected to any whim that crosses his thoughts. She tries to hate the feelings he stirs within her, yet is powerless to stop them. He is creative in his discipline, almost as much as his love-making, and suspends her in a world of confusion, desire, fear, and overwhelming need.

The discovery that Jack is the creator of the C-spill, the biochemical weapon responsible for ending the war, introduces Emma to a window of opportunity. She bravely asks for him to teach her all that he knows, appealing to his arrogant pride, even while knowing that to be anything other than the perfect student would result in discipline like she had never known…

It is a risk she is willing to take if it means her escape. But then, he throws a wrench into her plans and makes it impossible for her to return to a society that judges based on personal appearance. She faces two choices: continue to live in the nightmare or take the chance that people are more accepting than she believed.

Warning: this book is a continuation of the Darkness Series. It is NOT a romance. It is extremely dark, involves harsh BDSM elements, dubious consent, body modification fantasy, and graphic sexual content. It contains elements of the erotic horror genre. DO NOT PURCHASE if this type of material disturbs you.


With a growl, he grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the chair to place her over his knee. The belt continued to fall without mercy, harder and harder, yet Emma did not release so much as a whisper.

“You are an ungrateful little bitch. After all the things I’ve done for you! You should be thanking me for caring enough to take you under my wing. Where are your tears, girl? Why won’t you cry?” he shouted, the belt following his every word. “You disgust me! Go sit in your corner, Emma!



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