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Saturday Spankings

Happy Saturday Spanks everyone! This week we are very thankful for the great success thus far of the most recent book release, Meeting Her Master, which is still going strong and still ranking in the top 100 on Amazon. So thank you dear readers for your support! We truly do appreciate it.

My next book, Protect & Correct, (not sure if that is the final name) will be out soon; so this week, that is the book we are featuring.

Protect & Correct

” Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, Brooke Doyle, ” Collin growled, cupping her chin and forcing her to look up into his face, ” I will not put up with that kind of rudeness from anyone, in private and especially not in public. I have been more than patient with you and this horrendous disposition of yours because of your situation, but it will stop here and now. I have done nothing to provoke it, and I certainly do not deserve it. Have I made myself understood? ”

” How dare you yell at me! You have no right, you son of a bitch! ” Brooke shrieked into his face, tears cascading down her cheeks. ” You should have just let me die, you mother fucker! ”

Collin’s face took on an incredible calm as he glared back at her. Without warning, his hand found her wrist again before he yanked her roughly across his lap and reached his hand under the wet dress.

” Get your hands off of me, you prick! ” Brooke screamed, slamming her fist into his calf. He acted as though he did not notice her objection as he pulled the material over her panty clad bottom with his left hand, and then captured the hem of the skirt in his right.

” Ruse or not, ” he growled, skimming the pale pink panties from her buttocks, ignoring the screams of angry protest and profanity, ” I reiterate that I will not tolerate rude behavior, especially in public. Not only does it draw unwelcome attention, but it is also very disrespectful. I have done nothing to deserve that from you. ”

Before Brooke could voice her opinion to being man-handled, his work-callused palm smacked loudly against her damp flesh. Her body stiffened in shock as the sharp burn penetrated her posterior.


We hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Info on exact release date to come.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


I recently heard this story which both made me laugh and saddened me..

There was a man in Arizona who, after 43 years of marriage, called his son (who lived in Illinois) the day before Thanksgiving and told him that he was tired of being married and that he was going to get a divorce. He said he was sick and tired of his wife, that he had enough and no longer wanted anything to do with her. The son started yelling, “Don’t you DARE do anything, Dad! This cannot be over! I’m calling my sister in Cincinnati and we will take care of this!” The man’s daughter, upon hearing this news, called her father immediately. “Dad, I am serious! Don’t even think of doing anything before we get there. I talked to my brother and we are going to be with you guys first thing tomorrow and we, as a family, will settle this. You are NOT getting a divorce!”

The man hung up the phone and turned to his wife.
“Well, it’s done. They are both going to be here for Thanksgiving and are paying their own way!”
“Thank God!” his wife sighed happily

Finding things to be grateful for during hard times can be difficult, but not impossible. It is a choice… a meaningful effort to find something to be thankful for beyond the circumstances around us. A truly grateful person is a joyful person, and people can see that in your face, in your actions, and in your words. If you have to tell someone you are grateful… well…
Gratitude is not silent… it is loud, boisterous and evident to all who see you. Being grateful is a decision that you can make independent of life’s circumstance. It is filled with passion, excitement and shines like a beacon. Gratitude, if not expressed, is meaningless. If it is not blatantly evident to the people around you, then it does not exist.

Both John and I have experienced the agony of divorce, and the fear and loneliness that comes with the ending of a relationship. Yet, if not for the pain we bore during our divorces, we would not be together today. Hope exists in everything if we look for it, and never give up. My prayer for each of you, my darling readers, is that each of you can find the hope you need to bring happiness to your lives, and that you share that happiness with everyone you touch.

Thanksgiving is day of reflection, set aside to remind us to find all that is good and hopeful in our lives. None of us ever know where life is to take us, or why we have to go through hard times to get there, but we can always find something to be thankful for. I am thankful for my darling husband and his continued health, my sister, our beloved friends, my wonderful and faithful fans, and the opportunity to write about faith, love, hope and dreams.

The Hayse Household wishes all of you a blessed and thank-filled holiday, and encourage each of you to commit that one day to finding things to be grateful for. You will be amazed of what you will discover, my loves.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Saturday Spanks! Meeting Her Master…Now #29 On Amazon’s Best Seller List!!


Saturday Spankings

This week for Saturday Spankings, we are featuring Bree’s new book Meeting Her Master Which is currently listed as #25 on the best seller list and #13 in the Hot New Releases in erotica on Amazon! Sooo excited! So this hot tamale will definitely be just what you need to snuggle up with now that -Baby it’s cold outside… Well, at least in certain parts of the country it is. Anyway, enjoy this excerpt and then click on over to the Saturday Spankings blogspot for some more great excerpts to…snuggle up with.


And now…. Meeting Her Master

meeting her master


“Stand up, Dahlia,” Blake commanded, his voice taking on a menacing timbre.  Slowly she rose and he stood, pointing to the table. “Bend over and place your hands on either side of your placemat. I am not going to repeat myself.”


Dahlia’s eyes visibly widened as these words left his mouth. She obeyed, her hands shaking with excitement, causing the silverware to rattle as she braced herself on the edges of the wire mesh mat.  Blake plopped something onto her chair before positioning himself to the left side of her body.


He pressed his left hand to the center of her spine, and drew back with his right. His calloused palm thundered loudly against the curve of her lower right mound, causing Dahlia to wheeze as she inhaled.


“Oh my…” she sputtered as a second, third and forth blow clapped furiously. She danced on her toes, fighting both the urge to crumble and the desire to offer her bottom for more. She had no choice, however, as Blake pushed the dinnerware out of the way and pressed her chest flat against the table.


He could already see the glistening wetness peak out from between her legs, and a trill of pleasure quivered through his body. He knew that he was the first man to spank that beautiful bottom and demonstrate the carnal strength that she had been longing for. His palm reddened her pale bottom quickly, and traveled to the backs of her thighs to test her reaction. Her groaning grew more pronounced and he could see that her wetness seeped down both her thighs. Her pussy opened, inviting penetration and he knew it was time.

Hope you enjoyed! Please visit these sites to purchase your very own copy.


Blushing Books

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Meeting Her Master…61 in Top New Paid Erotica!

Wow! So pleased to announce that Meeting Her Master is number 61 in top paid erotica on Amazon. It is also number 26 in Amaazons Top New Best Selling new releases! Thank you for your support! And please leave a review if you haven’t already done so. We really appreciate it!

And also, congratulations to Shelly Romance-Landolf  who won the free copy of Meeting Her Master!

If you have not yet checked this book out, head on over to Amazon and read the first chapter for free. You can also purchase the book at

Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble

Kobo Books

All RomanceEbooks


meeting her master

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