Feeling Special


Hey lovelies,

In a D/s relationship it’s very important to be supportive and make each other feel special. I can tell you my philosophy for dealing with a sub: she is revered and very special.

There is another side to this, however, how does the sub feel? I can tell you that in my relationship with Bree she makes me feel special daily. For example, she made my favorite brownies the other night. It may not seem like a big deal but it made me feel special.

D/s is a two way street. I feel as a Dom I should make a sub feel special, wanted and supported.

As subbies you also have that responsibility. The reason D/s works so well for me and Bree is that we both believe in making each other feel special. It’s not perfect, nothing is, but it’s pretty close.

I also believe as a Dom, if the sub knows you truly care and have her best interest at heart she is more likely to want to behave properly. Just as I, as a Dom, want to help a subbie who shows me she really cares about changing and learning.

Bree and my bond as Dom/sub is very very strong but also as vanilla husband and wife. It all spills over and affects both sides of the coin. So those of you with Doms do something special for him. It does not have to be a big deal, just show him he is appreciated and hopefully he will do the same. When it all works together there is nothing better.

Be good, or else…


Nirvana #SatSpanks


We’re losing an hour of writing/reading time this weekend. Are you prepared to Spring forward on Sunday? I’m sure not ready to lose an hour but it does mean warmer months are ahead which I am ready for. I am also happy to announce that Mastering Annie, the sequel to The Whip Master has been handed in to editors over at Blushing Books. Don’t forget to check out the other spanking authors on the Saturday Spankings blog.

The Whip Master

Dorian Graye is a master of the Florentine long- tail whip, and has made an art form of throwing the braided snakes to paint a human canvas. Like his namesake, he plays hard, but he loves even harder- especially when it comes to Annie, a young woman who was tossed onto the streets by a selfish and neglectful family. He and his beloved wife, known as One, help Annie discover an unknown part of her heart- a heart to serve- but her dreams do not include the type of life that they can offer her. Their love for her demands sacrifice- but will it be enough to mend her brokenness, chase away her fears, and make her dreams come true?

Pride, Integrity, Loyalty and Love, the acronym of PILL, is a hard one for many to swallow in the eyes in today’s society. In honor of his mentor’s vision for a rich alternative to the old world ideas of domestic service, Graye Manor was founded. Select applicants, known as Graye’s Maids, are trained in the classic skills of a domestic – with one major difference. Each is drawn to the darker side of service and flourishes under the command of a hard palm upon a bare backside- or even, in more hardcore cases, the slash of a whip.

The Whip Master is a story about total power exchange, surrender, difficult choices and sacrifices of love. Under the slightly sadistic exterior is a man whose greatest desire is for each of his beloved maids to find happiness. He allows nothing to stand in their way, not even themselves, and is willing to sacrifice anything to grant them their heart’s desire… even if the journey to that desire means suffering as the door to previously unspoken taboos are opened and explored during the decadent Cirque de Sade Festival where anything is possible, and everything is probable.

The time of the annual Festival had arrived and Graye Manor bustled with a frenzy of activity. Its rolling, manicured grounds echoed with the sharp sounds of a whip striking human flesh and shrill cries filled with both pain and pleasure followed, bringing excited smiles and eager anticipation to the faces and hearts of the listeners. The time of the Cirque de Sade Festival had finally arrived and, with it, the final magnificent display of skills, beauty, and selfless service that would end at the auction block. Guests would be arriving from all over the globe to be served, and entertained, by the staff of this unique establishment. The outside world knew nothing about its purpose, or the real history behind the cold stone walls, and Dorian Graye intended it to remain that way. Things happened in the Manor – things that the real world would never embrace…


Dorian is tasked with doing a demonstration during the festival.

He backed up and shook out the whips, undulating them back and forth in a swishing display of hypnotic movement. Passion tensed, arching her neck and waited for the sharp flicking of the soft skin between her legs. She moaned as the stinging bite of the popper met with her bare pussy, and she began to reel with the music. The sound of the whips rose and fell, their hushed cadence like louds whispers between the musical notes. The onlookers held their breath, intoxicated by the proficient artistry of the whipmaster. The leather licked, bit and kissed the entire length of her inner thighs and into the soft, moist crevices of her folds.

He paused to allow her to catch her breath, running his hands over the welts and assessing her physical and mental state. She had already shifted into subspace and prepared for the moment to take her over the bridge and bring her to nirvana.



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Atten-Hut! General’s Daughter Fans


Omg! Such exciting news.  John was approached to narrate the General’s Daughter Series and, as of today, he is the official voice belonging to Scott Jenkins, Dr. Quimby, Michael Quimby and Richard Lewis! So ladies (and some gents), you will get to hear your favorite character scold poor Sam for real!

That’s not all…There is word in the think tank that certain spanking scenes might even have sound effects… Whatcha think of that?

For those of you who don’t know, GD is my ultimate fantasy. I started the series (without the grown up parts) when I was 12 as a means to get through some horrible and ugly times.  Those characters kept me (Bree) from doing a lot of stupid things and gave me a refuge, and love, when I needed it the most. When I rewrote the book (originally over 900 pages) in 2011, and put the parts of true fantasy within, it became real to me. Now- being able to hear the voices of my beloved heroes- it will come alive.

We will keep you updated! Thank you all!!



Triggers and Safe Words


Hello lovelies,

I wanted to discuss something that is very important, especially in new D/s relationships. As many of you know I do not use safe words for a punishment, however, I do for emotional triggers that may come up.

Triggers should always be discussed before any session. Some call them hard limits, but usually a hard limit is something you do not want to experience because of the pain or discomfort. Emotional triggers are a different animal.

Let’s say you meet a prospective Dom, all is good and you set up a meeting. It is going to be a punishment session but all is going well. Of course it hurts more than you could have imagined and you are yelling loud enough for the hotel to call security but, hey that’s how it should be, lol. You have gotten hand, paddle and then a cane is produced and without an emotional safe word to discuss your panic the Dom just figures you are whiny and protesting like you have been doing for the entire session. Going with that assumption he uses it on you and you panic and freak out etc. The Dom has no idea what’s going on and is desperately trying to calm you down.

If you had discussed triggers beforehand you could have told him you had a very bad experience with a cane and were hurt badly or would otherwise react negatively. Without letting him know he has no idea what may set you off and he needs to know. This is why I always discuss things that may come up in a session or that could cause panic before.

When you talk to a prospective Dom and are setting up a meeting, make sure you tell him about the emotional minefield he needs to navigate. A true Dom will respect these triggers and not force you into that situation. Bottom line…yes, of course pun intended…I do not believe in safe words for pain or discomfort but yes I do for a potential emotional breakdown. A lot can happen, especially in a first time session. The more the Dom knows about you the better for both of you.

Be good, or else…


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