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Hello lovelies, I think you will all find this post very interesting. I want your feedback. I want to know how you became interested in spanking. Did you read something? Hear something? See something? In all fairness, since I want you all to be totally honest with me, I will tell you how I got started.

When I was about 12 yrs old, my parents, my grandmother and myself, lived about two blocks from a small liquor store. And no, when I was 12, it was not during prohibition…Very funny.

I used to go to this store all the time. They had my favorite candy, and those cool monster kits that I loved to build. Also comics, and yes, at that time, a dollar would buy you a whole bag of Batman, Superman, Spider man, etc. But it also had a magazine rack. Now on this rack were a few adult magazines. Nothing really graphic, but to my 12 yr old eyes, the sight of a naked woman was heaven indeed. I always loved bottoms. I thought that a woman’s bare bottom was the most beautiful thing in the world, and I have not changed my opinion much since then. So I would look at these magazines until the owner kicked me out. Run home, run into the back yard, and climb my rope for awhile. If you do not understand the significance of this, ask your husband or boyfriend or brother.

Now one day when I was at the store, I noticed a new display. A tall tower with lots of thin paperback books. Being precocious, yes I know, hard to believe right? I investigated. It worked out well because it was a tall tower so I could hide behind it and not be discovered. Anyway, I remember one paperback in particular. The name was something like Naughty Wife or Time for Discipline, something like that. It intrigued me, so I began to thumb through, and all of a sudden, like a lightning bolt, bam!!! There it was, a small picture of a woman with a beautiful ample bare bottom, bent over getting strapped. I was transfixed and just stared. I could not get the image out of my head, and just like the flash, I ran home through the front door, out the back, to my friend the rope. (stop laughing). After a while outside, I went to my room. I remembered what I read under the photo, it was something like, after her discipline, the wife apologized, and stripped, and she and her husband had sex right on the floor!!!! Wow!!! Later that day, I was watching tv. I think it was Wagon Train and there was a spanking scene. Whooosh to the rope!!!

OK really, you need to stop laughing. I laid in bed later thinking, OK-  here is my career path. Get really good at playing guitar, grow my hair so I look really cool, have lots of groupies that want me to spank them and have sex on the floor…It sounded a lot better than my dad’s career choice which was; get up at 7:30, go to work and work all day, and come home and have my mom yell at him until he fell asleep in the chair watching TV. From then on I watched any TV show with spanking I could find. Yes, we had tv’s back then (eventually color came about and the cartoon bottoms really looked red!), come on, work with me here.

I kept going back to the store until one very, very dark day, someone had bought my paperback. No more looking at that beautiful bare bottom. But I made up my mind. Someday I am going to spank a woman’s bare bottom. That’s it, done deal.

Well, that did not happen until about 3 or 4 yrs later. But, I did have a girlfriend when I turned 13. Really cute, but a total brat. One day I had enough, so I thought hey, why not? I have always been strong, so it was easy to get her over my knee. Just like On Wagon Train? I did not have the nerve to bare her bottom, but after some hard swats she did say she was sorry. Great! I thought. I let her up and closed my eyes waiting to hear the sound of her clothes falling off, and he voice saying,” take me my stud”. OK, that was stretching it, but I read it in the paper back so I thought it could happen, right? I had no idea where I would take her, but I was willing to try something, anything. Unfortunately, all I heard was, “You spanked me! I’m going home.”

Hmm… not exactly how I envisioned it, but her behavior did change for the better. Anyway, I never looked back, and any relationship I have ever been in, involved spanking. And when I finally got to spank a bare bottom, it was a thousand times better than I imagined.

Kind of ironic, as with some of you, the first time you got a BB spanking, it was probably 1000 times worse than you imagined, lol. OK, I have bared my soul, and yes its all true. Now your turn to bare your bottoms, and tell me your story. Perhaps my next post, will be about that first BB encounter.

Be good, or else!


Fireworks are About to Begin #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Patriotic Paddles

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their July 4th festivities! Lots of fun, sun, food and of course writing for us over the long holiday weekend.  Saturday Spankings Blog has quite a few authors sharing snippets this Saturday so stop by and see what else is out there.

A Journey to Submission

A Journey to Submission follows Piper as she sets out to make a life for herself in a new city. There she meets Jeoff and a whole new world is opened. Follow her as she learns just what submission is and where she fits into Jeoff’s world and the world of D/s.


This scene follows the one shared last week.

“Damn it, Jeoff, you aren’t my father!”

“I am going to count to three, One… Two…”

“Fuckin’ ninety-five! Okay?! Now, lay off.”

Jeoff took a deep breath, shaking his head. “I am going to help you get rid of this jerk, Piper.  I am also going to be spanking that little backside of yours until it turns the color of the sunset for putting yourself in danger.”


Stay tuned for snippets and updates

Birthday Spankings

Being Spanked on John’s Birthday! NOT FAIR!

Hi ya’all. I am writing this post under duress. Nope, you do not have a happy Bree right now. Soooooo, yesterday was John’s 198th birthday (or somewhere around there, can’t remember because he’s been around since the dawn of time). We had a wonderful day—I took him to the Birch Aquarium (I should have started thinking about the events right then.. birch…ummm), returned home and played a little bit, and then left for The Marine Room in La Jolla.

20140703_112645Before I go into further detail, this place is the BOMB. Check out the menu! It is amazing and our favorite place to celebrate. I mean, you gotta love gourmet food and fancy settings, plus the view is spectacular. A panoramic of the Pacific Ocean at sunset! How can anything be more romantic? Except…

A Long Island Iced Tea. I mean, come on! I hardly ever drink and it was a celebration, right? Usually, I go for Bellini’s but they did not have the peach puree, so I settled for the next best thing. It was STRONG. As the night went on, I was feeling the effects, and he took it away from me. Mean, huh? And then people actually brought little kids into this place who were yelling! This is a five star restaurant and these people brought a set of two year old twins who did not know how to sit quietly and color. As these children screamed, my nerves started to grind (I know other people’s were too-you could hear the comments), so I simply reached across the table and took a few (ok, maybe almost finishing my LIIT) sips. Yes, right in front of Mr. Meanie Birthday Boy, bold as could be.

I had a reason, right?

He did not think so. We went for a lovely walk on the beach- it was low tide and the waves were warm and then went to return to the valet to get the SUV. That was when he sprung it on me.


“Before we get the truck, you and I have a little date in the back seat.” Ooo, I’m thinking QUICKY! I like quickys…Not.

“What were you thinking? Drinking right in front of me after I said that you had enough?” By then he had my wrist in his hand and was leading me to the parking lot. I started mentally hitting myself in the head for letting him have the combo to the SUV’s electric lock.

“I asked you a question,” he tightened his grip.

“It was expensive and I didn’t want to waste the money.” Can’t blame me for trying, right?

“Try again.”

“The kids were screaming and I didn’t wanna get cranky.”

“They were not that bad and you know that is not an excuse. I can’t believe you just defied me, right in my face!” I hate when he starts scolding. He opened the truck’s door and pointed inside. Think fast, Bree! Here goes-

“You know, I should really get points for not doing it behind your back and choosing to defy you to your face.” Good thing it was dark because I could FEEL the look I got for that smart ass comment.

“Unbelievable,” He choked out. “Get your bottom into the back seat.” Then the fun began. NOT. It was chilly and damp and this man has a hand that feels like a frat paddle. And he was not playing nice. I was squirming and squealing, but you can only move so much when your head is practically under the seat and your feet are jammed against the door.

“The valet is getting a nice show,” John mentioned mid-swing.


“He must have heard your screaming,” John said, pausing. I held my breath, I could hear footsteps! He had his hand resting on my backside and continued, “Plus your nice, red bottom was high enough in the air that the street light was shining on it. Yep,” he resumed the spanking, “you gave him something to dream about tonight.”

Oh My God! Was he using Fourth of July Fireworks on my ass? I bit back what I could of my yelling, praying that the noise was muffled on the carpet. But the spanks were SO loud, they must have echoed through the parking lot. FINALLY, it was over. He pulled my panties back up, smoothed out my dress and sat me up.

“That was fun. I love birthdays,” he said happily.

John was grinning as we returned to get the valet to bring us the truck. No lie, this guy was unsuccessfully hiding a smile as he looked over at me and even whispered to his partner. How humiliating, right? That was when I realized that the windows were cracked open. They had to have heard everything!

I am very happy John had a great birthday. Next year, we stay at home.


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