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This week for Sat Spanks, we bring you Bree’s most recent book, just sent to the publisher. It is called Painful Addiction and well, its pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Now don’t worry. She is still working on Dare to Defy. In fact, I think its close to being finished. But when her muse speaks, she listens. And apparently her muse was telling her Painful Addiction was what she needed to get out first. So there you have it. Its about a lovely young lady who has a certain little fondness for “grass” and the men who help her get over it. One way or another. And theres some hot sex and spanking thrown in there too. Well, not just thrown in there. Artfully delivered to have your loins quivering. And when your finished reading the excerpt, please do check out the other awesome authors excerpts over on the sat spanks blog. You will thank me. I guarantee it.


Painful Addiction

“Missing persons and pretty ladies.  I ran into this young thing a few minutes ago and found her drowning her sorrows in a cup of cold coffee.  She seemed to be needing some company, so I invited myself to sit with her. I hope you don’t mind,” Reed commented, glancing at the small, dark haired woman who refused to acknowledge her brother’s presence.

“What my spoiled rotten, sulking sister really needs is a good, old-fashioned spanking.  Now, if you will please excuse us, I’ve got to get her home and settled in. Let’s go, Brittany. I promised Mom that you are going to be staying with me for a while as we figure out what to do with you, And we will not be having any more attitude or I promise that you will be feeling my belt on your backend.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Brittany pouted stubbornly, ignoring his comment.  He had been threatening for years to give her a paddling for her behavior, so she was not at all concerned. She did, however, have the decency to flush at Reed’s chuckle.

“Miss Brittany, it might behoove you to listen to your brother. He sounds like he might be serious about his threat.”

“There is nothing in this world that requires me to follow his orders. In fact,” she snapped, “there is nothing that requires I follow any one’s orders.”

“I don’t really agree with you there. Maybe it’s a man thing, but if you were my sister, I would expect you to mind me without arguing,” Reed said lightly, picking up on the younger man’s annoyance.

Brittany glared at him. “Good thing I’m not your sister, then, isn’t it?” she hissed.

“My, we have a little temper, don’t we?”

Back in the saddle again…


baby(just thought this was cute)



Whew…. It has been a while, huh? I made a promise to my family to devote ALL my energy and focus on them and, although it was wonderful to do so, I am beat!!!! it will be so nice to get back to my routine and write, write, write….

It has been an awesome opportunity to submerse myself in both SJ and Nik’s lives, to see their regular routine, participate in it and feel part, rather than apart, of the family again. Nik has made be very, very proud… She worked hard and earned her collar.  Just a reminder that collaring in DS is not always sexual… In fact, Nik’s symbolizes her promise to keep pure until the right man enters her life. I feel like a proud mama!!! I also noticed a certain maturity that came with earning this symbol.

Which brings us to this point…. Accountability….

I Am SO proud of those of you who have been dropping SJ emails requesting accountability AND following his instructions. The man loves his subbies and it really touches his heart when he sees those who take his advice seriously… As much as it breaks it when others ignore him.

I got to witness him in action these last few weeks… He really puts himself out there for his girls. But, I need to say something…. This is not a game. This lifestyle, especially things like on line dating, relationships, etc… Is serious. None of us want any of you to be a statistic and, I hate to say, but a few are heading down that path.

BE CAREFUL. If there are any warning signs from a potential Dom that indicates abuse.. Nastiness, rudeness, accusations, etc….. Don’t waste your time on the S*O*B*…. Get the hell away from him and do not open the door for him again. we have been seeing too much of that lately. DS is NOT about abuse!!!!! It is one thing if you desire humiliation… Some do… But that should never be the foundation of your relationship. Even those subs who get off on the humiliation factor should be involved in a strong, trusting relationship prior to going down that path.

Predators can sniff out desperation. Please, my girls, do not put yourselves in that situation.  A man who is not gentle, understanding and reasonable is not a Dom.. He is an abuser. I cannot say that enough.

One more thing while I am on my soapbox…. If SJ is the person you are talking to about things, please, talk directly to him. Not only is it disrespectful to him when he is bypassed, but it also puts Nik and myself in a position of second-guessing. None of us will view anyone as a failure if they truly try… But to ask for help and then blow it off…. Welllllllll…….

Soapbox closed.

I love you guys. We are here for you as best as we can be, but ultimately, you are adults and must make decisions for yourself. Please make good ones.



Mojo Mondays With James Johnson of Stormy Night Publishing



After what seems to be a very, very, long break…Mojo Mondays are back! We had a fabulous family vacation. Bree and SJ spoiled me like crazy. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Anyway, more about all that to come. For now, I would like to welcome Brees publisher James Johnson-husband to the famous Korey Mae Johnson, and publishing guru with Stormy Night Publications. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. He has some great advice/insight to offer if you have an interest in writing. So everyone, please welcome James.


When I was offered the opportunity to write an article for Breanna’s blog, I spent some time thinking about what I could write which would incorporate my knowledge of the spanking romance and erotica market today, while at the same time possibly be of interest to readers.  Rather than turn this post into a press release for Stormy Night Publications, I decided instead to look to the future and lay out my thoughts on some potential new areas for spanking fiction writers to explore.


As of today, Stormy Night Publications is not involved in any of the three areas I mention below, but I’m very curious whether any of them would be of interest to authors (and even more importantly, to consumers) of spanking erotica.






Photo-stories are by no means new, and in fact they predate spanking movies, spanking eBooks, and the internet itself.  The old (primarily British) spanking magazines, such as Janus (and its sister publication Februs), Scorpion, Roue, Blushes, etc. were based almost entirely around photo-stories.


Before I go further, though, let me clarify what I mean by a “photo-story”.  I define a photo-story as a series of photographs which are specifically taken so that they illustrate the progression of a spanking scene (or series of spanking scenes), along with an accompanying text based story.  Either the photoset or the text of the story could in theory stand alone, but together they form a work of art which, if done properly, is often far better than either component on its own.


Unfortunately, today the photo-story has all but disappeared.  There are stories, and there are photosets, but to see a true photo-story these days is all too rare.  I can imagine three primary reasons for this change, although there may be others.  First, the advent of digital cameras has made it trivially easy to take essentially unlimited numbers of photos during a shoot.  This is in principle good, but as a side effect it has led to less effort being placed on obtaining just the right poses for a truly exquisite spanking photo.  Second, the availability of inexpensive video equipment means that almost every spanking related shoot is a video shoot.  The thought process is essentially, “Why shoot photos, when we could shoot videos?”  As a result, photos are often either taken from video grabs or taken as an afterthought once the video has been shot, usually leading to lower quality photos.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, the companies that produce spanking photos and movies are, with a few exceptions, separate from the companies which publish spanking stories and books, and therefore it is much more difficult to arrange the production of a really good spanking photo-story.


In spite of all of the above, I do think that excellent spanking photo-stories could emerge again as a viable source of revenue (for publishers, authors, models, photographers, and everyone else in the business) and of entertainment for customers, if the right people worked together.




Illustrated Stories


Illustrated stories were another feature of the spanking magazines of old, and like photo-stories they have all but disappeared.  As with photo-stories, I believe the most important reason for this near disappearance is that without the magazine companies to corral the necessary people, there is no driving force to bring skilled authors together with skilled artists in order to create illustrated stories.  With the phenomenal growth of eBooks, however, and the ability of most modern eBook readers to handle color images, I believe there could be a bright future ahead for a return to illustrated stories at some point.





If you are a lover of spanking videos now is a good time to be alive and on the internet.  For what it once cost to buy a single VHS movie, it is now possible to buy memberships to sites with literally hundreds of hours of spanking content.  Some of this content, in my opinion, is quite good.  The video and sound qualities are excellent, the models are attractive, and the spankings are hard enough to be believable.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find longer movies with even moderately developed plots, and as a result I believe that in some ways the entire video market is at risk of stagnating.  At some point, I’ve seen a naughty college girl get spanked on her bare bottom for getting bad grades enough times that I get bored by it…  That is actually a lie, I still enjoy watching a naughty college girl get spanked on her bare bottom for bad grades, especially if it is good and hard and she has a cute bottom.  Others, though, might get bored of it, or might never be interested at all without more story than that.


There is a reason that Hollywood pays good money to screenwriters, and I think the time has come for video producers to get together with publishers in an effort to start creating videos whose stories match the rest of their production values.

Saturday Spankings


Saturday Spankings


Hey peeps! Its that time of the week again…time for Sat Spanks and this week once again I am going to put an excerpt from Bree’s current work in progress-Dare To Defy.  Because this is such a hot book, and because I am on vacation and feeling really nice, Im gonna put a really, really, hot excerpt up. Hope you  love it!


After reading, please hop on over the the Sat Spanks blog site and enjoy the other blogs to see what your favorite authors are up to.


Dare To Defy

“My darling, as much as I love your body, you cannot always think that you can… distract… my… thoughts….” His voice groan as she knelt at his feet and ran her hands up the inside of his thighs and then around to cup his firm buttocks in her hands.

“I do not think… I know,” she grinned playfully, tugging at his stays.  He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet.

“You have mischief in your eyes, beloved. This is neither the time nor the place to defy me.”

“When it comes to your body, I dare defy you every moment I have opportunity,” Ilesbet grinned, running her lips against the left side of his neck.

“Ilesbet, no.  Not now. Woman! Stop this,” Günter demanded as she rolled her palms under his vest and ran the pads of her thumbs over his chest, pausing to tempt his nipples.

Ilesbet raised her eyebrow, a smirk on her face. “No,” she said simply.

“It has been too long since I had to force discipline upon you, wife. Obey me!” came the order, which was promptly ignored as she unlaced his shirt and pressed her lips to the center of his chest.

With a throaty growl, Günter snatched Ilesbet’s wrists in his large hands and pulled her arms high in the air, making her to stand upon her toes before him. Her breasts quivered as they were stretched, begging for attention. His eyes roamed over her voluptuous curves, remembering the pleasure every soft inch brought to his bed. But she was being deliberately disobedience, challenging him in a way she had not done since the birth of their first son.  He had forgotten her demands of the past. Demands for pain, as well as pleasure.

Ilesbet’s eyes met his, daring him to proceed. A fire rose within them, tempting his warrior spirit. He rose her higher, easily lifting her from the ground by her wrists.

“You wish pain today, my love. It has been many years since you have brought this upon yourself. Do you wish to tell me your reason?”

“I need no reason for my desire. The children no longer require a nursemaid and I may return to the longings of my youth. I trust you not to harm me,” Ilesbet said huskily, the strain in her shoulders sending waves of sensation through the length of her body. “Please. Give me what I need.”

Günter stared at her for a moment and then silently released her, settling her bare feet upon the cold ground. “Prepare yourself. We will leave for the thicket shortly.”

Ilesbet wobbled, her excitement growing as she anticipated the long awaited event in the hidden thicket. He had last taken her there for discipline after she had overly indulged in sacramental wine and had displayed herself in a manner that displeased him greatly. That was well over fifteen years passed. She reached for a cape to cover her naked body, determined to find a way to lightly raise his ire and help distract both of them from the grim situation. Her ploy worked. Gunther’s frown deepened when he realized that she had failed to dress properly or show any concern for her plight. She responded by simply lifting her chin higher and tilting her head.

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